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Female Masturbation Stories: 301-350

301. Brush and squirt

I love to lay down in the shower and take my electric toothbrush and let it latch onto my clit. Then I fill a large shampoo bottle up with cold water and squirt it on my hot pussy as I let the toothbrush do its work.

302. Noisy pussy

First I like to lick my fingers and pinch my nipples. Since I have my left nipple pierced, I like to pull on the ring a little bit, and that gets me real hot. Then I lick my fingers and start playing with my clit, but usually I am so hot that I have enough juices flowing so that I don't have to do that. Then I get my big red dildo and slowly put it in, and by this point, my pussy is almost sucking it in. Once it's in I start pumping it in and out, and since I'm so wet it makes great noises, which I really like hearing. I fuck myself with the dildo and play with my cunt 'til I cuuuuuuuum and when I finally cum I stick my fingers in me and get them all wet and taste my self. This is usually enough to get me hot again, and start all over.

303. Great view

I like to lay on my back and pull my knees up to my chest and spread my legs as wide as I can. Using my elbows behind my knees to hold my legs as close to my armpits as possible, I still have use of both my hands. I like to spread my pussy lips apart with my left hand and with my right hand I can finger my pussy and rub my clit.. You can also use your left hand to play with your anus. I can get a really good view of my pussy and then I pretend that someone is masturbating while watching me do this. It's very erotic!

304. Silver bullet

I start off by looking at some pics, usually anal sex seems to get me started. Once I feel my clit harden, I take my index finger and slowly begin to stroke it. Then take out my bullet vibe, place it directly on my clit, and start off on slow. As the vibe hums against my clit, I can feel it pulse -- kind of like my heart beating. Thud-thud, thud-thud...Then I lean back in my chair and move the vibe around, until I hit what I call the "sweet spot." This is the spot on my clit that, when I put the vibe against it, the throbbing really begins. I then lay back, and roughly pinch my nipples. Slowly, the pressure against my clit begins to build until I suddenly feel my insides cringe and a release of fluid against my thighs.

305. Mini suction

Get an empty film cylinder, one of the little plastic ones. Lick the rim of it and put it over your clit. Squeeze the sides and it creates a suction. Gently flick it while you put the end of a hairbrush in your pussy. Also works well in the shower when you fill it with warm water.

306. Just the TV

I like to go online and read dirty stories like these. I start to rock back and forth, the seam of my pants rubbing my pussy though my panties. Then I go to my bedroom and rub my titties with some lotion. My nipples get so hard and titties perk right up. By now, I'm too wet and horny to prolong anything. I lie face down on my body pillow on my bed and rub my clit in small flicking motions. I cum so hard sometimes, my next door neighbor calls to complain (I'm in a duplex and his room is right through my wall), and I tell him it was just the TV.

307. Happy humper

The way I started masturbating was taking a towel and folding it in half then putting it between my legs and lying on my back and pulling up on it while thrusting. Now I fold it up and put a vibrator on it and hump. I love to hump anything...the arm of the couch, the corner of a table, the corner of the bed. Sometimes I'll just sit in a chair with the vibrator between my thighs and hump that way.

308. Naughty nipples

I love to masturbate any chance I get!!! It is not only a stress reliever but pure satisfaction. I like to start out wetting my nipples with my pussy juice, then start rubbing and pinching my them. Once they are erect and I've got my pussy more wet I began massaging my clit with a vibrator. Sometimes I use clothes pins on my nipples as well. I love to fantasize about other women as I am doing this, although I have not been with one yet.

309. Soapy and slippery

I love to get in the shower and get myself all soapy and slippery...then I stick a finger or two in my ass. I get out my butt plug and let it get warm in the water from the shower. I put it and finish my shower....maybe play with my clit a bit. Then I get out of the shower, go to the bedroom, turn my vibrator all the way up and fuck myself till I can't stand it anymore.......mmm......think I'm gonna go take a shower.

310. Drink up

I masturbate by getting the head of a drink bottle and putting it in my pussy. I then fill it up with lukewarm water and when I'm just about to come, I squirt the water as hard as I can against my clit.

311. Rock and spank

I get on all fours on my bed stick my butt way up in the air. I stick my finger on my clit and rock back and forth. When I'm close to cumming I stop and spank my butt really hard, then my finger goes back to my clit and I rock rock rock like I'm riding a dick, then I spank spank spank, then back to clitty then spank harder and harder then clitty, then ahhhh, orgasm.

312. Sock it to me

I take a balled-up sock and rub it really fast against my clit. You get an orgasm fast this way if you're horny.

313. Lamp lighter

I go into my room and take everything off. I grab a wooden, square lamp post and hump it until I can't stand it. It feels great.

