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Male Masturbation Stories: 101-150 

101. Baby me

I like to put baby powder on my balls and very lightly caress them as I stroke up and down. Caressing at the very bottom of your sack will give you an erection you won't soon forget!!!!

102. Turning blue

(Note: this is dangerous and not recommended) I try to hold my breath as long as I can, and if I start getting out of air (like after 1.5 minutes for me)

I start masturbating. It feels great! My personal record breath holding on this way is 4 minutes, maybe it's not healthy but I like it.

103. Wifey's booty

When it's that time of month for my wife, she sometimes lets me jack off on her ass. She lies down on her belly. I get lots of lotion. Rub it on my cock and on her ass. Then I straddle her and run the head of my cock up and down the crack of her ass. Once in a great while she'll let me pop my head in her ass so I can cum in there. Even without that the sensation is great!

104. Skin it

Grab the foreskin of your cock and move it up and down your shaft while jacking off. It feels great!

105. Headphone heaven

You know those really big Koss headphones, with the leather strip to comfort your head? Well my headphones broke, and I got curious with the leather works great with lubeor no lube! It feels sensational!

106. Cup and balloon

I take a cup from my kitchen...and I go to my mom's room....when she not then take my pic of Britney Spears. I take a balloon, fill it up most of the way with water. I then place the balloon in the big cup...and make sure its a tight fit. I then rub my dick with lube (vegetable oil) and shove my cock in the balloon...I then fuck like crazy....I feel an orgasm coming...then the sensation arrives and I cum! I wash the balloon and do it again!

107. Sock it to me

Wrap a sock around your cock. Lie down on your bed or floor. Act as if you are having sex. When you CUM you will feel so much better.

108. Toss and stop

My dick goes stiff just thinking about it. Hold you dick like you're holding a pencil, tense your muscles like you're trying to drop a shit, and toss, every 10 or so strokes, go really fast and let your muscles go, then keep at it, at the point of precum, stop, and go again, until cumming when you stand up and toss as hard as you can, leaving delays of about half a second to really make it shoot.

109. Couching

If you can find a condom, put it on your penis, if you have a couch that's about as high as your cock when kneeling, put your dick in between the big cushions (the ones you sit on) and start pumping away. It feels good and you don't have to wipe up the mess because it's all in the rubber.

110. Stick it where?

(Note: this is dangerous and not recommended)

I like to stick something up my dick . This may sound weird , but it truly adds to the sensation of jerking off .I usually use a thermometer (the small ones), plus you will immediately know if you are running a fever !

111. Gesundheit

When I masturbate, I like use about 5 Kleenexes and right when I'm about to lose it, I take my hand off of my dick, wait for a minute, then start again. I do this several times and when I am ready to let loose I massage the head of it until I orgasm. It sprays into the Kleenex so it's very clean and fun.

112. Helping hand

My wife likes to help me masturbate. She will use an anal plug on me while I wrap my fist around my dick and play with my balls. As I get close to coming, she thrusts harder into me. My climax is mind blowing.

113. The wet spot

I like to lay a comforter on my bed, wet a small spot with water, lie down on it, and fuck the wet spot. Screw it like you'd screw a pussy. It takes a little while, but once the water heats up and you cum, your hips will be shakin'!

114. Milky smooth goodness

I love to masturbate. What I like is BIG Women. The likes of Anna Nicole Smith. I watch her nude pics on my computer. First I make my self a glass of milkshake. And then I sit in front of my computer and take some of the milk shake in my left hand (don't use both hands it gets messy). Use your index finger and thumb to encircle ZORRO and while sitting keep both your thighs together so that your balls are jammed against the back of your penis and with the milk shake as your lubricant whoa! You must be thinking what happens to the rest of the milk shake. Well… drink it.

115. Sink it

Press your scrotum against the smooth, round corner of the bathroom sink. The pressure against your scrotum/balls will pull back the skin on your cock, making the surface smooth and taut. This greatly increases sensation all over the surface of the cock. Gently massage the shaft and head with Albolene (cleansing cream), which has just the right consistency for perfect j/o. Too much or too little Albolene will detract from the "perfect" sensation. By trial and error, you'll discover just the right amount of cream to use. When you're getting close to cumming, stop. When your cock settles down (touches the cool edge of the porcelain sink), you can resume stroking. Continue like this till you're ready to cum (which might not be till after many days of extremely pleasurable stroking). The fact that your balls are pulled backward will prevent you from ejaculating your entire load, and you'll be able to go at it again that much sooner. If anybody is getting tired of the "same old thing", this is a technique I never tire of. It's fantastic and much better than mere words could say.

