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Female Masturbation Stories: 101-150

101. Jacuzzi jet

I have access to a Jacuzzi, the kind with all the jets. There are two ways you can do it: 1. get real close to the jet, if you can get your vagina on top of the jet, it's best, then turn them on, it pulses through you like nothing else can. Unlike the steady stream of a faucet, this kind of bubbles and swooshes around inside you. I can only stay on the jet for about a minute or two before I come and am completely used up. You can move up and down and the jet massages your clit and pussy. Plus the wider your legs are open the better, it allows the water to go all the way in. 2. You can screw your ass and it feels great. A hot-tub works just as well. You can do this several times and get off each time. I love it. I now look forward to taking baths! This method works better than anything else. Better than a cock, dildo, whatever.

102. On your knees doggie style

Running water taps or faucets that are about foot above the ground work the best. Keep turning it on until the water pressure suits you (the stronger, the better!) Get down on your knees doggie style and move back towards the tap until you feel the cool water against you. The water feels great against your clit and ass and it sends you into orgasmic climaxes! Feels different from the usual lying down technique as the water is spraying in a different direction this way. I like to spread my legs wide and squeeze my breasts to bring this technique to the full effect!

103. Mommy's vase

My mother gave me a vase a few years back and since then I have been using it to masturbate. But first I give myself a little massage and then slowly insert it in my wet pussy and then move it in and out vigorously.

104. Lava lamp

I like to take my lava lamp (turned off of course) and use it on myself. It's kinda large but that's ok because I'm really loose. Note: Make sure to wash off after use because it will reek if you turn it on.

105. Spoon it up

I use a plastic serving spoon - the handle. I rub it against my clit real slow, and then faster and faster, then slow again. Another is, I use the spoon handle and rub it against my g spot while rubbing my clit with my fingers. It feels soooooo good.!!

106. Talk dirty to me

I have not had any type of sex with a man for two years so I seem to be horny all the time, Lately I am doing things I never thought I would do, like letting men talk dirty to me on the computer. I have been divorced twice and I really miss having a stiff one to suck once in a while. There is this one guy from England that is chatting with me and it really got hot the other night. I was letting him do all the talking while I pretended to be shocked. He would stop in the middle of telling me how he would like to lick me all over and ask "do you want me to go on" I would not answer so he just continued with telling me about all the dirty stuff he would like to do to me. Then he asked me again and I did not answer so he said that unless I wrote the words "fuck me" on the screen he would not continue. He had me so worked up that I had taking all my clothes off and had my soaking wet pussy spread open with the nearest thing I could find shoved in there. It was a hair brush handle (got the idea from masturbation tips at this site). I did not want him to stop so I hit the cap lock and typed in "FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME ALL NIGHT LONG". He began eating me out with his words, he was so good he had me rubbing my clit and pumping that hair brush until I exploded about three times in a row. I just typed in the words " Thanks I needed that" and logged off. For days now I have been doing the hair brush thing and I even had to lock my self in the bathroom at work in the middle of the day when my cunt would not stop dripping just thinking about his mouth all over my hungry twat. I better find mister right soon before I hurt my self.


107. Levi's love

Sometimes when you wear tight jeans, the seam hits right on your clit...and if you rock back and forth the right way, you can get yourself off whenever and wherever you want.

108. Just rub it

When you are really horny just take your whole hand and rub your clitoris until you hit a great orgasm! You can also do it as many times as you want. Multiple orgasms make it better.

109. Serta Perfect Sleeper

I find it impossible to make myself cum from using my fingers, so I use the corner of my mattress, works a treat! I kneel on the floor at the corner, and then lift myself onto the bed so I'm balancing on the corner on the front of my pelvis. Then I just rub. Takes me a while to get it right but I can cum really quickly.

110. Lots o' tampons

I remember as a teenager, before I moved out on my own and was able to buy "real" sex toys, I had to make do with things around the house. I realized (this was when I was still a virgin and pretty tight) that using a tampon as a dildo while I used my index and middle finger, one on each side of my clit, and rubbed it hard, that I could have an orgasm pretty quickly, and it was better than just masturbating with my hands. Over time, I was able to work my way up to having about 4 or 5 tampons in at the same time (all UNUSED, of course) quite easily, and having really rocking orgasms.

