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Female Masturbation Stories: 151-200

151. Rocking back and forth

I lay on my stomach on my bed usually. And stick a pillow or blanket under my pussy. Then I hump like crazy! Rocking back and forth, I put pressure on my clit sometimes with my hands and other times with a toy. Then I orgasm like crazy.

152. Quick tease

Gently touch your pussy with the tips of your fingers, like tickling it. Then move your fingers into your pussy and rub your clit. When you're about to cum, take your fingers out. Tease yourself like this three times, then let yourself cum. Even better if you do it in the shower with a vibrator!

153. Back in the shower

A great way to start orgasms is if you have a detachable shower head in your bath tub. Oh my god those work great. Before I used to use a baby nipple thing that goes on the baby bottles but then I started orgasms in the shower with the detachable shower head. They work great if you have like the massage setting on it, but don't turn it too far or it comes out really hard and it hurts!!!

154. Wet nipples

When you are taking a shower turn your shower head to vibrate and position your self so that your nipples are under it. It hurts like hell but it is an awesome turn on.

155. Office supplies

I like to take a pen, lube it slightly and place it between the lips of my vagina. Then, I close my legs and move the pen up and down and in circles-first slow, then fast. I get so turned on and I can orgasm slowly or quickly depending on my mood.

156. Scoop it out

I like to use an ice cream scooper in my pussy then put a vibrator on my clit and I rock back and forth and the two minutes go by and I cum for like 5 min before I can stop! It's better than the real thing you got to try it. Oh the vibrator is only a back massager but it feels so good you'll scream. You can just use the vibrator (massager) if you want but I like to pretend that the scooper is a big cock. Put Vaseline on yourself too.

157. Snow angels

I lie face down, tighten my legs as tight as possible and move them as if making snow angels. Make sure your clit is rubbing against the bed. Think of sexy arousing things. The orgasm is soooooooooooooooooo amazing, it works every time. I guarantee it.

158. Pillow tower

When I get really horny I go up to my room and lock the door and stack at least 5 pillows up in the middle of the floor and stick a shampoo bottle in my pussy that sticks out like an inch and I sit down on the pillows and pretend I'm getting fucked in my pussy. I'll close my eyes sit back and just thrust my hips into the pillows harder and harder every time. It gives me the best orgasms.

159. In the palm of your hand

Lie naked on your bed, on your stomach. Place your dominant hand under your other and your pussy resting in the palm of them both. Quickly slide up and down the bed rubbing your pussy. When about to climax, stick in one or two fingers and rub at the same time. The orgasm lasts a long time and you cum like crazy!

160. Straw construction

My hubby is gone a lot so I try to find creative ways to masturbate since I am always wet LOL I saw this one on Night Calls. You take Flex drinking straws and put them together at the top middle and bottom with rubber bands. Take the flex part and insert it into your Vagina. Then above the second rubber band slide your lips through it and the third segment over your Clit. Take a mini vibe and run it along the top of your straws. It will blow your mind you can also try this in your ass.

161. Smooth stream of water

When you're in the shower, let a smooth stream of water hit your clit. While you are doing this, rub your nipples and make them hard. You will get really good results from this; it always works for me

162. Huge cucumber

Usually, I like to go to my cool fridge and find a huge cucumber I normally slice the end off to make the sensations wet and slippery. I slowly push and pull this slimy cucumber in my pussy while I slightly tug on my clit giving a great sexual feeling. I usually cum all over the bed as I imagine it being a really well endowed hunky guy.

163. A cucumber and a couch

Take a cucumber and put it in your pussy hole and get on the couch. Sit on the arm rest put one leg on the couch and the other on the floor. And rock back and forth.

164. Opening doors

Grab the handles of your door knob and grasp the door between your legs while pushing up on the door at the same time and you will get the most amazing feeling!

165. Bed me

I have a 4 post bed at home, and the knobs on the tops of the post are shaped like the head of a big fat cock. I love to lube up, put a condom on one of the posts, and sit on it. It's so fat and fits deep into my throbbing pussy. Then I push play on the VCR and start to watch the live video feed I rigged up in the room. Once I'm good and ready, I start to slide up and down, and up and down and up and down on the post, and watch myself on the tv while I rub my slippery clit with one hand and rub my hard nipples with the other. I get off so much and so intensely this way! Watching this is such a huge turn on and recording it is fun too! When my husband sees it he can barely control his cock. He blows his wad right on my clit!!! It's so erotic!!

166. Bare hands

I am mostly a hand person. I play with my nipples for a while then I start rubbing my clit with my index finger. I go in every motion until I find my spot. Then sometimes to tease myself while I am rubbing my clit with my index finger I use my middle finger to stick inside me.

