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Female Masturbation Stories: 201-250

201. Desk Slide

I have parents who don't knock before they enter, so when I masturbate I usually put on a skirt with no panties (that way if they interrupt they can't tell). Then I open my lips and place my clit on the corner of my desk. I take my feet off the floor and place my hands on the other side of the desk. I pull myself up and slide back. Every now and then I squeeze my legs together until I get an orgasm.

202. Hard Hood

I take off my pants and use the tips of my pointer and middle finger on one hand to rub on the clitoral hood of my pussy. Manual stimulation is much better for me than using a vibrator or water stimulation. I rub the hood very fast and hard and do not insert any fingers into my vagina.

203. Electric Shocker

I take my electric toothbrush and put the spinning head on my clit!

204. Miracle Tail

Get a stuffed animal with a tail and get on a body pillow on your back. Get one of those pillows that help you sit up in bed and put it on top of your body pillow. Look in the mirror and stuff the tail of the animal into your pussy! You will come in seconds!

205. Building Pressure

You can lay down or sit. I think sitting makes more pressure on your clit. Get naked except for panties. Take your index or middle finger and rub up and down on your clit. Tighten your muscles and push down on the lips of your clit. It feels soooooo good!

206. Humpaholic

I started out by just rubbing my pussy on a pillow with the ridge against my clit. Then I moved on top humping doors, by holding on to the handles and rubbing my pussy up and down on it. I'd tongue the door while doing it just to pretend I was fucking someone. Then Iíd hump the edge of my bed, bath, sofa or coffee table. Iíve gone back to my original method as of late, but now I like to hump about three pillows and sometimes I'll put the head of a teddy right on my clit, I'll hump hard and fast, talking dirty to myself and making the head board bang the wall. I really love to moan and the thought of being heard makes it that much better. Honestly, people, hump anything and everything, you'll be surprised!

207. Three Times the Charm

I rub my clit until I'm just about to orgasm, then let go, and that tingling right before you get off lasts for a long time. Then I go at it again, and stop right before I cum, and it lasts even longer. Finally the last time I let myself go.

208. Veggie Pleasure

When I am home alone I like to get a nice big cucumber and start out by rubbing my clit with it. When my pussy is wet enough Iíll stick it as far in as I can get it!

209. Minty Fresh

I love to take a cough drop (my favorite is Halls Cool Ice) and stick it inside my cunt for an incredible feeling. Because your pussy has the same mucus membranes as the inside of your mouth, it'll respond with the cool, tingly feeling that'll get your juices flowing.

210. Pillow Talk

I like to masturbate with a pillow. I squeeze the pillow in half, then put my vagina on top of the pillow. I start pretending to have sex with my husband. I put light music on and start sliding the pillow a little up my vagina and move around with it. It's great when you want sex but your husbandís at work.

211. Brush Before Bed

I love to sit in a nice hot tub and use my toothbrush on my clit - it feels so amazing and you get a rush from the water.

212. No Hands!

If I'm at work I usually do it during the morning but with no hands as I have learnt to squeeze the correct muscles! When I get home I enjoy an hour session or so stripping off and reading some favorite bits from books.

213. Sausage Substitute

When Iím at home alone I get this certain urge for some dick. Usually I warm a polish sausage up and stick it in my pussy while playing with my nice fat clit. It feels lovely.

214. Hot Jets

I put my clit against the jets in my parentsí hot tub, it takes about a minute for me to climax, and it feels so good.

215. Give Me An ďOĒ

I take my cheerleading pom poms and stick the handle in my pussy and ride it, it feels so good.

216. Pooh Lover

I take my Winnie the Pooh bear and stick its nose up my pussy, and since its nose wiggles, it feels like heís eating me!

217. Size Doesnít Matter?

I use a very small but very powerful vibrator just touching the tip of it to my clit... I usually prop it up with pillows so I don't have to hold it there and then I have two free hands for caressing other sensitive areas of my body... I fantasize about another woman holding the vibrator on my clit... I explode within minutes...

218. Tight Friction

Sometimes when I am work I get so uptight I need to have some personal pleasuring to get me though. I work in an office and so I am dressed up with skirt and jacket, tights, etc. But I have over the years found I can orgasm by pressing my legs together when I am wearing tights if I am really randy. But usually it is enough to feel the start of pleasure building even if I have to go the bathroom and finish myself off.