111. Stand in the shower

I have a shower head that has massage settings on it. I love to put it on the vibrating setting. The water shoots out hard and good. I put it between my legs and stand in the shower while I squeeze my legs harder and harder. I get the best sensation while doing that. Try it, it's great, but it does waste water.

112. CPR

When I masturbate, I like to first start out by slowly rubbing my nipples and caressing my body. When I start to get hot, I take my right hand and make a half fist, then take my left hand and place it on top of my right hand (almost like the position of your hands to perform CPR). Then I place my hands in this position on the top of my pussy, right above my clit and press down towards my clit, and down as if I'm trying to press through my pelvis to the ground.. hard.. After only a minute or so, I have an outstanding orgasm.

113. Ice is always nice

Last night, my throat was kinda dry, so on my way to bed, I decided to get a cup of ice, so I could suck on it if I woke up with a dry throat. Well, I didn't only have a dry throat, but I was also very horny. I usually use some markers to get my self off, but last night, I added a li'l extra wetness. I put pieces of ice inside me, it felt so good. It melted pretty fast also!

114. Big banana

My favorite way to masturbate is to read some hot erotic stories and gently rub my clit. Once I'm really turned on I take a banana and slowly insert it inside me from behind...I'm sure you get the rest. it's an amazing feeling - the shapes you can get and curves are just like big beautiful cock inside you. I've also used carrots and cucumbers - those Lebanese ones are great!

115. Squiggle writer

I use one of those pens you find in the toys section at like Wal-Mart. those squiggle writers, use the round part on your feels great.

116. Cuke nuke

I lube up my vagina and clit with lots of AstroGlide, then insert a cucumber with a good size girth. While pounding my pussy with the cuke, I turn on a bullet vibrator to my clit. I really bang myself hard with the cuke and have the most outrageous orgasms...I even gush sometimes!

117. Rub and pinch

I like to first start out rubbing my clit and pinching my nipples. I sometimes watch a movie about sex before hand. I try to do it all by myself but I usually have to use a dildo (such as a hair brush.) I usually cum after just a few minutes. I do this several times and the orgasm is great!

118. Boyfriend replacement

When my boyfriend isn't around, I like to take my vibrator, and lay on the floor. I place the vibrator at my vaginal opening on a low speed. After a few moments, this drives me mad, and I switch to a higher speed while simultaneously stroking my clit (the stroking the same as the vibe: slower then faster). This ALWAYS gets me off.

119. Sawyer

I take a pen (not one with a sharp edge) and put it against my pussy length ways and saw back and forth and get faster. Then I like to close my legs and squeeze them together while sawing really fast, it's nice

120. Jet spray

I have the most sensational orgasm in the shower. Using a jet spray I sit on the floor of the shower and place the head directly on top of my clit with the water on fairly low so it just warms you up. Then as I want more (try and hold out as long as you can) I increase the water flow keeping the head constantly pressed on my clit. I continue this until the orgasm you build up is so amazing I'm writhing all around the shower in ecstasy. It is also good to slightly move the head from side to side and also clenching my buttocks increases the orgasm even more.

121. Playdoh playmate

Make homemade playdoh (the recipe can be found at almost every kid's website) and put it in a Ziploc bag as soon as it's done, while it's still warm. Lay the bag on the floor and hump it hard. Forming it into a large ball helps because pushing down into it will make it mold to fill in all around your clit and the warmth gives you an almost instant orgasm.

122. Curling iron (Note: this is extremely dangerous)

I plug in an oversized curling iron into the outlet and let it warm up, but DON'T GET IT TOO HOT! When you get it warm, unplug it, lie down and spread your legs, push it in and out and rub it on your clit too. It's so wonderful!

123. Inner lips

Start by slowly stroking your clit....enough to get yourself just a bit wet...then slowly rub your inner lips, letting your fingers slide down the sides of your lips....then back over the clit....then back down the's amazing.

124. Blush brush

For smaller "spaces", you can pull the handle off of a blush brush and stick that inside. While doing that, put a small object of some sort onto your clit. Move the blush brush up and down very fast, and as soon as you come, stop a second and tighten your vagina muscles around it. It feels really NICE!!!