314. Bingo!

My favorite way to masturbate is with the head of a bingo dauber and my fingers. I wet my clit and pussy with lotion, unscented, and then I slowly rub my clit with my right middle finger back and forth. Then I stick the bingo dauber head in and out while I rub. When I'm about to come I rub and stick faster and faster and start humping up and down until I come and scream out loud. It helps me to imagine another girl licking me and sticking a dildo in and out.

315. Vibe it

I put my little bullet vibrator right on my clit -- and I let it just sit there while I use my imagination -- imagining it's the hot lips and tongue of my husband down there. It drives me nuts! Sometimes I rub my nipples while I do it, and sometimes I insert a dildo into my pussy while I vibe my clit, but mostly I just let the vibe sit there and drive me crazy!!!

316. Peeping neighbors

At around 9:00 pm every Friday and Sunday I know that my neighbor will go to his bedroom. He switches on the lights. That's when I masturbate. I pretend that I don't see him and I open the blinds. I put a scoop of ice cream and a little piece of soft cake in my pussy. Then I spread my legs as far as I can. Of course, he can see what I'm doing. I massage my clit with the ice cream and cake. After 10 minutes, I use my vibe...I fuck myself hard and I use a cucumber to rub my clit. By this time I can see my neighbor masturbating as well. I really cum hard. Every Tuesday he opens his blinds and shows me how he fucks his wife. I masturbate 3 to 4 times a week.

317. Horny passenger

I really like to apply kama sutra love oils on my clit and lips to warm up. In the car with someone else driving, I cross my left leg over my right an I can ease my right hand just under my thigh and feel the heat between my legs. As I arch my back and quietly knead my thigh, I build to a fantastic orgasm. Usually if the driver catches me, they are turned on but sometimes won't say anything. Other times, I will uncross my legs, lean back and move my hand back around to the front. We can then both enjoy watching me rub under my panties until I cum again and again!

318. Full of fingers

I love to sit on one end of the bathtub and spread my legs and rest them on the other side of the tub. With one hand I use my middle finger to stimulate my clitoris to get me wet and ready to orgasm and with my other hand I use 3 or 4 fingers and put them in my pussy. While I'm doing this I moan and rock myself up and down and as I cum I pump my fingers harder and harder until I reach ecstasy.

319. I scream, you scream...

I like to use an ice cream cone. Fill the cone up with desired flavor of ice cream and shape it like a nice big penis, then just rub against your clit nice and slow and you'll have a massive orgasm. When I finish I like to eat the ice cream. You have to do it quick though, or else it will melt.

320. Super sucker

I have a plastic tube (fish tank type). I massage my clit with oil. I also massage my anus. I put the tube to my clit and slowly suck on the tube. I raise my legs up to my shoulders and insert a finger just inside my anus. As my orgasm approaches I suck hard on my clit and waggle my finger in my tight ass.....WOW....I need to do it now!

321. Hard rain

I take a long hot shower and then when I'm really clean I take the retractable shower head and turn it all the way up. Then I tickle myself all over and then I let it touch right up my pussy. Right when I fill up I expose my clit to the water jet and let it rip. It feels so good especially when you close your eyes and imagine the rain. You cum in like a second.

322. Double trouble

First I use my vibrator and rub it all over my clit and my lips. Then I get out my HUGE dildo and plunge it into my tight wet pussy. I start pumping it in and out fast and SOOO hard. When I can feel my pussy juices dripping on my ass, I plunge the vibrator in my ass nice and hard. It's sooo awesome to feel both anal and vaginal penetration at the same time. My dildo is so big, I can feel it moving against the vibrator which causes an AWESOME orgasm. I usually orgasm twice doing this. Then I fist myself hard, sometimes so hard I bleed. It feels so good and I cum over and over again.

323. Sexy shampoo

Usually I have been thinking sex on the way home I'm all horny when I get home. I take off my clothes and begin by straddling an arm on the sofa and humping until my panties are wet through. Then I get a small shampoo bottle, warm it in the sink and insert it in my pussy while I'm standing. I leave my panties on and walk all over the house with the bottle in, having orgasms all the time. I have even put my jeans on and walked to the store with the bottle in for super excitement.

324. Laundry love

When my boyfriend is not home I love to put my clit on the corner of the dryer and start it up. It's like a giant vibrator.

325. Neighbors watching

I love to masturbate with the window open, I have a two-story house next to me. The wife is always outside in the garden and he is always upstairs, I know that they like to watch me play with my cunt, so I lay on my bed with my legs spread open, and shove a dildo in my cunt and tweak my nipples. I have on several occasions seen him watching me while he is playing with his cock, and I have seen her put the handle of a pruning thing inside under her dress and fuck herself with it from the reflection in the mirror. This is a big turn on for me. I also take my back massager and hold it on my clit at high speed until I am peeing and cumming at the same time!