219. Riding the Vibrations

I love to sit in front of my computer and get comfy in my leather chair. I hop onto this web site and read the stories without touching anything. I wrap a condom on my vibrator and slather on some motion lotion. I ride the vibrator and within five minutes I have an intense orgasm and can't even walk for the next fifteen minutes! I also cover the metal arm rest with the motion lotion, then blow on it and ride so hard I start crying with this orgasm. 

220. The Need to Pee

I drink a whole carafe of coffee and let my bladder fill up until I badly need to pee. Then I sit in a chair, spread my legs apart, and rub my pussy. The effort required not to pee has the effect of building up the feelings quickly. I have quick and huge orgasms that way.

221. Bump and Grind

When I masturbate I use something small and hard like a small electric massager. It has a large, round bump on the back that is wonderful. I just place it under my pussy and hump and grind. This works even better if you contract your but and leg muscles while you hump. It takes my breath away!

222. Good Vibrations

My brother's electric hair clippers work wonders! Just press it against your clit or wherever else turns you on and the vibrations will make you feel amazing.

223. Cool as a Cucumber

When I am by myself I like to start out by rubbing my inner thighs. Next I like to put on a really tight pair of panties and pull them back and forth across my clit. Then I stop and walk around long enough to get rid of the explosive feeling. Then I like to go and get a cucumber and stand it straight up and spread my legs as far apart as I can and squat down on it, taking only a tiny bit at a time while I am massaging my clit. After a few minutes of teasing myself very hard, I rub and wet my clit real good, take a deep breath, and thrust the cucumber inside of me, and I come so hard, I feel like I am going to faint.

224. Tap tap tap

I like to lay in bed. I use my fingers mostly. First I rub up and down my clit softly, then harder and harder. When I feel the orgasm coming on I start to tap on it kinda except really hard and fast - it always makes the orgasms come fast.

225. Tantalizing Tampons

I like to use tampons. It works better if you start off going in and out with a super absorbent one. Then when youíre ready use the smallest one you can find, it works great. Hang your legs off your bed. I get horny just talking about it.

226. Simple Pleasures

I like to masturbate with pillows!! I also just rub my clit while using a dildo, and pump it in and out of me.

227. Tennis Time

When I'm in the mood to masturbate, I get a tennis ball and wrap it in a handkerchief. Then I place it in my panties, under my clit, then sit down on it and ride on it back and forth, starting slow, then getting faster. A quick way to get a fantastic orgasm!

228. Hump and Squeeze

I like to start out reading some stories or looking at porn, and when I start feeling turned on, I cross my legs and start squeezing my thighs together, putting pressure on my clit. I squeeze and rock my hips like that for awhile, and when I get so wet I can't even stand it, I go to the bed and start fingering my clit. By this time my clit is so huge and sensitive, the feelings are really intense. I rub my clit and fantasize for awhile, until I finally decide to cum. But I'm not satisfied that easily - after the big orgasm, I hump the side of my bed or my pillows a few times until I just can't squeeze another orgasm out!

229. Riding Pillows

The best way to masturbate is to get three pillows and hump them while looking at your ass riding in a mirror. I love to pull my panties down only to my ass part and turn around in a mirror. Also you can bounce on a pillow.

230. Hard Ball

When I was in school, I used to use a hockey ball and sit on it and grind my clit against it, when sitting in a chair with a straight back. Any type of hard ball will do.

231. Cyber Cum

I love chatting on the computer with my boyfriend and have him talk really dirty. I will rub my clit really hard. I tell him as I cum, and that makes it all worthwhile!

232. Straddle Massage

I found one of those neck massagers, the kind that roll around. I like to straddle it, turn it on, and read porn at the same time. This takes awhile to make you orgasm but it's well worth it.

233. Long Brush

I have a rounded hairbrush with a rubber handle. I use the handle end as a dildo, sliding it in and out of me. It has a ridged handle, so the texture feels really nice, but I also have another more creative use for the brush. I put on 2 sets of panties for a little protection, and then I rub the brush end up and down my pussy. That usually only works once I've already been stimulated a little, but it feels intense and makes for an interesting orgasm.

234. Imagination

I start by imagining myself sucking a nice, thick penis. That gets me a little hot so I go to my room and pull down my panties. I start by using two fingers on my clit and then use a dildo and fuck myself with it. I try to imagine a guy pumping in and out, cumming inside of me.

235. Hard Taste

I lie on my back and start playing with my nipples. I like to massage them. Then I slowly rub my body all the way down to my pussy. I start fingering myself until I cum. I lick my fingers and then start humping practically anything that wonít run away (ie the remote and the pillows) - the taste of my own pussy and banging myself onto something hard is guaranteed to give the best orgasm ever!

