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Towel off

When I get horny, I rub my dick in a wet and warm towel!!! Use thick cotton towels only and press both hands around it (and pump)!

Wet and messy

Get one of those socks that only go up to your ankles (cotton is best), and fill it with warm pudding, shaving cream, or whatever, then put it on your cock and have at it. I'm into WAM (wet and messy) stuff, so I fill up three socks so I can put one on each of my feet too (in the bathtub). I usually use liquid soap or shampoo on my feet. Massaging your slippery foot really feels good.

Milky smooth goodness

I love to masturbate. What I like is BIG Women. The likes of Anna Nicole Smith. I watch her nude pics on my computer. First I make my self a glass of milkshake. And then I sit in front of my computer and take some of the milk shake in my left hand (don't use both hands it gets messy). Use your index finger and thumb to encircle ZORRO and while sitting keep both your thighs together so that your balls are jammed against the back of your penis and with the milk shake as your lubricant. Whoa! You must be thinking what happens to the rest of the milk shake. Well…drink it.

Pig pen

I usually masturbate with mud! I got some from my backyard. It was wet and soft and I stuck my dick inside. Feels great!


Pocket Pussy

Rabbit Vibrator




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