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Full-body nirvana

The best session I've had was when I was practicing yoga. I was learning from a book and decided to do it naked this one time. It didn't start out as masturbation but as I went through the exercises my body relaxed and the increased circulation made everything feel so sensual, the feeling of the soft blanket on my skin started to arouse me. Because my mind and body were so relaxed I continued to stimulate myself without getting too excited and bringing on an orgasm in haste. I stretched my body in a sexual manner without building the tension, bringing myself to a plateau of relaxed bliss. My penis was swollen but not erect.

Whenever I felt the stirrings of an erection I shifted my focus from my groin to my entire body, letting the sexual energies flow freely and not concentrating them where I normally would. I remember thinking that my hand, as well as the rest of me, felt close to orgasm.

I settled in a sitting position, my bum flat on the floor, knees bent with my legs either side of me (kneel then slide your legs apart until you're sitting). If you're flexible enough you can open your hips out and rest with your anus touching the floor. The whole bottom of your pelvis rests on the floor, which allows you to massage this area by slowly leaning forward, back, and side to side. This way you can access the male G-spot (the prostate area), which is sometimes done via a finger or toy in the anus or pressure just in front of the anus and up into the body.

Anyway I massaged my G-spot slowly and again withholding the desire to tense up anything I experienced a full-body orgasm, it came on slowly and the sensation swept all over me (THE BEST SENSATION EVER!!). I only stroked my penis a little here and there, the pressure of the floor against the base of your penis will tempt you to tense it but refrain and keep relaxed, the erection will grow of its own accord as the energy fills the rest of your body. I've yet to practice this kind of tantric sex with a girl, can't wait!

No pain no gain

The only thing that makes me hot enough to jerk off is pain, so I sit on the floor, spread my legs as far apart as I can and starts jerking. Then slowly I spread my legs even wider (for that I lift my ass off the floor and use my weight) sometimes I find I can reach an almost 180 degrees position when it is intense enough.

Stretch Technique

I use the regular stroke it up and down technique, but I found that if you stretch while you’re cumming then it will make you cum for longer (best results if you’re on the bed).

Lotus position

I usually masturbate after a long yoga session; I sit cross-legged in the lotus position, uncover the tip of my penis and begin caressing it very slowly with two fingers. It self-lubricates in a short time, so I begin massaging the shaft. When approaching the magic moment I reduce speed and try to stay on the edge. I continue for long time in this way (I continued once for more than 6 hrs.). At the end I stroke vigorously until I explode.

Down and dirty

I like to use plenty of lube and stroke my penis using both hands. Right before I cum, I squat down very low. The feeling of your anus opening up, as well as the tension in your leg muscles, feels great. Doing it front of a mirror is ten times better.


Pocket Pussy

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