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Oral hygiene

Take a battery toothbrush with the brush on and turn on the power. Let the brush vibrate over the top of your cock and if you can, resist wanking off. As you get near, stick with the brush and you will cum like never before.

Special Massage

I bought an electric toothbrush awhile ago and I use it on the head of my dick. It feels absolutely wonderful on the head of my cock. It also feels especially nice on my nuts and on the underside of my dick.

Read to rumble

You're gonna need a PlayStation or something that rumbles or shakes rapidly. Get your cock hard and depending on what game you're playing make the controller rumble. Place it against your dick and jack off. I usually like to play racing games just because they rumble a lot more

Positive feedback

I recently bought a PC controller with force feedback. I like to go into Settings and set the vibration to high, then hold it against the tip of my cock until I cum.

Handy man (Warning: This is dangerous)

I tried using an orbital sander, without the sandpaper of course. It was pretty intense. Best if done with your pants on.


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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