116. Read to rumble

You're gonna need a PlayStation or something that rumbles or shakes rapidly. Get your cock hard and depending on what game your playing make the controller rumble. Place it against your dick and jack off. I usually like to play racing games just because they rumble a lot more

117. Slow motion

I take it slow jacking off, not rushing myself. I even let my cock go soft then work it back hard again, when I feel the cum start up my shaft I grasp it real hard and think of something non-sexual. If I catch it in time no cum will come out and the feeling of cumming will subside, then I will start over. I have done this for as long as three hours. If some does cum out I lick it off of my fingers while I continue to jack off. When I finally cum it's intense.

118. Soapy fun

Get naked in the bathroom. Soap your hands and lay your ass on the cold commode. Pipe your cock in and out of your hands. It's great pleasure...

119. Find your prostate

To enjoy the best orgasm you need to relax, take your time and utilize the prostate gland. Just sit back in a recliner and let yourself go. Stroking and enjoying until you feel you are getting highly aroused. Then with your free hand and middle finger locate the prostate just above you a hole. Slightly massage it while stroking your penis. When you are on the verge of cumming stop stroking and you will feel the ejaculation of the prostate. Don't let yourself come and feel the pleasure run up your spine. After you have done this five or six times and cannot take it anymore stroke like mad and just enjoy the sensational pleasures.

120. Banana-rrific

The banana is the best natural lube in the wanking world. I use this technique three times a week. My motion is so fast and I always ejaculate inside the banana. My penis has started to smell like a banana. My girl loves it, so many times she peels the banana, eats it and slip the cover over my penis. She is getting crazy with the taste of banana on my balls. So a banana is the best way for me to please my penis, my balls, and my girl in my wanking world conception.

121. Sit on it

I have to say one of the most intense orgasms I get is when I get a glue-stick-shaped object...even a gluestick with the lid FIRMLY attached, and sit it on a seat. Then I lube it up and sit down slowly onto it, then I start with my right hand at the top, and bring it down my shaft, then before I get to the end I get my left hand and bring it down...and so on. Start fast then go slower, but when you're about to cum, just go as fast as you can! Doing all this with an object up your anus gives an absolutely HELLISH orgasm! For all you guys at home....TRY THIS ONE! I guarantee great pleasure!!!!

122. Ice is nice

Get an ice cube. Then slowly slide it up and down the "dong". This may be cold at first, but it will be fine in a bit. Get a mini-powered fan and set it on a table so that it blows at you cock. This will give it a wonderful sensational eruption. Have a nice explosion!

123. Hammock

I threw away my couches and brought in my hammock and parked it right in front of the TV. I keep a down comforter and pillows on the hammock to shield myself from the ropes. For some strange reason, whenever I masturbate in the hammock and watch TV at the same time (like I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing to myself), I have the BEST orgasms. I know for logistics reasons that most people will never get to try this, but just smile knowing that in about 20 minutes, that's probably where I'll be.

124. Corn oil and fresh milk cream

Well guys, I use plenty of corn oil or fresh milk cream for jacking off. I go very slow, frequently taking the corn oil or cream in my palm and rub it very delicately over my cock. I always jack-off in front of a mirror. It adds to my sensation and makes my cock so rock hard and the pleasure keeps intensifying that I can't describe it in words. Just do it my way and feel the difference. As I said use at least a cup of corn oil or fresh cream and go very slowly. I seldom shoot my cum in the sink or floor. Because I go very slowly, I shoot in short spasm in my palm and keep smearing my hot cum over my cock. Boy! Oil or cream mixed with fresh hot jism just doubles the sensation.

125. Sucker

(Note: this is extremely dangerous and not recommended)

Drop your pants, take the vacuum cleaner and put the end over your soft cock, switch it on and feel the suction pull on your cock making it harder. Slowly start to pull your cock out. (Makes your cock throbbing and making you more and more horny) next lube up and start bashing with a throbbing rock hard cock making you cum like a torpedo!

126. Shampoo bottle

I look at my porn collection and touch my ass as deep as my hands can go. Then I take a shampoo bottle and stick it up my ass as soon as I pull out my hand. Then I jack like a monkey in a anal parade until I cum.

127. Bit of assistance

I'm not sure if this counts but here it is. My wife likes to watch and cheer me on. But the real fun is while I'm masturbating she will slowly push her finger into my ass until she finds my prostrate. Then she slowly rubs it until I'm ready to blow then she stops. This sometimes goes on for one or two hours. When I finally am "allowed" to cum she licks me dry. Very intense!

128. A bit of convo

Purchase a vibrating cock ring place around your penis. Put pants on and go to shopping centre with vibrator on. Strike up conversation with pretty shop assistant while getting worked up. Have fun trying to concentrate on conversation while you know real soon you will be messing in your pants. As you are about to come your voice waivers and your legs begin to weaken and when you come it's obvious to the pretty girl you have been talking to. The result is a massive orgasm.

