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Female Masturbation Stories: 51-100

51. Mr. Potatohead

I like to buy a potato and carve a dick out of it. Then I just use the potato like a dildo. When I'm done I like to eat the potato.

52. Tap and squeeze

Before I masturbate I like to be sure I'm feeling horny. I do a little striptease for my own pleasure, rubbing and stroking my breasts a lot. I then lie down flat and use my index finger to tap my clit. I tap, then stroke and squeeze, then tap, then stroke and squeeze. It gives the best orgasm!

53. In the bathroom

I usually lie in the bathroom so I won't get caught. I take off my clothes and lay on the floor. I put both of my legs up in the air and spread them wide open. I then rub my clit with my middle finger and I'll get a super orgasm.

54. Relax… when you want to come to it

I lie in bed with a dim light on and some nice soft music. Then I use my vibrator and finger my clit. I also go under the tub faucet and slowly turn the cold water on harder. The hardness of the coldness causes me to cum fast.

55. Massage mat

My favorite toy is my vibrating back massage mat. I lay it on a body pillow, with a vibrator or dildo inside my pussy, and grind my clit on the mat. Mmmmmm.. it's better than being on top during sex, you always cum before "he" does!!

56. Ice is nice

I love to take an ice cube from the freezer, stick it in my pussy, and let it melt in my pussy. The orgasm is great!

57. So very terry

 This is simple: just fold a terry cloth towel a couple of times and go humping! It builds up amazing orgasms!

58. Twist and shout

With one hand, hold your lips open. Then place 3-4 fingers of the other hand around your clit. Then very gently, twist and shout. Keeping all the fingers possible closely wrapped around the clit, begin to tap on it successively----it doesn't take long.

59. Up the butt

 I like to stick my finger in my asshole while banging my pussy. It increases my stimulation a lot. I also like to stick silverware in my ass while banging myself. Sometimes even smelling my finger gets me hot.

60. Screw myself

 I have a set of screw drivers with handles shaped to fit a hand comfortably. Some parts larger around than others. Using them is great. The variation in sizes is very apparent if you tighten yourself around it.

61. Quilty

I roll a quilt up so I looks like a long sausage and then jump on going as fast or as slow as I like. This brings me to orgasm very fast

62. Penmanship

I like to use those Gellyroll pens and stick them in my vagina, then I get out a electric toothbrush and then I put it on my clit, and hold it there (while still pumping the pen in and out). I can stand it so long! It feels awesome!

63. Clit comb

For girls who like their clits stimulated--take a comb and rub the side of the comb along your clit. I have a nice comb with a ribbed handle, so when I get close to cumming by rubbing the edge, I shove the handle in me and pump myself to finish the job. The ribbing of the comb feels fantastic.

64. Couch potato

When I'm alone in the house I like to sit on the top of my couch and rub back and forth. It's better when your couch is in front of an open window. The excitement of getting caught gives the greatest climax.

65. Kneel and buzz

Get a nice sized (but not too long) dildo and a buzz toy. ("the egg" works great, you can get one at most sex/novelty stores). Kneel any place where you won't fall, i.e. floor, bed, (preferably in your own home). Lubricate your pussy, and insert the dildo. Start to rock up, down, back, forth, and to the sides, on the dildo, using the surface you are on as resistance, making sure that what you're doing this on has enough "surface" so the dildo doesn't slide around. Then bring the buzz toy to your clit, and keep the motion up while buzzing yourself to ecstasy. You will get the feeling that you are being fucked, and with YOU on top!! The orgasms are mind-blowing, if it's done right. Especially when you get the dildo to stay in place and you can play with your nipples while you cum.

66. Lick and tease

I love to tease myself by licking the top of my pointer finger and then slowly work my way on my tits around to my drives me crazy...then I go down to my pussy...which is wet by now...and this whole time I imagine a guy is doing this to me...and I rub my clit until I am almost to me climax...then I put a dildo in me and I moved it around and try to find my g-spot and then I have the best orgasm!!!!

67. Stuffed up

Sometimes when I'm felling really horny, I get an old stuffed animal. If it is a small one, then I use the head, if it's a pretty big one, then I'll use the nose. I then press it against my clit and move it around in a circular motion. It's so cool!!!!!!

