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Female Masturbation Stories: 251-300

251. Magic marker

I love using two electric toothbrushes, one on my clit and the other one in my vagina. I turn them on and just before I cum I put a thick marker up my ass. It just feels amazing.

252. Squeaky clean

Before taking a bath, lay in your bed and caress your clit with the tip of your finger in a flicking motion. Then, when you feel the urge, thrust two fingers inside your pussy. Move them in and out, slow...then faster and faster, causing you to cum. Set a lukewarm temperature to your tub faucet. Lay down in the tub and move your clit and pussy right under the faucet and position yourself so that the water flows directly into your pussy. It feels great as it fills you up. Pull away and push the water out of your pussy as if you were peeing. Repeat until you cum again.

253. Reach out and touch someone

If I have trouble cumming, I pick up the telephone and call in to one of those dating phone lines where you can talk to guys. I usually leave a hot sexy message, telling them that I'm horny and I want to masturbate, and in a few minutes, lots of guys are trying to connect with me to hear me play with myself. It works every time. I jerk off on the phone with a guy who is doing the same thing and we usually get each other off. It's very exciting.

254. Mirror image

I like to strip naked and lie on my bed. I start fucking my quilt and with my two other hands I rub my body, especially around my waist. I do this with some soft and/or emotional music on. And occasionally I fuck my self with certain objects (carrots, my fingers, drumsticks, banana, handles of screwdrivers [needs to be washed very thoroughly], and toothbrushes) Also, I like to masturbate while looking myself right in the eyes in a full-size mirror -- it feels strange.

255. Breath of fresh air

I have really bad asthma and was given a breathing machine to help me breathe better. It produces air, and I use the tip of the long tube to blow it on my clit. It feels so good. The air is even better than someone eating me out!

256. Brush and hump

I rub my clit with my index finger and carry on until I reach orgasm. Then, while I am still shaking, I stick an electric toothbrush up my vagina, switch it on and hump it on a pile of pillows.257. The best medicine When I feel like cumming and my husband is at work, I take a skinny medicine bottle with medium thickness and insert it into my pussy bottom first. Put it in until the top is the only part exposed. I sit on the edge of the couch and cross my legs. I begin humping back and forth until I explode. This works really well if you do it when you have the urge to pee.

258. Stealth vibrator

I like to lube myself up good then stick my vibrating egg inside me. Then I get dressed (pants work best) and put the controller in my pocket, making sure that the wire lays between my pussy lips. Then I go to work. When I need a quick pick me up I reach into my pocket and turn it on. No one can hear it or knows and I cum over and over again.

259. Wake him up

Have your lover lay on his tummy. Lay on your tummy as well beside him. Take his hand (palm side up) and place it under you pussy and commence to humping the hell out of it or gently moving around on it (whatever you prefer). I think you'll get more of a response from him with the latter of the two. Moaning is definitely a turn on. It will make you cum so fast simply from the thrill of masturbating next to him knowing that you are using his hand. It may even turn him on enough that he wakes up and want to ravish you for being so kinky.

260. Butt floss

I like to take a long piece of string (not too thick) and push all of it into my asshole, leaving just a little hanging out. Then I slowly pull it all out of my ass as I rub my clit with my middle finger. I squirt my juices within seconds. I also like to put a tampon up my ass and then rub my clit until I'm about to cum, then pull out the tampon.

261. Fitness freak

I started doing this without knowing it would give me an orgasm. I'm a big fitness freak so I looked for ways to do pull ups and get upper body strength. I have this banister that is just big enough for me to fit my legs through, so I would hang on with my hands to the railing and cross my legs and do pull ups. When it gave me an orgasm, I used it for that too.

262. Girl to girl

Although I am not a lesbian, my girlfriend and I were bored one day and began to explore. We shared how we both love to masturbate and decided to show each other what we do. We took off all of our clothes and she watched me insert my dildo into my pussy as she held the vibrator against my clit. It was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. When I was done we switched positions and I did it to her. We now have made this a ritual. I look so forward to watching her buck wildly against the vibrator as the dildo is inserted into her wet pussy.

