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Male Masturbation Stories: 51-100

51 Ring around the rosey

Strap your cock and balls with a cockring, the tighter the better, and with warm oil, pour it all over your engorged cock. Stroke it slow and at times fast, but don't just spill your seed right away, but continue at this pace as long as you can. This will also build your stamina when you're actually fucking. Have fun!

52 Towel me down

I like to lube up a paper towel roll and cut the edges on one end about half inch cuts about a quarter inch apart all around the tube. Put under a couch cushion or anywhere it won't move get on your knees and slide your cock in and start to pump .

53 Finger and ice is nice

I like to beat off while fingering my anus. When I am close to orgasm, I remove my fingers and shove an ice cube or two directly into my anus and it makes me orgasm all over the place.

54 Tupperware lube

Great tip. After masturbating with a pair of silky panties, save your cum in a small container. An hour later you can use your prize to lubricate yourself for the next session. Very Hot!!!!!!!

55 Hot shower

I really love to stroke while I'm taking a shower and I put my dick's head under the hot water. Man, it's great! You cum very deliciously! Despite of not being gay, I either like to stroke with my index and middle finger in my ass, making a circular movement.

56 Sex Grease

I've always like to use lube, when I masturbate, and recently I've found a great lubricant called Sex Grease. It's great to jack off with, or use with condoms, because its water soluble. It's great to jerk off with, and cheap too!

57 Tea for two

Get your partner and your self on the bed with a pillow for each to lie on, and lie head to foot. and just jack off as you watch her jack off, and vice versa. The biggest turn-on in the world to watch someone doing themselves as they watch you do your self and you watch as they do. You usually can come at about the same time, as you can the see the expression on her face and know that she is getting close, and you can pick up the pace to shoot at about the same time she does. Try it, you will like it

58 Anklet

For this you need fairly decent length and girth but it feels so damn good!! This is best done in a bath or stand on a bin liner which you can throw away afterwards. The thing is to crouch down on your tippy-toes and point your hard-on downwards. Grasp your cock between both your ankles (or lower legs) and move your weight up and down so you start to masturbate with your ankles. If you can't keep hold of your cock try wrapping stuff round your legs to make them fatter but skin on skin feels best!!

59 Head behind

When in the shower, take the shower head off and lay down in the tub. let the rushing water out of the shower hit you in the butthole while jerking off. It feels REALLY good, and you will cum quick!

60 OJ

Get an orange (or any other soft fruit) cut a hole in it smaller than the size of your cock. You can a hole all the way through or almost all the way through. Experiment with it. Next, get a sandwich bag and put the orange a little ways in it (the area with the hole facing towards you.) Set the plastic bag with the orange in it between two mattresses. Push down on the mattress a little bit so it don't move and start pumping away. Feels fucking great, you also get the sucking noises too!! The bag is so all the juices don't get all over the mattress.

61 Air hump

Watch porn for as long as you like with your chair reclined, stroking your cock up and down. When something really turns you on, stand up, and lean against your computer desk almost pushing your penis closer. Run to the bathroom rubbing under your head gently, then stand at the sink (cock height preferably) and move your cock in and out of your hand with your hips (moving back and forth). This for some reason does it for me

62 Bubble wrap

I get a big plastic bag or a sheet of bubble rap, place it on top of a pillow or towel (make sure the towel is pretty big and rolled up so its pretty thick) roll the pillow or towel up with the plastic bag or bubble wrap is rolled up inside and take it and put it on top of the center piece in the washer tape it or tie it so its on nice and tight then get your favorite lube and rub it on your cock and the plastic bag or sheet of bubble wrap rolled in the towel or pillow, then get on top of your washer and turn it on spin, or any other type of motion it has put your cock in and just let the washer do the work, its one of the best orgasms I ever had, trust me it works.

63 Bananorama

Ok, this is a great way to simulate a vagina. It almost feels like a vagina except this way is more tighter than a vagina. What you do is get a banana. Cut off the top. Squeeze out the banana matter, eat it if you want or just throw it away. Put some KY Jelli or an "oily" lubricant in the banana (you can also use a little bit of some mashed up banana matter). Wrap the banana with duct tape so that when you insert your cock inside the banana it won't break. At the other end poke a pencil-sized hole for air. CAREFULLY insert your cock into the banana. Be extra careful not to break it. Once you start to slowly fuck the banana it will fit you penis and become loose. You will have a great time. It's just like tight pussy and you'll cum a lot. Your cum will also taste like banana mmmmm...

64 Cuke it!

Cucumbers are great!! Clean the middle out of them place your penis in it and twist in a clockwise motion

65 Tea bag

I like to get a small cup and put warm or hot water and lay my scrotum in the cup and whack off you will love this way u will cum all over the place and it feels so wonderful everyone should try it!!

66 Use your veggies

I like to use a little big of vegetable oil on my penis. It makes the skin so slippery and moist. Much better than the old fashioned "dry hump" dry hand method. I have also found that if I do a slight twist as I reach the middle of the shaft (closer to the head than the base) it helps to stimulate a little more of the penis. I hope these tips help. I am working on a nice "behind the back" style but I have a few kinks to work out

67 Icy goodness

Just fitting a few ice cubes into your anus chills the prostate and gives the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life!

