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Buzz off

I like to take a vibrator and just place the tip of it on the head of my cock. No jacking, but squeeze the base and balls. When you cum it's mind blowing.

Double vibration

Tape or otherwise attach *two* vibrators to your hard penis. Using two or even three vibrators sets up alternating vibrating pulsations that are stronger than any of the vibrators alone. Adjusting the speeds of each machine will vary the way they pulsate. Very good for no-hands solo play.

Back it up

Take a back massager. Turn it on the highest setting and place it on your dick. Hold there until you cum. It feels great.

A bit of convo

Purchase a vibrating cock-ring place around your penis. Put pants on and go to shopping centre with vibrator on. Strike up conversation with pretty shop assistant while getting worked up. Have fun trying to concentrate on conversation while you know real soon you will be messing in your pants. As you are about to come your voice wavers and your legs begin to weaken and when you come it's obvious to the pretty girl you have been talking to. The result is a massive orgasm

Good vibrations

I put a vibrator on my balls, and just leave it there. Then I stick a finger up my ass, and whack off with my other hand.


Get a small vibrator, lie naked on your back, and use it to get you hard. Play it over your balls and up and down your dick, then let it rest just below your knob head!!

Get a buzz

An electric vibrator is the thing! Get a hard-on, put on a real tight cock ring, and when you get to the edge, pull the vibrator away. Repeat this again and again until the tiniest touch of the vibrator on your cock head is unbearable. Then at last, when you decide to let go, place the vibrator on your shaft and press down hard towards the base. You are guaranteed to have the most explosive orgasm!

Wife's vibrator

From my wife's toy box I get her G-spot vibrator, with a slender 8"" handle and a nice 1 1/2"" egg-shaped, angled vibrator head with variable speed on batteries. Laying nude on my back, I put the vibrator in my anus with a little lube, nestled tight to my prostate. Once I get a hard-on, I stretch a soft, heavy, cotton sock over my dick and pull it up onto my belly. I use a hand-held, changeable tip electric vibrator, and place the cup adaptor onto that sweet spot right under the head of my dick, and switch the vibrator on, let my cum build up to a near explosion then switch the vibrator off, then on and off until I can't hold my ejaculation off any longer. When I do cum the sock neatly contains the mess. Then all I have to do is slip off the sock, slip out the vibrator from my butt and put it into the sock, and set it aside with little interruption in my euphoric afterglow.

Dancing pants

I get one of those vibrating eggs (with cord detachable from the base is best), poke a small hole in my pants pocket for the wire to go through and keep the controller in my pocket. This works great in the office, or especially while shopping. It is great to find a hot woman in professional attire and rev the thing up. It is quite a challenge to try and keep some sort of a conversation with the woman at the perfume counter when you are about to blow a massive load. This method works best with tight underwear and you need to tuck the vibrating ""egg"" in between your cock and balls. It is worth the purchase!

Hot massage

I use a back massager with heat. Place the head of the vibrating heat massager on the head of your penis. I am usually hard already. If you are soft use the massager to get hard. I lay back naked on my couch with the curtains on the glass doors open that face the street. Hold the back massager on the head of your penis and slightly hump up. Tense your legs repeatedly. When you start cumming it feels so fucking good you will yell out with your excitement. This may take some time so rest when you need to.

Good vibrations

I have a hand massager and I get hard and just hold my penis and let the vibration make me cum. It is the most intense orgasm I have ever had.

Hard-on workout

I find a deep heat massager a great masturbation aid. It has a number of attachments including one with a slight groove that is great for stroking the penis. After a shower I stand naked in the bedroom in front of a mirror and turn on the massager. First I tease my nipples, then massage my testicles before paying attention to my stiff cock. The solid electronic vibrations, especially on my cock head, always result in me shooting loads of creamy cum in three or four spurts. After half an hour's rest, I start the massager again and soon have another hard-on ready for another workout.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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