263. Talk dirty to me

I like to watch myself in a mirror and talk dirty to myself. I take off my pants and spread my legs wide so I can see my pussy, and then I say something like, "Fuck yourself you dirty bitch. Shove those fingers in that pretty pink wet cunt." This makes me really wet. After I've played with my clit for a little while I shove two fingers in my cunt and hit my G-spot over and over. I like to watch myself cum in a mirror. Sometimes I use a brush handle. I also like to flip over and hit it from behind. When I'm really horny I take either the brush handle or my fingers and shove them up my ass. I like to talk to myself when I do that, too, saying, "You like that bitch? You like getting ass-fucked?" Also if it's a brush or something in my ass I like to get up and walk around. I feel so naughty, I come easy.

264. Pussy squeeze

I like to first fantasize about past sexual encounters. My favorite is this guy named Gregg, who is a bartender. He was the first guy that fingered me and that gave me such a great orgasm. I also fantasize about a woman eating me while fingering me. As soon as my pussy starts to pulse, I start to slightly rub the top of my pussy gently with my whole hand on top of my panties. After I feel wetness in my panties, I insert my hand into my panties with my right index finger, my middle finger, and my ring finger. I cross my legs and put all 3 fingers on my clit while I move it up and down, crossing my legs. I then squeeze the muscles in my legs and my pussy. I get 6 to 7 orgasm a session.

265. Faster pussycat, cum, cum!

Sometimes I'll turn off all the lights and think of another female going down on me. Then all rub my clit building from really slow to as fast as I can. Try it sometime. It makes your eyes roll to the back of your head and you quiver for what seems like forever

266. On the nose

Grab a teddy bear or other stuffed animal with a plastic nose and get down on your hands and knees. Position the nose of the teddy bear on your clit and rock back and forth slowly build up speed. I can say from experience this feels amazing.

267. Stress relief

I use a stressball and push hard on my pussy. I wiggle it up down and side to side, and it leads to an amazing orgasm!

268. I imagine someone watching

I will get on the computer and read stories and look at pics. When I can feel my pussy get wet, I get up and sit in a chair near my window. I make sure there is a soft glow of light behind me and open the blinds enough to let someone who is peeking see in. I play with my tits first, softly touching the nipples, pinching and stroking them. Then I will move my hands to my waiting pussy and dip my fingers in my own juices and start rubbing my clit. Slowly I work my way down to my hole and then to my ass, softly caressing my skin. Then I use both hands, one playing with my clit and the other fingering my hole, while I imagine someone watching me from the outside, getting all horny, until I cum really hard.

269. Mattress mistress

When I want to get off, I go to the side of my mattress, take my panties off and start to rub my clit against the soft sheets. I usually do this until I can feel the intensity build up to the max, and then start to hump the fuck out of the bed, rubbing my pussy faster and harder. I sometimes use my pillows too, but the mattress is the best!

270. Slow tease

Sometimes I can play with my nipples for half an hour or more. After that I come within minutes. I also like to spend a long time teasing myself with a dildo and rubbing my clit until I feel close to an orgasm, but I back off and build up again with more teasing.

271. Get hammered

I like the standard hammer from the tool box. I lay the heavy end on a bed of pillows or on the floor, with the long handle sticking straight up. Then I slide myself down on it, and rock and ride with the fantasies flying. It's awesome!! It goes nice and deep, and the girth is perfect.

272. Chocolate lover

First I fool around on the Internet and look at different kinky web sites. Then I start to rub my nipples across the keyboard and tease my pussy. Then I take a piece of chocolate and put it in my mouth and take my left hand and put it in my mouth as I imagine it being a hard dick in my mouth. With the other hand, I rub my pussy, then slowly start to put my index finger inside. The warmth feels so good. Then I pinch my nipples. When I'm ready to explode, I take about three soft pillows and get on top of them and picture myself riding a big dick.