68 Bop 'em sock 'em

Although nothing is as good as an actual vagina, I like getting a bop 'em boxing glove, blow it up, put lube in it and go off.

69 Filing time (Note: this is potentially dangerous and not recommended)

I have a filing cabinet in my room with some very heavily loaded drawers. I like to get totally naked and stroke my cock a little to warm-up for a real workout. I tie a piece of strong thick string around one of the heavier drawer's handles with many knots so there's no chance of it coming loose. Then I tie the other end tightly to my cock, about halfway down the shaft. Then I like to walk backwards away from the filing cabinet. This pulls hard on my cock, the string usually sliding to the end of it, just under the head. If it's tied tightly enough, I can carry on walking backwards, with a lot of strain on my cock which causes more and more arousal making me want to jerk off. When I untie and wank my cock is red and painful making Masturbation Tutor session much more intense.

70 Onani

I'm a Japanese guy that can speak English. When I masturbate, I put lube on my hard, erected penis. Then, I rub it hard many times. I usually think about a wet pussy. I usually come in such a short time. I masturbate about 5 or 6 times a day.

71 Start and stop

I start jacking off and when I feel my orgasm approaching stop for 10 seconds and then start again. I see how many times you can do it for, the end result is intense

72 Wet and messy

Get one of those socks that only go up to your ankles (cotton is best), and fill it with warm pudding, shaving cream, or whatever, then put it on your cock and have at it. I'm into WAM (wet and messy) stuff, so I fill up three socks so I can put one on each of my feet too (in the bathtub). I usually use liquid soap or shampoo on my feet. Massaging your slippery foot really feels good.

73 Wall banger

Lie with you legs up over you body (a wall is good to keep you propped up) insert a dildo or something good for pleasuring your anus, and use the wall to push it in with the beat of you jerking hand, with you free hand press very hard behind you ball (between you balls and ass), it will feel intensely good. When you start to cum, press as hard as you can and push the dido as far as it will go. You won't be able to control pleasure you feel.

74 Pussy bath

I like to call this a pussy bath: Get a plastic sandwich bag and some KY Jelly. Lay the bag on the floor, and then put as much jelly on the bag as you want. I usually use half a bottle, just because it feels good. Just lie on top the bag and hump away. This is my favorite way to masturbate! WARNING: Messy!

75 Pantiest

 I use a girl's panty and cover my penis and masturbate while kissing the picture of a pretty model

76 Butt plugger

I love to rub my nipples and put a vibrating butt plug up my ass when I masturbate, intense orgasm.

77 Compacted disk

This is for all the small cocked people out there. Pretty simple, take any basic CD (not one you want to use afterwards though!) and slip a lubed condom through it. If you can fit, just go nuts and pound away. Feels like a really tight pussy! Simply the most realistic feeling I've ever had!

78 Oral hygiene

Take a battery toothbrush with the brush on and turn on the power. Let the brush vibrate over the top of your cock and if you can resist wanking off as you get near stick with the brush and you will cum like never before

79 Wifies' panties

When I am feeling real horny and I am alone and in no danger of getting caught I find 2 pairs of my wife's panties that she has worn in the last couple of days. The first I put on. I like feeling my wife's wetness on my shaved balls. The second one I turn inside out and put on the edge of our bed. I get my wife's back massager and turn it on and put it on the middle of our bed. I then lay face down on the bed putting my cock on the massager. As I start to feel the effects of the massager I start to take in the aroma of the 2nd pair of panties. This makes me explode in an intense orgasm.

80 Sweet meat

Take a couple pieces of bologna and warm it up in the microwave. Wrap them around your cock to make a nice little hole. Use both hand and grab it tight and pump away for 10-15 min (start and stop method is great!). Feels just like a hot piece of ass. When you get so hard you can't stand it, remove the bologna and start whacking your cock for another 10 min or so, using the lube from the bologna. When you just can't hold back any longer, let him blow, you'll have a huge load!!!!!! I promise you'll have to clean up way behind your head!

81. Bud-o-rrific

Well this isn't much of a method but more of an aid. I find that when I smoke a lot of pot and really get baked out of my skull, and I jerk off while watching porn or what have you, you almost trick yourself into feeling like you're having sex. It's great I would recommend it to anyone

82. Self-produced star

This works the best when nobody is home. Set up a camera in the bathroom, or wherever you get horny. Record yourself masturbating, and when you play it back, you have yourself your own porno. This works better if you dress up in female clothes and strip down. If you don't record your face, it almost looks like a woman.

83. Countdown

I like to use the flat inside of each hand on each side of my dick and rub back and forth rapidly (almost like working with modeling clay or the motion you'd use if you were rubbing your hands back and forth to warm them). When I cum it is intense. Another thing I do sometimes is to pick a number---like 100---and determine that I'm going to cum in 100 or less strokes. I start slow and build up speed fast and its just really hot to think I'm going to cum that fast...and I always do.