125. Riding on the storm

Something I find that's great is to use a long candlestick and a garden-variety back massager. Put a couple pillows on a flat surface and straddle them. Put the massager under your clit and the candle deep into your pussy and ride off into the sunset. It is great.

126. Crucifixion

I have this large crucifix which has smooth edges. I use this like a dildo. The pleasure from the cold hard steel is awesome.

127. Dildo play

I have a lifelike dildo. First I rub the length of it along my clit several times. I diddle my clit with the tip of the penis. Then I put the head at the entrance, and I push it in an inch at a time, saying "oh" with every inch. When it's all the way in, I remain still for several moments, savoring the way it feels, my pussy involuntarily clasping and releasing, clasping and releasing. Then I begin petting my pussy. The sensations are so pleasurable. I feel so stuffed I feel I will explode with joy. I am making high-pitched yodeling sounds, I don't know what the neighbors must think. I keep myself on the verge of orgasm for several minutes, and then I explode into an intense orgasm, letting out a loud bellow, my belly bucking wildly.

128. Hot diggety dog

Take a hot dog wiener and put it in the microwave for about 20-40 seconds, depending on how warm you want it. Then take the warm wiener and rub your clit with it. Then go back and forth rubbing your clit and putting it in your pussy. The warmth of the hot dog makes me go wild.

129. Pillow tower

This is simple, but it feels so good. Stack about 3 pillows on your bed, then cover them with a towel (don't want them wet) Get naked, at least on bottom, and straddle the mound. Move back and forth, riding it. It feels so good with your cunt spread wide open and all the softness in it. Move around, bounce do whatever gets you hot. Sometimes, you can hear wet slosh sounds and hearing this is so arousing. You'll cum in no time.

130. Mentholated (Note this is potentially dangerous and not recommended)

I like to take a cream which has menthol in it (Vicks, Deep Relief etc.) I rub it into my hands and then wash most of it off. In the bath, I use a moisturizing soap and slip it inside me giving me something to grip on. I then feed the rest of the cream just inside me and gently massaging it into my clit. The cool feeling along with the warm water is....simply incredible and brings the weirdest of orgasms...try it, but be careful with which cream you use. Frozen candle

131. Candle

When I'm horny and there's no guys around I like to get a candle and tease myself w/ it I slowly put it in and out of my wet pussy then go faster after you did it once you be sure to use it again...if you do put the candle in the freezer and freeze it then take it out whenever you need it and pleasure yourself more after you do that take a candle again put on in your pussy and one in your anal it feels great and you be cummin so fast you wont notice because you're having a great time

132. Bigger the better

I need something big to stick inside of me for extra pleasure. So I grab a condom and put it around a Southern Comfort bottle or any empty fifth of liquor. I start to tease myself with it and then when I get excited I penetrate the bottle into my pussy. I also gently rub my clit while I slide the bottle in and out. It works great!!

133. Vibrator collection

I love my vibrators. I use a dildo shaped cone with the end propped against pillows that I insert a tiny bit into my pussy until it hits my G-spot, then I turn the vibration on slowly. I haven't touched my clit yet. After I start to feel wet, I turn on my "massager" I got at the local K-Mart for $19.95 and place it, full power, against my exposed clit. I gyrate against the inserted dildo, moving it around my G-spot and move the "massager" rapidly in circles on my clit. Nothin' like it!

134. Big humper

I'm a big humper. I'll hump anything. What I do is lie down on my stomach on my bed and use the heel of my hand to press on my clit. As my muscles tense up I press and move my hand around in circles.

135. Wiggle jiggle

When I get horny, I go to a nice private place and begin to masturbate. I get totally naked, except for my shirt and begin to rub my vagina and vulva. Once I get pretty horny, I spread my legs as far as they will go and begin to wiggle my clitoris back and forth. Eventually I begin to go very fast until I reach orgasm, but I hold off for a few times, leading up to a very wonderful orgasm. Oh my god it feels so good.

136. Salivating

I like to lie on my back in a bed or anywhere and spread my legs apart. I put saliva on my finger and rub it all over my clitoris, going fast and then slow. Finally I stick my finger in me and do it all again!