273. Makeup artist

Get naked and stand with your legs far apart with your butt in the air. Rock back and forth and get a long-handled makeup brush and tease yourself. Rub it on your tits and ass. Don't get the bristles wet. Then get some KY Jelly and rub it all over your clit and ass and insert the brush handle. I use a mirror on the floor to see everything. I always see lots of cum on the handle.

274. Under pressure

Get your clit throbbing and your pussy wet, then spread your legs as far as you can placing your left-hand palm flat against your pussy and the heel of your palm against your clit. Now place your right hand directly over the left and apply pressure. Close your legs tightly, squeezing the palm of your hand against your clit, and then curl your fingers inward so that the tips of them are pressing into your pussy. Squeeze harder and thrust your hips grinding your pussy into your hands. The pressure and the feeling of not actually touching your bare skin works incredibly well.

275. Tight jeans

I like to put on a pair of tight jeans, unzip them halfway and get out my squiggle pen. A vibrator would work too. I jam the pen down into my pants. The tightness of the material will hold the pen against your clit. It makes the vibration feels more intense and you cum a lot quicker.

276. An ass-full

I love to stick dildos up my ass or something with a round head. I keep using bigger ones. I leave it in and go about my day. I wear panties that are tight enough in the back that it will hold the object in my ass for as long as I want. Everything you feels better, especially driving (with the vibrations and bumps). After a few hours of great pleasure, I slide the object in and out of my anus while jerking off.

277. Dirty in the shower

I use one of those hand-held shower massagers. I start out with the light massage then I use the harder and stronger massage and hold it right up to my clit. I get off every time I do it, and I'm in the shower forever. People think I just like to be really clean, but what they don't know is I really love to be dirty -- in the shower!

278. Candle holder

I like to take a long, slim candle, put it in my ass and shove it in and out. At first I go slowly but then a little faster. While I do this I rub my clit. It gives a GREAT orgasm!

279. Rub-a-dub

I love using the faucet in the tub. Before I do anything, I go looking for porn or read stories to get me horny. I then go to the tub and turn the faucet on. I love the feeling on my clit. The water massages me and it feels so good to make it go from warm to cold. I love it! The slower you make it work the better it feels.

280. Butter me up

I like to use the handle of a butter knife. I just rub it up and down my clit and slowly get faster and faster until I cum. Sometimes I may even lightly rub the ridges of the top part over my clit. It is amazing.

281. Cunt opener

For double penetration, I've used a manual can opener, with large, round, smooth handles. They're just the right width apart to penetrate your cunt and ass simultaneously. I would strongly recommend using KY Jelly with this method.

282. Groove to the music

I have a soak in the bath and soap myself, slowly and paying lots of attention to my breasts and clit. Then I play raunchy music (usually Tom Petty!), put two large, firm cushions on my bed, put my large dildo on top, and straddle it. I slowly slide my cunt lips up and down the length, in time to the music, building up to the most intense orgasm, leaving me shaking and stunned.

283. Ice cream treat

I like to lay on the floor naked and put ice cubes on my naked body and rub them all around. Then I get an ice cream scooper and rub the handle all over my wet pussy. It feels like a dick rubbing against me and I cum so fast.

284. Close up pussy

I like to get naked, lie on my back and then swing my legs over my head so I can really see my pussy close up. Then I fuck myself with my dildo till I'm cumming. If I'm really lucky some will drip on my face.

285. Blushing pussy

I like to take a big mirror and part my legs wide. I place the mirror in front of my pussy and take a very good look and as I masturbate, notice the how my pussy color changes from pink to bright red. You can try it in various positions -- squatting, laying on one side so on. Use the mirror and look instead of just feeling the stimulation!

286. Knock knock

I stand legs apart near a door and hold each knob with one hand. I lean against the door and let my clit rub against the door. Start slowly and then increase the pace. The orgasm is great!