84. Bathing

I usually masturbate after a bath.

85. Nail it (warning: this is very dangerous and not recommended)

I take a small nail and insert it into my penis through my pee hole and gently push it in until I can feel it deep inside me. The deeper it goes the closer I get to an orgasm until the sensation of the nail inside my penis eventually initiates an ejaculation.

86. Take your time

I can jack off for hours and keep hard. I think I trained myself to do this over the years. The trick is to not cum just get to the edge and back off. I often have precum flowing but I just back off until I settle down some and then continue. My cock is hard and on the edge for 1 hour or 2 hours and when I want to squirt cum I do. My wife likes how long I can screw and I credit it to jerking off and training my self not to cum until I want to. The feeling when I do come after 1 1/2 hours of hard cock jerking is great. I also shoot more cum after a long session of excitement.

87. Elastic magic

I masturbate at least once a day. My favorite involves rubber bands. Get a thick one and wrap it around your balls then take one loop and wrap around your cock. It holds the foreskin back if you have a long one like mine and gives such rock solid hard-ons. The head goes all purple. I spunk up very hard and the feeling of tightness around my cock and balls is just wonderful.

88. Back it up

Take a back massager. Turn it on the highest setting and place it on your dick. Hold there until you cum. It feels great.

89. Cup it

While you're masturbating with one hand, lube up the other hand and lay your sack in the cup of your hand. Then place your fingers on your anus. Stimulate it until you cum all over! I know if you're a "man" you don't like to stimulate your anus, but it feels great!!!

90. Get gloved

For the latex fetishist: Instead of using a lube, try using a pair of medical latex gloves (the white ones, not the dishwashing ones). Make sure they fit extra-tight so that feeling in the hand is numb and cold. It feels amazing and almost feels as if you are receiving a hand job from someone else.

91. Autofellatio

I bend my back in a certain way and I give myself a blowjob. Anyone who is capable should try it!

92. Finger play

Lock your fingers together and form a cup. Cup your shaft and massage up and down with your palms only. Push with the base of your palms and use your thumbs to push up and down on the top of your dick. Try to push as hard as possible and make sure you are fairly well lubricated. Baby oil or even vegetable oil is nice. When you reach the head with your thumbs circle out and stroke the glands before sliding back down. Toss away!!

93. Oui oui

I enjoy masturbating with a nice French roll. Open up the French roll then ad any type of lubricant you can think of! Fold the roll around your cock and hump away. I've used many lubricants but what really gets me going is ketchup, that way I can pretend that I am popping that nice tight pussy for the first time!!!!! NICE

94. Banana butt

Get a long green banana, a rough rider condom, and some type of lube. Put the condom on the banana. Lube it and stick it up your ass when you jack off for an explosive orgasm!

95. Pearl jam

When I masturbate I like to take a pearl necklace and insert it into my ass. Then I start jerking off. As I start my orgasm I slowly pull the necklace out. Feels great!

96. Take a break

Sometimes, I'll refrain from jerking for a long time (for me, that's 2-3 days). Then when I get all hot, I'll rent XXX movies and start jerking. I like to squat down on the floor and lean against my bed. That allows me to stick my finger up my ass easily. I always lube my ass, sometimes my dick too. I jerk until I can't stand it, until I'm gonna cum. Then I stop! You have to have the discipline to do it *right before*. If you do it right, your penis will jerk and ejaculate on its own, but you won't orgasm! Hold your hand out to catch your warm cum, but don't touch your dick at all or you'll misfire your orgasm while you're ejaculating. After the squirting, I like to shove my cum up my ass, rub it on my face, and eat it. I'm usually grossed by this, but not at this point! Then I use my still-warm cum as a natural, and very excellent lubricant and resume the jerking. I explode! If you have the control, you can do this multiple times. I've done it 4 times before I can't stand it.

97. Shoey gooey yum yum

My girlfriend has a pair of open toe sandals with very high heels. I like to put my penis through the toe opening and rub up and down. When I come, I spread the sperm all over the inside of the shoe, and leave them in her closet as if nothing had happened. I really get a big erection the next time she gets them out and puts her beautiful feet inside them.

98. Astroglide

The best lube out there is Astroglide. If I last a long time and it gets a little tacky, I add more or even sprinkle a little water. I like to shave my balls and the shaft of my dick right before a good session. The smooth skin with the Astroglide is the best feeling ever!

99. Acrobat

I like going back summersault (ass over face) so my COCK is pointing at my face...........this way I can have the clear sticky pre-cum drip onto my face, have great close up looks at my COCK and squirt my load down into my open mouth. I usually squirt twice into my mouth and then splash my face with the rest.........i LOVE watching this in a mirror!!

100. Vaseline intensive care

I like to shave all of my pubic hair off so that I get a nice smooth cock. Then I mix together a little Vaseline and a little bit of water. I warm it in the microwave (but not too warm) then I spread all over my dick and balls. I slowly stroke the head of my cock then make long strong strokes down to the base then up over the head of my cock. It is very pleasing... even more so when you use anal beads, right when I am about to cum, I yank out the anal beads and splooge everywhere! Yum!


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