68. Double-handed

When I get really horny, I lay down and I put my four fingers from my right hand right at the point where my pubic hair stops and it's my skin. (about 6" under my bellybutton) than I put the four fingers from my left hand on my right hand, but I don't let them go past my fingernails. Than I push down towards my clit, and push with my vagina like I'm trying to go to the bathroom. The harder you push with your fingers and vagina, the faster the orgasm comes, and the better. After about a minute, you should get an orgasm.

69. Pillow talk

I get a pillow with a large ridge on the sides (at least one), and textured is a plus. Then I stick it between my legs, ridge in your slit, and rub yourself to an amazing lingering orgasm.

70. Tennis shoes

I like to take my tennis shoes, put them one on top of another and rub my clit hard against them in a fast circular motion. It gives a quick and breathtaking orgasm.

71. The long haul

I like to lie on my bed and with my left hand pull my outer pussy lips apart and with my right hand middle finger and in circular motion tease my clit. I bring my self to the edge of orgasm stopping just before I cum. I sometimes insert things up me, such as a hair brush, and I have used cucumbers, carrots, etc. I keep bringing myself to the edge and have stopped as many as 10 times. When I finally go all the way, I have very intense earth moving orgasms. I have done this for up to 2 hours. The best orgasms I have doing this method is when a friend watches me. Nothing like it.

72. Shower time

I lay in the bathtub and I put an object that is shaped like a cock inside of my pussy. Then I use my detachable shower head and set it on the massage setting, letting it stimulate me clit. You will have an unbelievable orgasm in no time!!

73. Vacuum it (Note: this is dangerous and not recommended)

I like to turn on the vacuum and take the hose and apply it lightly to clit and pull it away then re-apply it and pull it away. I can come quickly this way.

74. Fukoku massager

I have recently purchased a "FUKOKU" off of the t.v. It costs about 20 dollars with shipping and handling and is SOOO worth it! It is a little tiny massager that fits on the tip of your finger and vibrates softly. Its supposed to be for rubbing your temples (right!) What I like to do is fold a bed pillow in half, straddle it and put my vibrator inside of me. Then, by rubbing back and forth on the pillow, I can basically "hump" my vibrator without having to touch it. Then I use my FUKUOKU on my clit. This leaves one hand free for nipple-pinching or anus-rubbing, whichever I'm in the mood for. It is the most amazing thing. Not only do you get the penetration and the clitoral stimulation, you are also squeezing your thighs and moving back and forth just like you are fucking someone. Makes it a lot easier to fantasize about being with another person. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TOY! The FUKOKU is the greatest invention ever!

75. Furniture fun

Use the corner of a dresser or chest. Place a pillow on the corner and set yourself up on it so that your vagina is right on top of the corner. Then lift your feet off the floor using only your hands to keep your balance. Then just start to sway up and down...the feeling is incredible!!

76.  Back against the bed

I usually sit in my room with my back leaning on my bed. I spread my legs and put my feet flat on the ground (with my knees bent). I take my right hand and rub it through the top of my vagina, starting slowly and getting more intense. It's the same effect as humping a pile of pillows or cradling something!

77. Shampoo bottles

When I'm really horny and near my bathroom I take two or three shampoo bottles, each one larger than the next and soak them in hot water in the bathroom sink. I'm already very wet by now but I get some k-y and soak it in the sink to. Once the bottles and the lube are really warm lube myself and the smallest bottle us and rub my clitty as I put it in me and move it in and out and get my self ready for the next bottle. The hot lube makes me even hotter and moving to a larger and larger bottle makes me so horny and I feel fuller and fuller each time. The last bottle is usually a suave bottle that is 2 and 3/4 across..mmmmm......and I rub my clitty with three fingers the whole time in a paint brush motion... I cum hard every time and my vagina spasms around the large bottle.

78. Whip it

When I need to "take care of business" I get an old fashioned whisk, the kind your mom whips eggs with, and I lick the handle to get it really wet with my saliva. I hold the other end of the whisk and I first, gently caress my clit. Sometimes, I hold my vagina lips open with my other hand. I like to pull my legs up to my chest and elevate my lower body with a pillow. As I start to feel my pussy get wetter and my clit and my labia get more swollen I begin to press a little harder onto my clit and start moving the whisk in a circular motion. You will feel so overwhelmed when you come. It is great to pop that whisk out and use it with others in the bedroom too. And just think, nobody knew where that whisk was...of course clean it before you put it back ;).