236. Dance to the Beat

I use a drumstick to tap out a naughty beat on my sweet clit! You can tap as hard or soft as you want. It works great on your nipples too.

237. Spread Wide

When I'm horny, I lay in my bed, slide my panties down, and spread my legs as far as I can. I take my middle finger and slide it down and massage my clit. Sometimes I move it up and down fast like someone is licking my clit, sometimes I just massage it fast. I arch my back a little and the orgasm is amazing!

238. Neighborhood Watch

I love to lay on my bed with my blinds open when my neighbor is mowing his yard. I spread my legs as far as I can like I am being tied and I play with my pussy while my neighbor watches. I act like I don't know he can see me, but he can. I cum so hard and my clit swells up and I squirt my juices.

239. Patty Cake

I sit on my chair at my computer and read these sexy masturbation stories. I wear only panties, and spread my legs wide, with my heels on the chair. I pat and pat and pat my pussy with my hand, gently slapping it. I get a rhythm going and get so horny. When I can't stand it, I move to my bed and rub my clit wildly with the firm palm of my hand until I come and come.

240. Counter Vibrations

I like to sit on my bathroom counter, open my legs, and use a vibrating toothbrush and put it as deep in me as I can go. It's so good and fast.

241. Wonder Chairs

When I was younger, I started to rub against the edge of an office chair, or an arm of a couch, and it felt really good. Then as I got bigger, I moved up to armrests of office chairs and couches. Talk about multiple orgasms, plus you get insanely wet, especially when you think about the guy you like giving the orgasms to you....

242. Bathroom Appliances

I love masturbating in the shower, using the showerhead when itís a hard jet stream. Standing up, I open my legs, position the showerhead so that it is right on my clit, and then I close my legs tight and have the greatest time. I usually have an orgasm in less than 2 minutes. I also have started using an electric toothbrush on my clit, making sure the bristles are really soft and wet. Itís the greatest feeling.

243. Substitute Dildo

No dildo? No problem. Use an electric toothbrush and put a damp or dry wash cloth over it. Hump it and scream all you want.

244. Wet and Wild

I love to masturbate. I usually wait until I take a shower to do so, but there are several exceptions to that. When I do use the shower, it is everything but dull. I turn the water on and step in, teasing the little slit between my legs every once in a while. After I finish bathing my body, I switch the water to a soft but firm jet stream and lie down. I part my legs and let the water spray my freshly trimmed pubic hair. After I feel that I have my pussy's attention, I reach down with my hands and pull apart the skin hiding my waiting clit. The water pulsates onto the thing and takes my breath away. Just when I don't think I can take anymore, I close my legs and let my pussy calm down and stop its spasms. I continue this exact cycle about three more times, and on the fourth, I have the most amazing orgasm. Try it, and I guarantee you won't be sorry.

245. Slippery Towels

I like to take a couple of towels and roll them up together, then take saran wrap and wrap it around the towels once. I then place the roll on the toilet, put a little lotion on my pussy and the saran wrapped roll, straddle the toilet, and hump away! The lotion on the saran wrap is very slippery and creates an awesome feeling! You can also do the reach around thing and use a vibrator while doing it!

246. A New Way to Play

I take a Playstation controller and I put a game in that allows the controller to vibrate. I make the game get stuck on vibrate and I slide the controller down my pants and into my pussy. It makes my pussy throb.

247. Wet Massage

When I'm in the shower, I turn my showerhead to massage mode. Then I sit down and start warming up. I put it to light massage mode, then start warming up my upper inner thigh. Then I put it to strong, then put it in above, directly, and under my clit. So good! And you can also look forward to a bath!

248. Clit and Cushion

I'm still a virgin and pretty tight! So I lay down naked, spread my legs apart, and use my whole hand rubbing myself up and down. When I get a little wet I get a cushion and lay on it, spread my legs apart really wide and push the corner between the moist lips and clit until I orgasm. It's wicked and I can do it for ages. When no oneís in I can really go at it until I'm screaming!

249. Porn and Imagination

I love watching porn movies while I masturbate - I start by caressing my breasts and then slowly going down to my pussy, rubbing against it until it's wet. I start imagining myself with two guys, one fucking my pussy and the other my ass. I put 2 fingers in my pussy and 2 up my ass and start pushing them in and out. Guaranteed orgasm.

250. Coiled Friction

I like to tangle myself up in a long phone cord, the kind with the big coils. Then I put the coils inside my slit and rub back and forth... the friction feels great and I cum really hard!


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