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Headphone heaven

You know those really big Koss headphones, with the leather strip to comfort your head? Well my headphones broke, and I got curious with the leather strip. It works great with lube or no lube! It feels sensational!

Latex sleeve

I like to use a latex rubber sleeve (store bought). The end that goes on your dick looks like a pussy - lips and everything. The hole expands when you stick your dick in. My sleeve is shorter than my dick, so my dick head pops out the end when I'm stroking. It also has small ridges inside that really get me off. I also like to stick something up my ass when I whack off. I love to cum and I'm always looking for the ""ultimate"" orgasm. I jerk off sometimes up to three times a day.

Commercial plastic pussy

Invest in a fake vagina. I really enjoy pumping to Jenteel's fake pussy. Although it costs a lot, it's well worth the $$. The main drawback is that it constantly needs cleaning. I love banging it on my bed, or wedging it between the mattress and box spring and pumping it on my knees. Forget the rest, try the best!

Lubed tube

Take hand lotion, or conditioner, and lube up your cock really good. Then, get one of those sliding gel-filled tubes with the hole in the middle and slide it over your dick. Then, just jerk away!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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