326. I fist myself

When I'm home and really horny and my husband isn't home to please me, I love to fist myself. It feels amazing putting your whole hand inside and using this pressure on your pussy. After a couple of minutes I'm wet and ready for the real stuff. I lock myself in my room and hump everything. Then I lay down and look up into the mirror above my bed at myself masturbating and using a dildo. What a turn on!! If I have time, I tape myself and show my hubby later.

327. Stuck in traffic

I masturbate often, but recently started something new. Stuck in rush hour traffic I got horny and wouldn't be home for an hour. I had a skirt on and just started rubbing my clit over my underwear. I got so hot I removed my undies at the next light and went to town! I was really a turn on to be fingering myself with people so close!

328. Pussy phone

I find it best to phone my boyfriend up and start having phone sex. I will get a old phone that doesn't work and shove it into my pussy through a pair of thongs. This pushes on my asshole and also my thongs push my cum through them.

329. Riding double

I put a dildo in my vagina and one up my butt and place a pillow between my legs and ride it. It feels so good because the pillows are pushing the dildo deep in my butt and it makes my vagina wetter, so I push the dildo in my vagina deeper and ride on the pillow for about 10 minutes and eventually I come.

330. Water balloon

I like to fill a balloon with water but not make it too big. Then I put it into my panties and get a pillow and start riding on it. You get a really great orgasm this way.

331. Solo stripper

When I am alone, I start to take off my clothes. It's really exciting when you imagine that there are people watching you. That really makes me wet. In the end I wear only a G-string, which is totally wet. I like to rub it over my clit. Then I put the G-string off and I start to tease my breasts and my pussy in front of a mirror, because I enjoy watching myself rubbing my wet, shaved pussy. Sometimes I stick things in my pussy, mostly big round things, and push them in and out. When I am really horny I use my fingers to rub my clit hard and fast, fantasizing that a cute little girl is doing that to me. That makes me so wild that I cum so hard that I sometimes have to cry out loud.

332. Rockin' Tee

Take an old T-shirt and roll it up. Stick it down your pants until it is directly under your pussy, making sure your pants are buttoned all the way up and zipped. This allows for more constant pressure (makes the orgasm great!). Lay down on your stomach and hold it in place with your hands while you rock back and forth on it. It can be done anywhere, and all you have to do its wash the T-shirt afterwards. This is great if you don't want anyone to find out, like parents.

333. It's magic

Put plenty of pillows on the floor in a nice cushy pile. Place your Hitachi Magic Wand on top, straddle the Magic Wand, flip it to ON, and grind your hips and ass, letting the Magic Wand buzz your tingling clit to a huge intense orgasm! It feels so good! Ooh! I gotta go do it now, my pussy is getting wet!

334. The Dynamic Duo

Last night I was lying on my bed trying to sleep, (I'd been there for a while) when my roommate came in. We share a bedroom so I heard her getting ready for bed. She got undressed and slid under the covers without putting pajamas on. I heard some creaking noises from her side of the room. Then she started to moan a little. I looked over and saw something moving underneath the covers. After about 5 minutes her covers came off. Her moans started to get louder, then she looked over at me and saw me watching her. I told her not to stop. I pushed my covers back and pulled down my panties. I started flicking my clit back and forth and she started moaning louder. She came before I did but before I came the first time she started again. Her second time, my first, we came together. Then we both masturbated together. I'm hoping we'll do it again tonight, I think we will. I have to go masturbate again just thinking about it.

335. Toy box

First I rub my clit to get it wet, then I wet my fingers with my juice and use 4 fingers to poke myself. Next, I use a hairbrush and hump my pillow.

336. Life in the fast lane

Nothing turns me on faster than knowing that someone is watching. I usually use toys anywhere from a dildo to a cucumber, but when those are unavailable, my fingers are just fine. I like to do it in the backyard laying in my hammock completely naked, hoping someone will take a peek.. or for my boyfriend, and sometimes even in the car while he's driving hoping the guys in the big trucks will see. There have been some instances where they have spotted my open legs, and busy hand and WOW! what an orgasm!

337. In the hot seat

Sit on a chair with your legs apart, facing the back of the chair. Place a pillow in between your legs and hump at what ever pace until you get the most amazing orgasm ever! it works every time!


338. Squeaky clean

I sometimes go into my bathroom and lay on the floor and put the flat part of my foot up against the wall. I use my legs to balance me as I use my right hand to massage my clit. When I'm really wet, I grab a hairbrush or an electric toothbrush and put the handle up my pussy and push it in and out. It feels sooo great, you should try! Even in the shower, if you have an adjustable showerhead, change the speeds and massage your clit with it. You will love it!!!