129. Plushy

Take one of your favorite stuffed animals and cut a hole in it about the size of your rod and go to town on it. Best part is it s quiet and there's no clean up.

130. Air fuck

Lie on your back and wrap the sheet around your cock and pretend to have a female on top of you. Don't touch just grind the air real hard and grab the air like you're rubbing her tits.

131. Hoover it

(Note: This is extremely dangerous and not recommended)

The best orgasms I've ever had are from my vacuum cleaner. To do it, you have to take out the pole thing and suck your cock up in the nozzle, you can move it around till you blow in the hose, another way is to take the hose out and fuck the hole. Great suction. But make sure no one's around (it's kinda loud).

132. Pure paradise

Well, I think masturbation is paradise on earth. I mean you don't need a gal to enjoy sex. Just do it, with your own imagination.

133. Get glad

Take a sandwich bag, pull it over your dick, and then shove your dick between the cushion and the base of a sofa. Push down on the sides of the cushion until the desired pressure is reached, and then pump away until you shoot your load into the sandwich bag. Lovely, and no mess to clean up.

134. Toilet paper roll

Take a toilet paper roll then get it wet. Slide you cock into it back in forth until you get hard. Then lubricate the toilet paper roll with shampoo or what ever YOU want. Slide you dick faster and faster into the roll. As you start to really go start squeezing the roll until its tightly around you penis. When you are about to cum let go of the roll and let it ripe! Feels GREAT

135. Self suck

I like to suck my own cock. If you do a lot of stretches, and hold your breath, you can suck it yourself. It's awesome!!

136. Latex sleeve

I like to use a latex rubber sleeve (store bought). The end that goes on your dick looks like a pussy - lips and everything. The hole expands when you stick your dick in. My sleeve is shorter than my dick, so my dick head pops out the end when I'm stroking. It also has small ridges inside that really get me off. I also like to stick something up my ass when I whack off. I love to cum and I'm always looking for the "ultimate" orgasm. I jerk off sometimes up to three times a day.

137. Good vibrations

I put a vibrator on my balls, and just leave it there. Then I stick a finger up my ass, and whack off what my other hand

138. Butter nutter

Get a tub of butter or margarine. Place sealed tub in bowl of warm water for five minutes. The outer most part of the butter should have melted. Get your self a rubber (unless you like jism flavored butter!), place it on your beast, hollow out a penis sized hole in the butter, insert erect penis and start boning that hot sexy bitch! For extra pleasure insert a peanut into the opening at the hole near the top!

139. Like a dog

When you see porn and your dick gets hard try to touch your dick head with your lips. I have licked many times my cockhead in this way.

140. Get your vegetables

I rub bananas all over my knob, then slide a condom on a carrot, lube it, and then stick it up my arse. Oh the joy.

141. Ring it

No oil, no gel needed. Make sure your hands and dick are dry. Make a ring with your thumb and forefinger and go up and down the shaft of your dick without squeezing at all, barely causing friction. It takes a long time to cum, but well worth the wait, you'll see.

142. Firestarter

With both hands stroke your penis like you are trying to start a fire in the old Indian movies. The sensation is great and the orgasm is huge.

143. Stop and start

Wank like normal and get to the point when you feel like you're nearly there. Then STOP, completely and wait until you start to go flaccid again. You can even do another task in between; leave it for about 5 or 10 mins. Then start again and repeat the withholding a few more times. So it'll be about 30 mins since you first put palm to penis. So by now you just want to come and get the orgasm. Now the final time, just go for it and you'll be sooo wanting to spunk everywhere it'll be fucking excellent.

144 Spittle

I personally use my own spit to masturbate. It does dry fast, but the climax is awesome.

145. Grip it

Lube up your stroking hand with Vaseline or Astroglide. Grip your cock with your thumb and forefinger around the base stroking backwards to the tip being sure to squeeze the tip and maintain your grip. This feels the closest to pussy as I have gotten by myself.

146. Ouch

Attach a wooden clothespin to each nipple while you jack off. It may hurt at first but great feels great when you cum.

147. So clean

I like to take a shower and use some of the soap to put onto my hands, and then I put it onto my cock wrap my hand around it and pump as fast as I can.

148. Shaving cream

I find it very pleasing to spray shaving cream (gel) in your palm and masturbate with that, feels great!!

149. Shampoo partisan

When in the shower, I find that the best way to masturbate is with a whole whack of shampoo. Well, that's it no big secret, just thought I'd put this because I know for a fact that it feels a hell of a lot better then a bar of soap any day. So just take a handful, think of a girl masturbating or male or whatever sex you like, and give her hell.

150. Good hair goo

My mother bought this thick Vaseline like hair goo, it smells like coconut, and it is perfect. None of that lotion smell, and it's easier to wash off than Vaseline. You don't even have to wash your underwear afterwards.


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