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Female Masturbation Stories: 1-50

1. Cuddly cutie

I get a stuffed animal and rub my pussy against it and I tease my self for as long as I can stand it and then go crazy and then I have an awesome orgasm. I have been doing this since I was 6.

2. Gellyroll

I like to use those Gellyroll pens and stick them in my vagina, then I get out a electric toothbrush and then I put it on my clit, and hold it there (while still pumping the pen in and out). I can stand it so long! It feels awesome!

3. Candlelight

Light a candle and put it in front of you. Sit down on a cushion with your legs crossed underneath you and use a dildo or the top of a bottle and push it into your pussy hard, in and out. When you're about to climax open your eyes and stare at the flame. I couldn't walk for about 20 mins after I tried this. It's the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced.

4. Hitachi wand

Hitachi wand vibrator to clit. Oooohhh.

5. Penmanship

I love to masturbate. Get a pen that vibrates and put it on your clit. Then lift your legs. One side of your clit is more sensitive then the other and keep it on that side. Then tighten your muscles and push your butt up further and you will be cumming in no time.

6. Food in bed

This works really good when you're horny and alone. First you need either a large dildo or a large vegetable, e.g. cucumber or zucchini. Make sure you use a condom on the vegetable. Wrap one end of your toy with a wash cloth leaving enough exposed to satisfy then lift the corner of your mattress and put the wrapped end between the mattress and the box spring. Lube yourself or your toy, get on your knees and back yourself into your toy. I've used a carrot and a dildo at the same time. The carrot was for anal penetration----gotta try girls it is a mind fuck too---have fun.

7. Hottest dog

I take a hot dog and heat it in the microwave (for only 5 or so seconds.) It's nice and hot. Then I usually lay down on my back, sliding the hot dog in and out of my pussy. It's great!

8. Riding in my car

The best place I've ever masturbated was in a parking lot after dark in my car. I took my vibrator and used it...just knowing I could get caught made the orgasm WILD!

9. So close yet oh so far

I live in a dormitory and when there are many people outside my door I find it more exciting to stick an object into my vagina and move it in and out faster and faster. Of course by the time I play with my nipples and go mad, just thinking that there are some people outside but they can't see that beautiful sex game!

10. Running water

My boyfriend is away at college so I found that when I take a bath I can lie on my back and scoot down till the faucet hits my clit and the water never stops. (It's even better to go from hot to cold and back again) I cum forever and still had shock waves 5 minutes after.

11. Eager Beaver

I have a great vibrator that is a combination dildo and clit stimulator called the Eager's great!

12. Look at me!

I sit in front of the mirror rubbing on pussy until it gets wet. Also ride pillows; it gives a great orgasm.

13. Butter me

Put a butter knife into your pussy gently. If you are brave like me then you will start to add another after another. Never try to pull them out all at once or you are going to feel some pain.

14. The power of imagination

I like to imagine my boyfriend jacking off, then I picture his cock getting ready to enter me, I use my fingers mostly, pulling them inside then back out fast.

15. Alone in bed

If you lie on your bed on your tummy and finger yourself through your underwear you get almost an instant orgasm!! Afterwards...get up quickly and start riding on two pillows...its great!!!

16. Zip it

Fill a Ziploc bag with warm water and close it tight. Then bite a small hole in one corner. Stick that corner in your pussy and squeeze the bag. It doesn't give you an orgasm but it fells really neat.

17. Teasing myself

I usually lay in bed and through my underwear I move my fingers up and down and usually if I'm doing it right I'll start to orgasm but then I stop and tease myself. It's wonderful.

18. Tree climaxer

When I lived with my parents, we had a large. We had a tennis court, a mini-playground, and many, many, trees. My parents were always on business trips, so we used to hire people to take care of me and my step brother who's five. There's this huge white birch tree with one of its thicker branches sticking down, I used to just sit there, but later I started rocking back and forth on it, and it felt really good. I was only 7 back then. When I got older, I used it as sex toy, and sometimes I even took my undies off. My step brother couldn't see me because the leaves fill around the trees. It feels really, really, good, and INSTANT orgasms. Try it!!! It also works on footboards, futon arm rests, and monkey bars!

19. Finger banger

Stick as many fingers in your pussy as you like then slowly start to go in and out then go really fast....the sensation is wonderful!

20. Two better than one

I like to take a vibrating dildo and one that does not vibrate. I put lube on the non vibrating one and put in my pussy. I take the vibrating dildo and stimulate my clit while I fuck my pussy. The sensation is awesome.

