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Air hump

Watch porn for as long as you like with your chair reclined, stroking your cock up and down. When something really turns you on, stand up, and lean against your computer desk almost pushing your penis closer. Run to the bathroom rubbing under your head gently, then stand at the sink (cock height preferably) and move your cock in and out of your hand with your hips (moving back and forth). This for some reason does it for me.

Hand fuck

Lube up your cock and hand, lie on your side and start to thrust your cock through your hand. It is just like having sex and the orgasm will be grrrreat.

Sex With Hand

I like to lube up my right hand and my cock, lie in bed on my stomach, and hold my cock in my right hand. Then I move up and down until I orgasm as if you are having a fuck! It feels great, just as good as sex! If you don't want any mess you can also use a condom with a bit of lube.

Bounce and thrust

I start out with some kind of lube and I start stroking it then start bouncing up and down. It feels like you're thrusting in and out. Ahhhh!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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