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No pain no gain (Note: this is dangerous and not recommended)

I've experimented with pain - by clipping clothespins to the skin around my penis and leaving it on for 20 minutes. During that time I stimulate myself gently however possible. When the clothespins are removed the pain and pleasure sensation is incredible. As well, as the pain subsides, the penis is affected by different sensations. Another favorite is taking string, making a lasso and choking off the base of an erect penis and then wrapping the length of the penis, leaving plenty of skin exposed along the length of the shaft. As I masturbate I try different techniques to see what works best. Be careful though, it is not unusual to use too much tension if you get carried away and burst a blood vessel and cause bruising.

Watch this!

I like to use my watch and wrap my penis with it. It pass it under my balls and tighten it over my penis base. The trick is to strangle my balls just enough. I like to have them move up and down as I masturbate my penis. It's fantastic. I can loosen it for a while and start again. Using lubricant is even better. I like to watch porn images on the Net while I do it or watch a XXX video. I can masturbate for two hours (really). When I'm ready to load off, I remove the watch to jerk freely. The load is very strong and generous! Try it!

High-pressure hose

I put plenty of tight rings around my cock. When it goes big and hard the feeling is so strong. The pressure is high...and the spray just shoots through.

Tie me up

I tie my balls up real tight, at the base, and then jack off with baby oil. The feeling is intense.

Rope a dope (Note: this is potentially dangerous and not recommended)

During solo, private masturbation, I like to tie a soft rope around the base of my penis and balls after my penis is hard. If it's pulled tight enough, blood is trapped in the penis and it becomes very rigid and full, and eventually, somewhat purplish. The rope is about 8 feet long. It doesn't really hurt but is instead very erotic, especially to watch in a mirror. I don't usually stay ""tied"" for long, since I really enjoy changing the way the rope is tied to maximize effect, all the time watching in a mirror. Loosening the rope periodically is safer too. Most exciting is ""splitting"" my balls by having the rope pass between them and back up and around and knotted at the base of my rod. I then wrap the extra card around the shaft, knotting it each time until I reach the head. Sometimes, the rope can pass between my legs and into my butt crack. That also adds to the final strength of my orgasm. Since the cord is tight, the urethra is also tied off, and the ejaculate doesn't fully come out until after the rope is loosened. My latest fantasy is to tie up like this and then scan my tied cock with my scanner. I'll post the picture somewhere like

Ring around the rosey

Strap your cock and balls with a cock ring, the tighter the better, and with warm oil, pour it all over your engorged cock. Stroke it slow and at times fast, but don't just spill your seed right away, but continue at this pace as long as you can. This will also build your stamina when you're actually fucking. Have fun!


I like to work my body and cock nice and slow and tease myself while watching in a mirror. When my cock and whole body is tensed up and on edge, I pull out my black leather cockstrap and snap it around the base of my shaft and around the back of my nuts. Whenever I get too close, I stop for while or I just stop touching my cock and rub my nipples. I can feel it down in my cock and it keeps me hard and on edge but not enough to make me cum. When I am ready to cum, I hang off the edge of the bed with my head and shoulders on the floor and my legs and ass on the bed. Then I use my feet right on the edge of the bed to raise my ass up in the air so my cock is pointed right into my face. Sometimes I use a vibrator and slip the tip in my ass and turn it on while I rub my tits and stroke my cock hard. The cock ring, the sensations on my nipples, the vibrator in my ass and my stroking makes me blow such a big load all over my chest, face, and mouth.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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