79. Full-up evening

First of all I like to take my index finger and slowly insert it into my vagina, then with the other hand I slowly stroke my nipples, sometimes licking them as I go. Next I take cucumber and peel it, then I suck on it hard, while taking an electric toothbrush and sliding it in and out of my clit. With my other hand I put 2 fingers up my arse hole sometimes before hand I ride a pillow squeezing my legs tightly together to get my self going. After I have finished my first stage of masturbation and reached orgasm at least 5 or 6 times I lie in the bath tub with my arse up the end of the faucet and let the water fall onto it. I start with cold then slowly turn it onto warm. Sometimes for my 3rd stage I cover my body with oil and the bath and bathroom floor and rub myself against them. I do this at least 4 times a week and more if I have a chance. But my favorite is lubing up and rubbing myself up and down a pole. I cum each time then. That is my perfect evening!!!

80. Watch myself

I love to watch myself in a mirror. I lie back propped with pillows so I can watch my fingers working my pussy. My breasts are large so I love to make them bounce or press them together in my left arm while I play with my pussy with my right hand. I rub my clit and pinch my nipples till I get my pussy all wet. I love to watch that clear sweet cum drip from my cunt while I rub my clit. I like to tap my clit with my open palm and add pressure until I am at the point of climaxing, then I stop and slowly tease the insides of my pussy. Sometimes I take my fingers that are slippery and soaked with cum and watch myself lick them telling myself how good it tastes, this makes me even wetter. I turn over and rub my nipples on the pillows all the while watching myself in the mirror and talking dirty to myself. I move up on the pile of pillows and pump my clit on them till I am almost there again and stop and change positions. This drives me crazy till I am feeling that tingling in my pussy and have to cum. Still on my stomach and lying over the pillows so I can watch my ass move up and down, I pump my pussy and slap my ass at the same time as I cum, all the while watching myself in the mirror. Then I put the mirror back on the wall and wait for the next time.

81. Piss to it

When I'm alone I sometimes get on the toilet and rub my pussy while I'm pissing. I keep rubbing and fingering myself until I get a really warm and tingly sensation. It beats the hell out of some lubricants because they aren't cummy-like and warm! You gotta' try this one!

82. Powershower

When in the shower I press myself against the cold tiles until my nipples are rock hard, then, still leaning against the tiles, I take the head of the powershower, turn it right up and play it over my clit. Sometime I fiddle with the temperature control and switch from hot to cold every few seconds. Also try the powershower against your anus while rubbing or fingering yourself - WOW!

83. Popsicle maker

I enjoy of creating an ice lollypop with the shape of a penis (you just need a glass that gives it the shape... Oh! And make the lollipop out of water)... Then... stick it in my pussy as if it was a toy... It is cold... but good

84. Porn lover

I like to watch porn all the while stroking my clit or rubbing my pussy on a pillow. I keep touching myself until I start to cum and then I stop. I do this until even when I stop rubbing, my body can't stop cumming and I just lie back and let it happen.

85. Make-your-own dildo

Well, I'm an Asian girl. We hardly find a dildo or anything which is easy for us to masturbate but with this idea we can fulfill our fantasy. First of all get a condom and candles. Burn the candle and put the wav inside the condom. Let it full inside the condom, so after it's harden it's shaped smoothly like a cock. If u wanna masturbate imagine it as a dildo and don't forget to put condom before using it. It's really good.

86. Pool party

I always go swimming at my friend's house, and when she has to go to the bathroom, I swim up to the let, and pull aside the crotch of my bathing suit and spread my legs in front of the jet. It feels so great and the thrill of getting caught makes me cum even quicker! I just sit there and let it hit my clit. Anyone who has a pool or hot tub, or can get to one I suggest this! as it is the best orgasm I have EVER had!