21. Pickler

I love to use a cucumber. I use to go on porno sites first, this makes me really horny. When I feel my pussy wet I know it is time for the cucumber. I like to lay down naked in front of a mirror and play by putting my favorite veggie in my pussy and make it penetrate. I like to spend time doing it. I slide it in up to the very bottom and the push to see how it comes out. It feels really good. I know when my orgasm will come so I push the cucumber deep and press it against my G point. My orgasms when I masturbate this way make my scream.

22. Soapy and sudsy

I start with my tits. I get naked, pour myself a warm bath and hop in. Then I play with my nipples for about two minutes. I turn on cold water and place one of my tits directly underneath the faucet so it pours cold water on my nipple. I do this for about two minutes then switch tits. Now I am really turned on and nipples are VERY nice and hard. Next, I fill a small container with warm soapy water. I lay completely naked on the floor and squirt water onto my clit. The best feeling is when the water pours out my naked vagina and into my asshole.

23. Jet set

I sit in my parents' spa sometimes; I find if you stick your pussy against the jets you'll get a fantastic orgasm! The harder the jets the better!!! I like turbo!

24. Shower shudder

This is the greatest way to masturbate. If you have a shower head that can change the force of the spray, then turn the water on full blast and change the shower head so that it sprays in one big stream. Put it against your clit and relax. It also helps me to hump it. The orgasm is great and it's quick! I love it!

25. Clit pull

This usually gets me twitching in seconds. I take my middle and pointer finger and hold my clit with them. Then I gently pull my clit out and rotate it in a circular motion. It may take a couple tries to get a good enough grip on your clit, but it is well worth it

26. Just lie down

I lie on a soft carpeted area with my head on a pillow and rub myself back and forth as hard or as softly as I like. Sometimes I put a pillow beneath my pelvis if I get a little sore. Works for me every time.

27. Have a seat

I find that sitting on the corner of a chair and just moving back and forth and up and down works really good! I always cum off it!

28. Cheesy goodness

I get a piece of string cheese and use it as a dildo move it back and forth it feels great.

29. Sit on it

I love to hump a chair when I'm horny. I straddle it and grind slowly into one corner of it and soon enough I reach an orgasm. It is my favorite way to masturbate!

30. Including the bf

When I was younger I used to move my hands back and forth on my pussy fist over fist---I had my first orgasm when I was 8. Around 16 years old I learned how to use my pointer and index finger to do the same. Kneel, spread your legs and lean your back against the wall. Rub like crazy until you feel yourself peak then back this like 4 times and you are guaranteed to cum all over the place. The best is to do this with a guy/girl's face in between your legs and have them suck your clit as you orgasm. My boyfriend and I have done this many times. He's like an extra for my personal fun. I love to masturbate in front of him. Especially in the car while he's driving....this is guaranteed to make anyone wild!

31. Hair brush

I like to stick the handle of my brush in my pussy. I then like to slowly rub my clit until I can't bear it. But before my orgasm I like to use one hand rubbing my clit and the other moving my brush in and out of my pussy so it acts like a dick fucking me.

32. Vacuum job (Note: this is potentially dangerous and should not be tried by anyone)

I like to get a canister vacuum cleaner, undo the long end so that just the base of the hose is free. Then I position my clit with one hand and mount the mouth of the hose against it. This is the greatest way to "fly solo". Guys really dig watching a vacuum cleaner suck me off. You learn to adjust the suction level to your personal preference. I am a professional by now, having started at age 13, so I can turn up the suction really hard. This is must be what heaven is like. Plus that vacuum's mouth never gets tired or changes pace when I'm getting ready to come. Try this!!

33. Twisted towel tussle

I like to put 4 or 5 pillows on top of one another, then take a small towel and twist it up. Then I set the twisted towel in the middle of the pillows. I sit on the pillows with the twisted towel in between my vagina lips and move back and forth. Start slowly, then get up to a more rapid pace. When I feel like I am going to orgasm, pull up the front side of the twisted towel. It feels so good.

34. Two-hand trouble

When I masturbate, I start off by sucking on my nipples, until the salty taste just drives me crazy, it hurts, but it feels so good. Then I go to my pussy. I either lick my fingers and get it wet that way, or if it is already juicy I use that. Then I start by holding back the lips with both hands, the last three fingers on the right, and all four on the left. I use my right index to rub my clitoris in a circular motion, right when I'm about to climax, I back off. Then after a minute I start up again. Then, when my body decides to orgasm, I rub really, really hard for an all over terrific orgasm.... you should try it!!

35. Super tampon

I usually take a super tampon and shove it in my pussy, then I ride it on a pillow until I cum. It really feels like you have a dick inside you.