287. Toy time

I lie on my bed, head raised, in front of a mirror or in front of a computer looking at cocks on porn sites. With a large soft toy I rub my clit up and down slowly at first then faster until I cum. to make it more exhilarating I sometimes use a vibrator or electric toothbrush up my cunt as well as the soft toy.

288. Armchair lover

Try rubbing your pussy on the arm of a chair until you have an orgasm. It feels really great.

289. Pump up the volume

I have a Jacuzzi tub with 6 jets. I can roll on my side and position my pussy and asshole to the side jets and adjust the pressure from slow to fast. I turn the radio up so my husband doesn't hear me scream during orgasm.

290. Dr. Feelgood

I like to use a DR. FEELGOOD massager -- you know, the one with the little knobs you can swap around. It's sooooo amazing. I have ORGASM after ORGASM!

291. Cum in public

I love to masturbate in public places. I wear a button-down-the-front dress or a miniskirt with no panties. I masturbate by stroking my clit and fingering my pussy and I always have a good orgasm. I have masturbated in class, on a bus, in a taxi, on a plane, on a train, in the cinema, in a shop, at a pop concert, in church, in the park, at a bus stop, in McDonald's, in the dentists, in the hair salon, at a fun fair, in a public Jacuzzi and in a police station. I get a huge thrill when I masturbate in public knowing that people might see what I am doing. Once when I masturbated in class my best friend saw me and she masturbated with me until we both came together.

292. Bathroom bonanza

It's nice masturbating in the bathroom. Before I start, I like to imagine someone (preferably a girl) playing with my pussy. Rubbing toothpaste on my clit gives a cooling sensation, then I wash it off by spraying water (from the shower) directly at my clit until I've had multiple cums. It's a great feeling!

293. Dial "O" for orgasm

I put a mobile phone down in my pants and hold it against my clit, then I ring my mobile over and over again while it is on the vibrating mode

294. Banana dick

I absolutely looooove having a huge cock up my pussy, but when I can't find a guy to fuck, I have to do it myself. I usually take a banana and lube it up. It feels like a big dick

295. Cum covered

I like to masturbate after having sex with my husband, I'm still wet and his cum is smeared all around my clit, which makes me even more hot.

296. Virgin phone sex

Since I'm a virgin and plan to stay that way for a while, I love to talk to my boyfriend on the phone while I masturbate. He talks so dirty and strokes his cock while I rub my pussy. It's so much fun listening to him get excited and cum with me!! I usually use my jelly dildo that he got me when we talk. I love to ride it and tell him how it looks in the mirror.

297. Just douche it

I like to sit in the bathtub and uses a douche bag and pipe. I use a pipe just thick enough to enter my vagina and start the water. I sit cross-legged, having a tight grip on the pipe and moving it up and down.

298. Water works

I like it a little rough, so if you have a sensitive clit, this may be a little much for you. I usually turn on the bathtub and get the water lukewarm to semi-cool. Then I lie on my back with my pussy directly under the water and my legs spread wide against the wall. I prop myself up with one arm so I can watch what's happening and use the other hand to hold my lips open so the water beats directly on my clit. Nothing makes me cum as hard or as fast.

299. Mascara madness

I sit down on my swivel chair and start to read the amazing stories on this site. I get naked and spread my legs wide open over the arms of the chair. I found that using just my fingers was good, but my hand ached a lot. Now I use the end of an old mascara tube and rotate it round my clit first slowly and then at top speed. The stories get me soo horny and I just keep going and going until I can feel the muscles in my vagina twitching and going crazy!! the warm juices pour from me and I almost black out from the sensation!!

300. Huge cock in me

I like to start by reading stories about other people masturbating or looking at some hard porn. Then when my pussy gets nice and wet I start to force my 12" rubber dildo into my tight pussy. When I have it in all the way, I squat onto the mattress to keep it from slipping out and I hold a vibrator on my clit. The orgasm from this is so intense it takes 20 minutes to recover from it. There's nothing like having a huge cock in you when you cum.



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