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Male Masturbation Stories: 201-250 

201. Sports Fluid

Take a 64 fl. oz. Gatorade bottle. When your dick is limp, stuff it in the bottle with lots of lubrication. Cut a small hole in the top of the bottle. When pushing down the bottle, release the hole. Cover the hole with your finger and pull up to the tip of your erect dick. Repeat. This is also good because clean up is easy.

202. Bed Fuck

I lie on my bed with my dick hard against it and move up and down rubbing my dick. It feels like I am fucking a girl. Grab the pillow and hold it in your hands as if is some juicy tits. Feels great!!

203. Tap Masturbation

When I'm in the bath I always like to rub myself. I usually use the showerhead when the waterís quite warm but not too hot. It works really well, especially if you have one of those jet-powered ones. It works best when you quickly make it cold, then hot, and so on....

204. Belly Button

I always use a good lube and my thumb and 2 fingers poking the head of my cock into my navel...I love to cum all over my belly!

205. Boy Scout

Get your hands and dick all dry. Then put your dick between your hands and start turning them like you are trying to make a fire using friction.

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206. All Day Long

I sit back, clear my mind of everything, and I slowly and gently begin to stroke. I let the process progress more and more until I'm about to climax, and then I stop, take a breath, and back off for a minute or two. I go back at it again until I'm ready and that basically depends on my mood. A session could last anywhere from 20 minutes to an entire day of restraining and climaxing late at night.

207. Shampooed Sausage

I use shampoo in the shower on my slippery sausage. It glides so well when my shiny guy is hard and wet. I rub with my thumb and pointer finger just beneath the head really fast, then slow down. If I feel the throbbing of orgasm, I stop for like 15 seconds and wait until it stops. I do this like 3 times. Then I go all out really fast and come to a really great orgasm. Then I gotta clean the shower!

208. Party Time

Head over to Party City and buy a pair of those inflatable feet. They are usually really big. Inflate it until almost full, but you can bend it a little. Now fold it in half so that the place where you put your foot in is sticking up. You should have formed two holes now. Lube them both and stick your dick right in. I like doing this when looking in the mirror - I get off so damn fast. Sometimes I rub oil on my nipples. I explode everywhere and my hard throbbing cock is still asking for more.

209. Balls Massage

I take the cup out of a jock strap, and put it over my balls underneath a pair of boxers. I wank full-fisted, and my hand hits the cup, massaging my balls every time I pump. Itís great!

210. Build-Up

For awhile I was rubbing my cock with my blanket until I found out that it feels better when I have my palm under the blanket. For a long time this was about the only way I jacked off. After awhile, I was tired of washing my quilt almost every morning and I wanted to try something new. Thatís when I started jacking off with lotion, pretty much the standard technique with one or both hands. I experimented with other techniques like making a ring shape with my thumb and pointer finger and rubbing my shaft. I sometimes jack off until I feel my balls aching and than I would stop and start up again until I felt like cumming and continue the cycle. 

One of my favorite ways to jack, when I have a lot of time on my "hands", it is to just use one finger or two fingers and no lubrication. I start off by stroking just the base of my cock while massaging my balls, this really builds up a good wad of jism. I continue to rub the base and work my way up the shaft, still using one or two fingers and playing with my balls. Next I rub the area just below the dick hole, where the head meets the shaft. I keep on rubbing that area until my dick hole starts to juice up. Then I rub my dick head and top of my shaft using my own pre-ejaculation juices as lube. I keep on slowly rubbing and alternately tapping my head with my finger until I can't handle it and let out gobs of hot cum.

211. Cucumber Bedding

I like wanking with a cucumber. First cut a hole into it a bit smaller than your cock. Then put it under a mattress and fuck it until you cream your load.

212. Special Massage

I bought an electric toothbrush awhile ago and I use it on the head of my dick. It feels absolutely wonderful on the head of my cock. It also feels especially nice on my nuts and on the underside of my dick.

213. Underwater

I like to kneel on the bathroom floor and put my cock into a bowl full of hot water, then rub my cock gently and slowly. When it comes under the water it gives me a great orgasm.

214. Dirty Talk

My favorite way to masturbate involves my partner and myself. I love to lie on my back in the bed with my hard cock pointing straight up into the air. My girlfriend lies next to me and slowly begins to wrap her hand around my cock. As she begins to stroke it, she starts talking dirty to me and telling me things to do to her as she jerks me off. 