36. Two fingers deep

I like to lie with my legs open as far as possible...then I get 2 fingers....push them right up...and begin to pump them in and out....then I use my other hand to push my 2 fingers up further...then I take that hand away and start to gently touch my nipples and pull at them while pumping 2 fingers in and out....i start to buck my pussy forward while doing this (hehe-more pleasure)...and as I buck my pussy forward I rub my g-spot sooooooo hard....that I start to let out moans and have the best orgasm leaves my pussy sooooooooooooooo hot and wet....

37. Brush thoroughly

I love to take a toothbrush and rub my pussy till I can't take it. Then I shove it in and pump away.

38. Three sheets to the wind

I like to use the sheets on my bed to masturbate. Satin sheets are best to use. Roll your sheet up or scrunch it into a big long cylinder shape then pass one end through your legs. Standing is best for this then start pulling the sheet back and forth between your legs. It is best to lube your vagina first. The feeling of friction against your pussy lips and clit will make you cum over and over again. Leave your cum on the sheets as it acts as lube if you want to keep on going.

39. Magic eraser

An electric eraser works fantastically! Pull the long eraser out to make it vibrate harder. Then turn it around and apply it to your clit. Rubbing or just holding it stationary works up the orgasm just wonderfully!!

40. Sock it to me

If you don't mind making noise, or a little bit of a mess, then this works great! Be naked except for some underwear that fits you nice and roll of a small pair of socks really tight. The place in you underwear below your clit, then lay on your bed face down. Start rotating your hips around and around, the pressure feels great and you'll come in no time!

41. Balloon time

Take an oblong balloon, any color will prove satisfactory. Fill the balloon with just enough warm water so that the balloon still has movement but giving your hand enough control. Smear KY-jelly all over the balloon , make sure that you have a spray bottle with warm water in it, and spray the balloon regularly keeping the balloon from drying or sticking to your clit. Ouch could ruin the moment.... Rub gently over your entire pussy area, women you know the area's I'm talking about. Practice with it, become one with the balloon. It will drive any pussy crazy with warm slippery pleasure.

42. Chill town

I love to masturbate with an ice cube inside my vagina. No words can express what the chill inside feels like.

43. Sit and squeeze

When I get really horny, I take all my clothes off and I sit down on the bed. I place both my hands on my pussy and I cross my legs and squeeze. While I'm doing this, I start to hump in a slow motion (continuously) and I start feeling a throbbing orgasm within my body. It feels great!

44. Back buzz

Take a back massager preferably with a heat lamp that will get the massager a tad warm and stick it on your clit moving it back and forth or in a circular motion it feels exhilarating

45. Teddilicious

I lay on my bed with nothing but panties on. I grab a teddy bear or other stuffed animal and spread my legs. I then put the teddy's face in my pussy and rub his head around. The thought of a cute innocent little teddy bear eating my pussy is a great turn on!

46. Fine literature

I love opening a juicy erotic book, and not to mention my legs, with my ever faithful vibe sitting right there. As I'm reading my snatch seems to undertake a good wet down, without my fingers even lingering close to it. As soon as I find my clit my thigh muscles start shaking, bye bye book, hello vibe. I turn it up to high, press that mutha down hard, and pardon my saying so hump the f**k out of it. But right before I'm there I usually press my thighs together, and squeeze my clit between my lips running the vibrator over the very tip. Complete XTC!

47. Fingers do the walking

Laying on my back, I start out by softly touching my breasts. I then slowly make my way to my thighs. I slowly spread my legs as far as I can while I rub the insides of my thighs. By this time my body is aching with desire. With my middle finger I tease the lips of my clit by slowly going in circles being careful not to touch my clitoris. I then dip my middle finger into my aching vagina to see how wet I am. If I'm wet enough I slowly bring my finger up and start to slowly rub the very tip of my clitoris in a very circular motion. I do this until I'm screaming with pleasure. I occasionally bring my finger up to my lips to taste my perfection...

48. Mark it up

I like to take two thick markers and insert them in my pussy. I pull one up and around my clit while thrusting the other one in and out of my vagina. Sometimes I put both markers in (caps outward) and secure a bobby pin on my clit and pull on the bobby pin. The sensation is awesome. You can also put bobby pins on your breasts and pull, too!

49. Kendo

If you can't get a real dildo just do what I do, I use my old Ken doll leg that feels just like a penis! It really feels good!

50. Faucet fun

I like to get the faucet running in the bathtub - not full force - just softly enough. Then, I lay on my back in the warm water and scoot all the way up to the faucet so the stream of warm water is hitting my clit. Its soooooooooooooo good. I move my pelvis around and let the water go different places. I can cum so fast this way. Plus, your hands are free to get your nipples all wet and rub away!


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