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Ass man

I like to take a warm enema before masturbating. The warm water going in my rear stimulates my prostate. I try to take as much water as possible. Usually before I have taken half a quart bag of water I have a real hard-on, then I stop the enema, lube my hard-on with Vaseline and start slowly massaging with my thumb and first two fingers, concentrating on the head.

When I get a drop of pre-cum, I stop and start the enema again. I keep this up until I take as much water as I can. By this time I am so close to cumming that I can cum with two or three gentle strokes. Meanwhile the enema is giving me the very full, needing-to-expel feeling.

I gently stroke my throbbing dick several times to keep from expelling the enema. I keep this up until one or the other, the enema or the climax, wins out. If I can keep from shooting my load until I expel the enema, I am usually semi-hard. The feeling of the few strokes it takes to get really hard and shoot the load is great.

Poolside fun

I apply my flaccid dick against the pool lining, which is pretty smooth, and have my prick pressed against my chest, and I hump the side of the pool until I cum.. NOTHING is like jacking off naked in the pool.

Pool boy

A really good way to get off is to go into a pool and stick your penis in the water jet. It feels like you're getting a blow job.


I like to kneel on the bathroom floor and put my cock into a bowl full of hot water, then rub my cock gently and slowly. When it comes under the water it gives me a great orgasm.

Splashing Water

You must be uncut in order to enjoy this feeling. During bathing, using a running hose, hold the tip of your shaft with your two right fingertips and pull upwards, using your left thumb to cover the tip of the running hose. This creates a forceful stream of water. Direct it at the hole of your shaft. The splashing of water inside your shaft creates a sensational feeling provided that you focus your mind on the sensation on your penis head. Continue until you reach your orgasm. Your ejaculation with the splashing water inside your shaft is really great.

The bidet way

Overseas, find a hotel that has bidets in the rooms. Straddle it, adjust the temperature of the jet to suit. and play the stream of warm water on your perineum -- the space between your anus and your testicles. Read a sexy book -- preferably illustrated -- as you slide slowly back and forth, allowing the water to play alternately on your penis, your testicles, and your anus. Have a towel handy because from time to time you will want to put the book (or magazine) down: reach down, spread your cheeks and allow the jet to penetrate your rectum. Patience -- if you have the will power, you can prolong it for an hour or more.


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