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Male Masturbation Stories: 151-200 

179. Pausing wanker

Wank normally, until you are about to cum stop and wait or 5 secs, then wank slowly again, until about to cum keep doing this 5 times and then on last time wank hard until you are about to cum hold it for 2 secs (or as long as you can) and cum -- It's fantastic.

180. Pine needle (Note: this is dangerous and not recommended)

During truth or dare last month I was dared to stick a pine needle into my dick and pump it in and out. At first I thought it would hurt but after only a few minutes I had the biggest orgasm of my life.

181. Sleeping bag

I like to take a nylon sleeping bag rolled up and mount it while slipping my dick between the outermost fold. I pull out before I come so I don't make a mess.

182. Toilet paper roll

I like to take a toilet paper roll (empty) and fuck it. It feels GREAT. You get the best orgasms when you hump it until you almost cum, and then stop and let your cock lose its hardness. I repeat this four or five time sand then pump the roll until you cum. It is always a very intense orgasm. I recommend using Vaseline as a lubricant.

183. "Artificial pussy"

I like to masturbate in what I call an artificial pussy. I get a condom and put a little bit of lotion or KY inside (no Vaseline, it will dissolve the latex). I slip my dick inside and either wrap a pillow around it or stick it between the mattress and boxsprings on my bed. From there I just do what comes naturally, I move my hips in a coital motion until I cum. It's the closest thing to sex with a real partner that I've ever tried.

184. Contortionist

Last night I stuck the head of my penis just a little bit my anus. The pain of twisting it there and pulling and pushing was almost enough to make me cum, but I ended up just jacking off with my penis twisted around so that my warm cum hit my anus.

185. No pain no gain

The only thing that makes me hot enough to jerk off is pain, so I sit on the floor, spread my legs as far apart as I can and starts jerking. Then slowly I spread my legs even wider (for that I lift my ass off the floor and use my weight) sometimes I find I can reach an almost 180 degrees position when it is intense enough.

186. Let it go

Here's what I do. Just masturbate however you normally do, but then right at the point of climax, hands off! That's right, just let it go. It will pause for a moment, then explode, then right after you start to come, jerk it hard. It's like a natural multiple orgasm.

187. Hot water bottle

Take a rubber hot water bottle and fill it with just enough warm water to keep it soft and comfy. Lay it on a towel on the bed and put some non oil base lube on the bottle. Lay on top of the rubber bottle with your hard dick pointed straight up towards your belly button. Now you can rub around or hump the bottle till you shoot like you never shot before. Make sure you get a hot water bottle that is nice and soft, smooth and big enough to handle your manhood.

188. Incredible edible egg

Raw eggs feel like a wet mouth.

189. Backless bar chairs

We have two backless bar chairs, which are 15" by 20" by 25" high. I lay across them, leaving the genital area open and hanging, finding that this freedom enhances the feel of the ejaculation. Vaseline is the lubricant of choice. In addition, one can apply pressure just behind the testicles to stimulate that collection of nerves between the two legs.

190. Commercial plastic pussy

Invest in a fake vagina. I really enjoy pumping to Jenteel's fake pussy. Although it costs a lot, it's well worth the $$. The main drawback is that it constantly needs cleaning. I love banging it on my bed, or wedging it between the mattress and box spring and pumping it on my knees. Forget the rest, try the best!

191. Long hot shower

Lie in the shower with your legs apart and let the water fall on your penis. If the water spreads enough, you can also get it falling on your balls, and even your butt at the same time. The result is a really slow build up and a very satisfying ejaculation. When doing it dry, stroke the whole length really slowly and increase pressure around the tip. When you feel close to ejaculation, stop. Let it go back, and start again. Do this half a dozen times until you can't stand it. Then do it again only this time really slow right to the point of ejaculation, and then squeeze your penis in the middle to block off the semen. It usually has too much pressure to hold in, but try to stop it coming. The process causes a very prolonged and intense orgasm.

192. Water to the tip

Lie down on your back, this works best with removable shower heads. Hold the shower head in one hand and squirt it on the tip of your penis till you hit the spot that feels best. Then turn up the heat till it feels good. Then stroke with the other hand. Then stop when you almost reach the climax. Wait till your penis gets soft. Repeat this four times, and the fifth time masturbate till you cum. This will increase the intensity of the ejaculation!

193. Cup and balls

Use a big plastic cup, like from baseball games. Put either 3 soft foam balls or 3 balled-up pairs of socks in the mouth of the cup. Put some hand lotion in 2 plastic bags, then put one over the other over your penis; then push your penis in the middle of the 3 balls. You can thrust in the cup if you can hold it down on something, or move it with your hand, but the most amazing is to twirl it back and forth on the hand of your penis until you come. It's like a very wet blow job.

194. Two finger mambo

I like to use two fingers and thumb just below the head and just work the head, slowly at first to build up the horniness and then faster as you feel the load begin to rise, and at the end pump as fast and furious as you can and watch the cum fly out.

195. Stretch the skin

I hold my dick skin with my right hand tightly down and grab my nuts and spit on my left hand and make my penis wet and I rub the end of it. It is one of the best feelings and you last before a wonderful orgasm.

196. Furniture fun

Sometimes I'll use drawer handles to masturbate with. Feels better with a condom. If they are too tight loosen them with a screw driver if you can, stick your penis in the hole and go to town. You might even want to take the whole drawer out for added comfort.

197. Olive oil

Put some warmed olive oil on your abdomen from your pubes to your belly button or beyond, and on your hand. Now rub your cock in circular motion against your belly. Awesome feeling! You can even pump against your own belly a bit.

198. Towel off

When I get horny, I rub my dick in a wet and warm towel!!! Use thick cotton towels only and press both hands around it (and pump)!

199. Stunt driver

I love to masturbate while I'm driving. The freeway is a favorite place for me in heavy traffic. It really turns me on when I look at other drivers, knowing what I am doing downstairs. I always wear track pants when I do this so I can ease them down just above the knees. I stroke myself with one hand and steer with the other. I like to ejaculate when there is a driver beside me with a passenger, preferably female who is only meters from me.

200. Bzzzzz

Get a small vibrator, lie naked on your back, and use it to get you hard. Play it over your balls and up and down your dick, then let it rest just below your knob head!!


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