My favorite is when she lubes up her tight asshole and tells me to finger-fuck her asshole. She has a way of going slow when she jerks my cock, so that I don't cum too fast and I can enjoy the things I am doing to her. Usually, she doesn't work my cock hard until I have three fingers buried deep into her ass. Then she starts telling me how she wants to see my cock shoot all of the jizz all over the place. The fact that she is so turned on by my fingers moving in and out of her ass makes her talk in a very breathy, sexy tone of voice. 

Finally, she moves her hand up and down my shaft as fast as she can, causing me to explode in a fantastic orgasm. Usually, by that time, she comes as well from all of the stimulation I have given her ass. We both then collapse in an orgasmic frenzy as we come together. She then licks all of the cum from my dick, oftentimes causing me to come a second time. Trust me, this is an experience you want to try....

215. Grunt and Screw

I love playing with my cock, watching porn, grunting, and looking at my screwed- up face in a mirror.

216. Sex With Hand

I like to lube up my right hand and my cock, lie in bed on my stomach, and hold my cock in my right hand. Then I move up and down until I orgasm as if you are having a fuck! It feels great, just as good as sex! If you don't want any mess you can also use a condom with a bit of lube.

217. Piggy Bank

I lie on my back and put my dick as close as possible to my face and cum on my face. I eat some of my cum and I spread the rest all over my face. It feels good when I see my cum on my face in a mirror. Try this: Save cum in a container or something, and see how much cum you can save. Then you could use your own cum as lubrication. It feels so great.

218. Foamy Fun

I like to get myself horny by having cybersex or looking at porn and getting myself rock hard. Then I go into the shower, with the water on my back, and cover my hands with shaving foam. I then stroke my hands down my cock and over the head. It feels great and I cum loads. Once I feel an orgasm coming, I slow down. Then I start again and slow down again, and repeat this several times, the more the better. When I canít resist any more, I let loose and have the orgasm of my life!

219. Stomach Hurdle

Get naked and sit up on the bed with your knees up and your legs apart. I like to lube up my right index finger and wank off with my left hand. When I'm ready to cum I flick my finger over my ass hole and shoot my jizz all over my stomach.

220. Banana Trick

I take a long banana (with a thick skin), cut only the tip, and press out the meat of the banana. I insert my dick carefully (if possible when it is still small) and jack off.

221. Fits Like a Glove

Try this: get 2 latex gloves like doctors use, and fill then up with warm, not hot, water. Use any type of lubrication you like, I find hand lotion to be the best. Put the lotion all over the warm gloves, and all over your cock. Hold the two gloves together and slide your dick in.

222. Ass-stonishing!

I like to masturbate while sitting at my computer and reading other peoples masturbating stories - it gets me so turned on. I like to insert objects up my ass - the sensation is great!

223. Self Voyeur

When I have a raging hard-on, I go in the bathroom and lay down on the vanity counter, which happens to be in front of the mirror. I then take off all my clothes and put some slick lube on my cock. I start to rub my dick with my thumb and first two fingers in an O-type shape. I then move them just slightly going over the head and just down to the start of the shaft. The feeling is great and gives me my most intense orgasms. Watching it in the mirror intensifies the great feeling even more!!

224. Slippery Sensation

I like to use women's nylon slips. Just rub the slip over your cock until you cum. You don't have to worry about clean-up because you will cum in the slip.

225. Blowing Fantasy

I love to play with my cock and pick out sexy blow jobs pics. I lay in bed nude and have the picture of the one I'm hot on at that time. I put it close to my face and look close on the action and talk to the picture.

226. Aloe Vera

I get Aloe Vera Cream and rub it on my dick and start jacking off. Aloe Vera directly from the plant is even better - the sensation is great!!

227. Slippery Shower

The best is in the shower. I like to get real horny and go in the shower. I lube my cock up with the soap Dove. The soap feels so smooth up and down my cock; then when I cum, itís the best feeling ever.

228. Plunge and Lube

I get the toilet plunger and place it on the floor with the handle in the air. I make sure the handle is clean. I then put some lube on my asshole and sit down gently on the handle as it goes into my ass. I then get some lube and whack off. As I get closer to shooting my load I move up and down on the handle. It's a great feeling.

229. Wing on Water

I recently found a great jerk off toy, and they are cheap and easy. Go to any variety store, WalMart, dollar stores, etc. Buy a pair of water wings, those little inflatable swimming aids. Lube it up, blow it up, and then lube your unit. Put it on, find a position that works for you, and GO!!!