167. When the boyfriend's away…

My boyfriend drives a truck and he's gone Monday through Friday and needless to say I get lonely. I stack about 3 or 4 pillows on top of each other and I take a small G-spot vibrator and place it on top of the pillows. I insert it and turn it on then I just gently rock back and forth fondling my breasts and nipples. The closer I get to orgasm the faster I go. I is an extreme sensation.

168. Spank it hard

I like to spank my pussy hard with either the backside of my hairbrush or a wooden ruler. Making sure to get my clit, I will spank my cunt at least a dozen times. This gets my pussy nice and swollen, and my clit is always aching and twitching when I am done spanking myself. After I finish spanking my cunt, then I stick my finger in my pussy and get it wet, then rub my clit hard and fast while I pinch, pull, twist and tug at my hard pink nipples. I always tease myself, bringing myself to the edge of orgasm at least 5 times before I allow myself to cum. Sometimes I rub tiger balm on my nipples and my clit right before I cum to make the orgasm even more intense.

169. All up inside

I use every thing like the end of a hammer, brushes, lotion bottles, and my fingers. I put the shower head on high pressure and open my pussy and let the water make me feel good and I also oil every thing with baby oil because it smells good.

170. Joy of cola

Take a 2 liter filled up pop and shake it very hard. Then put it under your pussy and take off the cap and let it explode all over your pussy, and feel the joy of cola.....

171. Hump away

I would have to say the thing that gets me off the best in my whole life would be what I learned and have been doing since I was a little girl. People may know it has "humping". It makes me cum so hard I have an orgasm for at least 5 minutes I am still shaking afterwards. I just straddle a railing or a pillow and just hump as hard and fast as I can and it feels great! It's also great if you look at your ass in a mirror while doing it because you can see your butt thrusting hard and then soft and that really makes me hornier! The best way tho out of all of that is if you put a few pillows on the bed and straddle them, and then you hold onto your bed posts with your hands, you can just hump away until you cum!!

172. Handle this

Buy a Curl-me hairbrush (the round brushes that are supposed to add volume to your hair) and use the rubberized handle. The name of the brush is printed on raised letters on the handle, and if you know where your G-spot is, you can have amazing orgasms by rubbing the letters against it!

173. Straw draw

I just rub the straw of a fruit box over my clit. Sounds plain, but works wonders!

174. Clit clicker

I like to take the TV remote and put it directly on the bare skin of my vagina. Then I take it and apply pressure. After that I squeeze my thighs. It makes me so horny I pant like crazy. Try it, you have to build up to your climax though and when you reach it, then wiggle the remote to make the sensation last longer...

175. DP

If you like it in your ass and your pussy, all you need to do is a get a bath towel and a marker. Wrap the marker in a baggie put lotion on the baggie and stick in your ass. Hump the towel. It feels great!

176. Double pleasure

You know those really nice two-headed back massagers? Well I put one in my pussy when I'm really wet and put the other on my clit. When you start to rock back and forth while vibrating you cum so fast......I cum really really fast so I keep cumming until my clit gets feels amazing and it's a great rush.

177. Page me. Again. And Again.

A pager can be very helpful, if I'm horny in the office. The vibration really helps and makes me cum!

178. Warm and wet

I've found that using a plastic pop/water bottle filled with warm water works great when you want to build up to your orgasm. Simply place the bottle between your legs and squeeze your legs together and rock back and forth while you touch your breasts or read an erotic story or even look at adult pictures. Your pleasure builds up till you orgasm. It feels great!

179. Buying advice

I strongly suggest getting a massaging shower head .You know the one that's detachable It does some amazing things. Just make sure you can hold yourself up!! Put the head onto pulsate and let the warm water smack up against your clit. WOW! I am getting wet just thinking about it!!

180. Two-handed

What really gets me going is when I put one finger or two in my pussy as I gently stroke my clit with the other. Do it slowly so you can build up to a really incredible climax. When you come, take your hand away from your clit and concentrate on the vaginal climax by rubbing the inside with your one or two fingers. The sensation is indescribable.

181. Rub and squeeze

I take my index finger and middle finger and place my clit in between them and rub until I get really horny. Then I tighten and untighten my thighs until I reach orgasm. It is great!!!

182. Rocking straddler

While taking a bath, place a face cloth, either dry or et, depending on what feel you like better, and lay it flat on the edge of your tub. Then straddle the edge with one foot in the tub and the other out and rock back and forth, it feels really good because the terry cloth from the face cloth feels really good and it doesn't' take long to start cumming.

183. Slap it hard

I like to start by rubbing my breasts. Then I start to rub my clit, I slap it hard every now and then and it sends me into a electrifying orgasm.