339. Soft & cuddly

Pillows and stuffed animals are fun! I wear a pair of silky black nylons and a skirted blue swim suit, then either hump the stuffed animal or pillows and watch myself in my closet mirrors. This gets me really excited....not that it takes much.


340. Nice ride!

When I feel particularly horny, and my husband won't be home soon enough to satisfy my craving for something big and hard in my pussy, I park my car in the garage, leaving the radio on and the 5-speed stick in neutral. I play with my clit until I'm really wet, then ease myself onto the stick, letting the emergency break handle rub me at the same time. I begin working the stick to the beat of the music until I feel like I'm going out of my mind! Now who says 5-speeds are too hard to drive?


341. Furry friends

I'm still a virgin, so I absolutely love to masturbate. I started about 4 years ago and now I do it all the time. At night, when everyone has gone to bed, I lay down, spread my legs and rub my clit until I start to shudder and shake, which feels soooooo good. I have a teddy bear that vibrates when you pull the string in its back, so sometimes I use that on my clit instead of my fingers.


342. Naughty naughty pussy!

I like to spread my pussy open really wide and run my fingers all around until I get wet. Then I play with my clit by spanking it and rubbing it until I cum. Sometimes I put my hairbrush handle in my pussy and wiggle it as I am rubbing the outside vulva and my clit until I cum...I am wet just thinking about it!

343. Music to her ears

I am definitely not a lesbian, but when I masturbate, I get horny by fantasizing about Britney Spears in a sexual way.


344. Try this at home

I read these stories or any masturbation or sex stories while rubbing my clit with one finger. When I feel my orgasm start I slow down until the feeling has gone. I do this for a while then I move into my bathroom and take my clothes off and push myself against the tiled wall. The coldness feels great, and if you lean back and move your hips in a circle you'll cum in no time. Try it!

345. Press here

Take your index and middle finger and press it against one of the lips of your pussy. Press against that one lip until you can feel a really nice pressure on your clit and then just start rubbing your clit from there. I don't know what it is that makes that great sensation, but I definitely like that better than just rubbing against your clit with your fingers. Almost like an intense tease.

346. Cum together

I love to take my time! I lie on my back and spread my legs. I close my eyes and imagine a scenario - a gang bang, or seeing men jack off for or on me. I usually rub my pussy with my left hand and put my right index finger in my whole or even use my trusty silver vibrator. I gyrate up and down and in circles and imagine I am getting fucked by my spouse or a strange man or men. I squeeze my nipples, hump my hand faster and faster and I time my real orgasm to the fantasy men's and as I flex my hips and lift my ass off the bed, we all cum together!

347. All shook up

I like to use a cordless vibrating power sander without the sandpaper on.

348. Road show

I love to masturbate in the car while my husband drives. I open my blouse and hike my skirt while removing my panties. By now, my clit is huge and my pussy is dripping. I use a cucumber or whatever else is at hand and fuck my pussy for hours. I particularly like it when he pulls up close to a trucker, then drives alongside. My pussy gets soooooo wet knowing that I am teasing the trucker. I occasionally peek to see the smile on his face and the dick in his hand. I try to hold off on cumming, but finally I am pushed over the edge and scream out in pleasure. As I do, I open my eyes to see my husband with his dick out and cumming too. We have to stop at a roadside park to clean up and hopefully fuck if no one is there. We have found some very secluded places along the highway to finish the job several times.

349. Sweet spots

My husband is the greatest lover. He pays attention to all the places that matter, but is particularly dedicated to clit play. I always feel I should share his talent with other women, so when I masturbate I often fantasize that he is fingering, licking or gently sucking on some other woman's clit. When my kitty is hot and wet from imagining him make some other woman moan, I turn on my vibrator and gently rub it around my outer lips. In my fantasy about my husband, he is usually about to have his other woman sit on his hard cock. I get my horse-sized dildo then and begin to sit on it myself while moving the vibrator closer and closer to my clit. By this time I'm dripping wet and moaning loudly myself. As the woman in my fantasy fucks my husband, I ride up and down on that big shaft. As I begin to come, I picture my man shoving his thick hard cock up his woman's tight ass. The orgasm I have when I cum is so intense that I often squirt and I am usually spent for a few hours. I lay back and enjoy the after contractions and gently rub my hard clit and relax.

350. All juiced up

I start by taking off my pants and leaving my thong on (I especially enjoy the tight ones). Then I lie down, prop a pillow by my lower back, lift my legs, spread them wide open, and with my fingers very very wet I begin to tap at my clit. Do this slowly as your clit starts to throb. Insert your middle finger and ring finger in your pussy at the same time. Once you feel like cumming take them out and tap at the clit about five or six times. MMMMM ... just thinking about this now my pussy is so wet! Once you feel that excitement of cumming thrust the fingers in you and just feel those juices explode! Have fun ladies, I know I am!


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