137. Rub and push

I like to do this on my bed, stark naked. I take my index finger and rub it on my clit while my middle finger is in my pussy. Then at the same time, I rub my clit and shove my finger into my pussy. I rock up and down while I do this. After a few minutes, I get an incredible orgasm

138. Multi-part play

First I play with my tits, sucking the nipples giving myself love bites and things. Then I go and have a quick slide on the bath. I then take my hairbrush handle put it in my vagina and pull it in and out at top speed suddenly thrusting it in and doing interesting things with that. I then take my toothbrush and brrr it around my clit finishing off with some stroking and slapping. I also love to se carrots up my vagina sometimes.

139. Popsicle pusher

I use a Popsicle with the plastic around it and you have to break of the top. Just don't break of the top. Use it to bang yourself its cold and perfect fit. You can lay on your stomach and prop it against the bed or lay on your back. It's cold but feels so good. I use it with a vibrator so I can get double the pleasure!!!!! It works to rub the Popsicle over your tits and clit too...also have your partner use it on you....he will get a kick out of it.

140. Glove it

Put on a pair of surgical gloves, and rub your clit lightly, then insert your fingers in your pussy and go to town....feels awesome!

141. Washcloth

Take a wet, warm washcloth and put Vaseline on it. Lightly stroke it back and forth over your clit - it is awesome. I tease myself for as long as I can and then I press the washcloth hard against my pussy. The orgasm is warm and slippery.

142. Couch back

When I'm all alone I put on a really hot sex movie. I get naked and watch it for a while without touching anything. It drives me crazy. That I get behind the couch (you will need a low couch) and bang the corner of the back. It's just as high as my clit!! I spread my legs a little and my wet lips are rubbing the cough. It feels so good. It's like you're a man fucking somebody. 

143. Hair brush and Vaseline

My boyfriend is gay, so that leaves the sex pleasure to myself. I take a brush and put Vaseline on it. Stick it in your pussy and twist it. Then squeeze your clit hard. If you get a "feeling" take out the brush and do it over again. When you finally can't resist, you should cum easily.

144. So comforting

Make your pussy wet by rolling up your bed comforter and wrapping it between your legs. With you being on top just start fucking it by moving your wet and throbbing pussy up and down or left and right. If it gets too intense you can start rubbin your clit with your fingers. This works best for me. 

145. Plastic pleasure

I've found that in some stores, the tampon sizes can range from itty bitty to the width of a toilet paper roll. Once, I got a package, took out the tampon, and use the plastic applicator as my own little dildo. It works great!

146. Barbie boppin'

I often use a Barbie doll to masturbate with. you put the legs all the way in you and since the legs are moveable it moves with you as you rock I lay on my stomach and hold the Barbie's arms it is awesome and the tits of the Barbie is on your clit so it intensifies the orgasm I also use a banana I lay on my stomach and put the banana inside me and since when I cum the muscles of my pussy contract with the banana and it is a squishy mess when I am done (great feeling it feels like someone is cumming inside you the softness of the banana moves with you) try it sometime...

147. Big thick marker

I like to put a big thick marker in my pussy and push it harder and harder 
until I cum.

148. Non-skid strips recommended

Hold the shower massage in your hand. Adjust to pulsating setting and apply to clit. Recommend non skid strips on bathtub for the big O.

149. Middle finger rub

I love to just sit on the bathroom floor with my legs spread open as far as they can go. I gently rub my clit with the middle finger of my right hand. After about 2 minutes, I start to rub my finger on my vulva, and I go back and forth between the clit and vulva until I am finally stimulated. It feels so great and it makes me cum really easy!!!

150. Scooch up to the faucet

Lie down in the empty tub, with your butt as close to the wall with the faucet as possible, stretch your legs up in the air and turn the tub on cold full blast! Before your clit numbs turn up the temperature until it's about medium warm, make sure the water is on full blast. For extra effect put your hands under your butt and lift yourself, you can even wrap your legs around the faucet and pull yourself closer (the closer you are the harder the water hits you) let the water hit your clit for the most part but letting it fill your hole also feels really good, I guarantee you will have the orgasm of your life in about five minutes!! It took all the strength in the world to keep from screaming so my roommate wouldn't hear me! The best part is no mess!



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