230. Splashing Water

You must be uncut in order to enjoy this feeling. During bathing, using a running hose, hold the tip of your shaft with your two right fingertips and pull upwards, using your left thumb to cover the tip of the running hose. This creates a forceful stream of water. Direct it at the hole of your shaft. The splashing of water inside your shaft creates a sensational feeling provided that you focus your mind on the sensation on your penis head. Continue until you reach your orgasm. Your ejaculation with the splashing water inside your shaft is really great.

231. Floating Pleasure

I lube my cock up and slip it in to a swimming arm band and fuck it. I usually get on my knees and set it on top of something and hold it down or wedge it in between something.

232. Double Trouble

My favorite way to masturbate in the shower is to prop a leg up on the edge of the ledge of the shower and soap up my anus. Then I insert 2 fingers of my left hand into my anus and push against my pubic bone. At the same time I soap up my cock and pump away with my right hand until I shoot a massive load. The fingers in the ass make me shoot a ton. I can also cum without being fully erect. Feels great and you get real clean at the same time.

233. Old Faithful

I like to cum in the shower, but with some female panties on. I then get all wet and I lube up my cock and lie down on my back and cum all over myself, my chest, the panties, and my mouth. After that I lick all the cum out of the feels great.

234. Public Thrill

When I was 18 and in college, I would find an empty stall in a bathroom on campus, usually on the weekend. The bathrooms were fairly empty on the weekends, besides the occasional visitor. I would enter the stall and get totally naked, laying my clothes on the back of the toilet. No one could see into the stall unless they were really trying. The thrill was jacking off, with the potential of someone coming in. Even when someone would enter, I would keep jacking the whole time, knowing that there was another male just on the other side of the stall wall. If he happened to glance between the cracks of the stall, he would see me wanking away. I beat off probably 50 times like this, only getting observed briefly by two or three guys. Once they saw through the cracks, they promptly zipped up and left, but it sure made for a good orgasm!!!

235. Conditioned Response

While my cock is soft I stick my hand down my pants and take my knuckle and rub and when I get a boner I go in the shower and lay down and rub conditioner all over my cock.

236. Slow and Sure

Put your index and middle fingers on the bottom of your dick and move in a circular motion - it takes awhile but the feeling is GREAT!!!!

237. Thong Friction

The way I like to masturbate is by taking a soiled pair of my wifeís g-string or thong panties and simply taking the part that has the ruffled sides. Then, I like to make myself hard. After you achieve a hard on, then take the thong or g-string and use an up-down, side-side motion. This stimulates the tip of the penis. The feeling is so intense.

238. Showerhead Madness

I like to masturbate in the shower. A great method I like best is the detachable showerhead. The first step to a great session is before getting into the shower, run bath water or shower water until it steams up the bathroom. Then detach the showerhead and adjust the spray to the jets. In addition, take the detachable showerhead, while it is set at the stream cycle, and just run it over your long and hard cock. This method will make you feel great.

239. Double Facial

I like to play with my cock for hours until I absolutely can't hold back anymore. Then I put on a porn and fast forward to the cumshot. I walk up to the TV and spray my cum all over the girl's face on the screen at exactly the same time the actor does. It's like giving her a double facial.

240. Under Cover

I love to bring myself to a climax in as public a place as possible, especially on a bus, train, or in an aircraft. I have a really massive cock that becomes really swollen and sensitive just thinking about what I am going to do. I always have a large newspaper that I open and pretend to read, and having gently eased my pulsating cock out of my fly, I gently squeeze it and slowly, slowly work my foreskin backwards and forwards over my cock head. The feeling is so intense, usually accompanied by loads of precum. I can do all this without moving the paper very much and then when I blow the huge load of cum, I catch as much as possible in my cupped hand, wiping it on the underside of the newspaper. It is a real turn on when there are lots of women sitting nearby, completely unaware of what has just happened right under their noses! I have also often been able to cum in my underwear by just thinking about doing the hand job.

241. Vaseline Dream

I like to completely cover my cock in Vaseline. Then I rub it til I'm about to cum, then rub only the head. There will probably be so much Vaseline you will barely be able to see the cum.

242. Fireworks

I love to have a morning shot! So every night I will go to bed naked so that I'll feel aroused every morning. Using the stop and go method I change my position - kneeling, lying on my back, standing in front of the mirror, and finally I'll lay with pillows on my back so that I canít actually see my penis. Then at the 10th or 15th round I let it go and I'll see my cum flying through the air like fireworks. It falls back on my stomach, sometimes my face. Most of the time I wonít use any lubricant or condom but I'll play soft music.

243. Cross and Jerk

First lay (or stand). Start jerking. