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When I masturbate, I like use about five Kleenexes and right when I'm about to lose it, I take my hand off of my dick, wait for a minute, then start again. I do this several times and when I am ready to let loose I massage the head of it until I orgasm. It sprays into the Kleenex so it's very clean and fun.

Tons of tissues

I love to jack off with piles of tissues. Take a box of non-lotion tissues and tear them in two and make a pile of 40 - 50 of them, then lie back in bed with a good mag. or movie. With pillows behind you rub your cock and balls with the tissues. Puffs and Kleenex are the best for this but lotion types are not as soft to the touch on your cock. You can also pile up a whole box of them (make sure you tear them in two or tear them open) on the floor and fuck them. Make sure you have a pile on your balls.

Wet one

The way I like to masturbate is to get a lot of tissue paper and put some Vaseline on it where my penis will go. Then I lay it on the bed. I put my penis directly on the part with Vaseline and start pushing. Sometimes I use a warm rag instead of tissue. This gives me the feeling of a warm wet vagina.


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