184. Faster and faster

Take a vibrator and put it on low speed. Hold it on your clit in the spot that gives you the most pleasure. Gradually heighten the speed of the vibrator until it is full speed. You will cum in minutes. You can do this multiple times and reach an orgasm every time.

185. Massager with panties on

I like to lie on a pillow with some type of massager on top of the pillow, especially the one than moves in a circular motion. I only wear a panty, this intensifies the feeling. Not wearing one will make your clit too sensitive. I move slowly back and forth while the massager is spinning, and at the same time, I am watching myself in a mirror. It feels awesome and I have a prolonged orgasm and I can feel the warm cum just squirting out of my pussy.

186. Cock rub

My hubby and I make love with me on top. After he has reached orgasm and his penis has gone limp I take the head of it and rub it real hard on my clit. As I'm really turned on and it is so slippery I can masturbate to orgasm within minutes.

187. Push, rotate, and squeeze

Using a candle is a great way that I stimulate my clit. I stick into me, and gently push it in and out while rotating my hips. As I come to higher levels, I tighten and squeeze my thighs to make the penetration seem more real.

188. Grab the blanket

I usually keep my clothes on while I do this because it is easier for your clit to slide back and forth. First I usually rub my nipples till they are hard and then I take a blanket and fold it in half and stick it in between my legs. Then you hold the blanket on each side and rib your pussy back and forth and your orgasm usually comes within 30 seconds to a minute.

189. Oral-B

My tips girls is an electric toothbrush. omg put it between your pussy and your asshole. Then turn it on. Slowly make your way up to your wet throbbing pussy. omg. I feel wet writing this. Then get your bf to come in and do it for you for a better cum.

190. Vibrating toy

I take any vibrating toy ((bumble ball, Nintendo control)) and slide it up and down myclit ((circular motions work best)). I put Vaseline on for nice sex feeling.

191. Squeeze play

I love to masturbate. I have done it ever since I was little. It is so great! I love to squeeze my legs together when I rub my clit.

192. Like a man's tongue

When I'm thirsty to cum, I get in the tub and use my showerhead massager. I put the pressure on medium, get in a squatted position and let the water spray upward at my clit. It's like sitting on the face of a man with a vibrating tongue. The orgasm is an explosion!

193. Deep hydration

I take an empty bottle of water, where the bottom is ridged, and I put Vaseline on over the ridged part, and I hold the bottle by the drinking part and rub it on my clit and when I reach climax I either stop and stick the nozzle in me and play around for awhile or rub harder and harder until I soak the bottle.

194. Epilady Ultra

I like to use an electric razor and move it up and down on my pussy and rub my clit slowly and lightly. I cum in about three minutes.

195. Carpeteria

 I like to take off my shirt and my bra. Then I get a soft pillow and bunch it in the middle so there's a bulge. I lie on top of the bulge and hump it like crazy. My tits rub against the carpet which also gives an awesome sensation. I get orgasms every time. 

196. Rock the candle 

When no one is home I get a plain unscented candle and lube it up. I stick this into my pussy and pump up and down slowly. Then I take a vibrator and rub that on my clit. I usually do this sitting up in a rocking chair. I start to rock and the candle is hitting my G-spot while the vibrator works my clit. I can orgasm every time by using this method. I highly recommend it. 

197. M&M mini tube 

The thing I've found that works the best is the king size M&M mini tubes. They are the perfect length and width. Empty it, rip off the label and scrub it clean first. I get two, fill them up with warm, almost hot water. I insert one into my anus and the other I use to tease my clit a bit (the warm feeling is AMAZING!). After I tease my clit for a while I insert it into my pussy. Then I set a vibrator on my clit and let it do its work while I pump the tube in and out of my pussy. As I'm starting to climax I push the tube in as deep as I can and try not to scream out as I cum!  

198. Remote on the floor

When I am all alone at home and there is no way to be caught this is my favorite thing to do! Take a remote control and put it on the ground. Position yourself on the remote so your vagina is right on top of it. Move your body side to side and up and down on the remote so that your vagina is rubbing on feels soooo good, u should really try it!!!!!!

199. Relaxing in the tub

I like to lie back in warm, scented bathwater and imagine another woman licking my nipples and fingering my pussy. When I get really worked up, I start to spread my pussy lips and gently rub my clit until I feel the juices flow. Then I spread my legs wide, still imagining a warm mouth on my cunt, and spray my clit with the shower massage (slightly warm water), using a semi-powerful spray. Intense orgasm.

200. My personal orgy

I massage my clit with two fingers until my pussy is all wet then I take one of those fingers to spread my juices over my clit and then around my anus. Then I insert a hairbrush into the edge of my anus after wetting it with my saliva. Then I flick my clit hard back and forth while fingering my pussy and holding the brush in place. I cum so hard, it's like my personal orgy.


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