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Book worm

You'll need to be wearing tighty-whities for this one. And it helps to make sure your dick is properly aligned inside them (and to wear dark jeans to cover the evidence). Go to your local bookstore, the one that sells adult magazines, dressed as you normally do. If they have open copies, pick up one that interests you and start reading. As you feel yourself getting hard, don't let up, just keep reading. If you run out of good pictures in one magazine, switch to another. You will feel yourself getting ready to climax, but don't stop. Keep reading and think sexy thoughts. Imagine yourself having sex with the girls in the picture. As you feel yourself about to cum, just keep reading like nothing is happening. When you shoot off, the pressure from the whities will give you the best orgasm you'll ever have. You will rock back and forth even, like you're having a seizure. When you're all finished, put the magazine back and drive home with the cum still soaking in your pants. The dark jeans will ensure that no one notices if it starts to leak out of the underwear.

Tighty whities

I get a pair of fly-front tighty whities a size or two too small. Cotton-polyester blends stretch a little and are better than 100% cotton (but are getting hard to find these days - try Sears). The openings for your legs should be just big enough. I slip my dick through the fly and wank away.

Wedgie wonder

Don the briefs and while still flaccid, pull your cock and balls thru the fly. If you got the right size, they should be almost too small to wear and getting all the dangly bits thru should be a minor challenge. Now give yourself a wedgie so that the top of the fly hole presses against the base of your cock, where it meets the pubic hair. If you aren't erect yet, loosen the pressure at the base for a moment to let some blood in (or just insert a couple of fingers at the top of the fly and spread them). Your cock will grow as hard as a steel rebar, and stay that way as long as you are stimulated. If your briefs aren't quite small enough, rotate the leg holes of the briefs around your thighs to make the wedgie tighter. DON'T MAINTAIN PRESSURE FOR MORE THAN 20 MINUTES because your dick needs to keep a fresh blood supply just like your brain. And wash them often - there's nothing nastier than a pair of semen-encrusted briefs with skid marks in 'em. Try it with your sex partner - they'll LOVE it!

Tighty whities

Get really horny and start masturbating. Then get some tight underpants, like briefs (not boxers), and put them on. Rub your dick through your underwear like heck! Pull the underwear up hard, feel your balls as they get pulled up! This way, when you cum, it'll get all over your dick and balls and feels great.

Elastic blaster

I like to thrust my dick back and forth in my briefs up through the elastic band. This extracts the foreskin back and forth very nicely on an uncut dick.

Diddle in your drawers

I have masturbated regularly for as long as I can remember. I always lie on my stomach and leave my underwear on. I take my left hand and gently massage the top side of the shaft of my penis with my knuckles. At the same time I take either two or three fingers and massage the underside of the shaft of my penis while I move my legs in a back and forth motion. I just keep pumping away as I fantasize! When I cum it is sometimes very intense and I blow my load into my underpants. Then I remove my underpants and sleep in the nude in the summer.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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