87. Bzzzzzz

I like to take a vibrator and hold it on my clit by squeezing my thighs together why adjusting speeds almost constantly. It is also fun to push your clit down and squeeze it with one hand while inserting ton fingers into you with the other hand. Also, ice is a very fun, cheap tool, Rub it on your nipples and stomach for a great effect; however, I don't recommend putting it on your pussy because you'll lose the warmth and wetness. I am very hard to please, so if I know these tips work for me, then I know you're sure to enjoy them!!!

88. Wash up

I like to use the edge of the wash basin. Make sure it is clean. Open your pussy and bend down and stick it in the edge of the wash basin. Massage it against the wash basin by gyrating in circular motion. Your pussy will get wet and u will know when you're cum. it gives me an intense orgasm and I enjoy it very much. Try it.

89. Watch me

I love when my boyfriend watches me masturbate, it's really exciting, specially if I tease him and do it slowly, plus he gets REALLY horny so the sex after is fantastic!

90. Waxy love

I often use a candle as a dildo. It gets warm and takes the form of your vagina. I use it when I'm really horny. With one hand, I rub my clit or just tap on it on the most sensitive side and with the other hand, I slide the candle into me. Put baby oil or lubricant on it before. Move it as you feel the most exciting for your, doing the shovel or just in and out movements. It feels like a real!!!! I really like it!

91. Mousse

I love getting something short and dildo shaped, like a mini hair mousse bottle, putting it in my pussy, sitting on a step or something, and rock back and forth. You feel a thrusting action and your clit gets rubbed too. A true "ride 'em" feel!! 

92. Hygienic bliss

I take a cheap electric toothbrush and put it on my clit. It gives me an instant orgasm. I do it for 20 minutes and I'm feeling as horny as ever

93. Best of friends

When our husbands are at work, my twenty-three year old girlfriend and I explore new ways to make ourselves cum. We are not lesbians, but we do enjoy showing each other how we fuck ourselves. There is nothing as exciting as having your fingers deep in your pussy, your nipple in your mouth, and a vibrator on your clit, while at the same time you are watching your young girlfriend jam a dildo deep inside her tight ass as she rides her hand just inches from your face. I love the smell of her pussy while I masturbate. The better I fuck myself, the wetter and more sweet she smells. This, in turn, causes me to fuck myself even harder and deeper. Masturbating with a girlfriend is wild and super sexy.

94. Back massager

Use a back massager that has 4 legs. Then stick one of the legs into your pussy, then when you start to cum rub your clit...

95. Rock 'n' roll

I lie down on the bed or floor and put a rock under a pillow then hump away!!

96. Pee-pee wee-wee

My favorite way to masturbate is to lie on my stomach on some stacked up pillows. I insert some kind of object in my pussy, a cucumber or hairbrush. Then as I pump up and down on the hard object in me I rub my clit. The best and maybe weirdest part is I have to pee while doing this. The feel of my hot pee on my hands and on the pillow sends me in waves of orgasm.

97. Pat and rub

If I want to take my time to climax, I like to just patting my pussy with one of my hands for a while until it starts getting nicely warm and wet. Then I take my hands and rub my nipples in a circle motion till it gets hard, when I can't take it anymore, I just dip about 3 fingers into my vagina and start rubbing all over until I hit my g-spot. My other hand is busy playing with my clitoris or I continue playing with my nipples until I just have got to cum!! If I want to cum faster, I just use my vibrator on my clitoris and then just stick my fingers into my pussy and that just makes me cum in a few minutes!

98. Asthmatic orgasmic

I like to use my nebulizer (breathing machine) for asthma. Use only the air hose. I usually place something big in me and then place the hose right against my clit. I have the most awesome orgasms from this. The machines cost around $90 but are great!!!

99. Teddy's vibrator

Put a hole in a teddy bear or a very old pillow, then but a vibrator in the hole, but make sure the hole is big enough for it, turn on the vibrator to full blast and sit on the vibrator like a dick and act like you're having sex with it and you will have lots of fun...

100. Shave me

No money for a vibrator? Well, do like I do. Take an electric leg shaver and take off the blade. Under should be two prongs that when you turn on move back and forth really fast...clean off any hair and TA DA!! Something that will make you cum in no time. I prefer to use a dildo at the same time. The shaver on my clit and the dildo in my pussy is the best way to get off when my husband in at work.


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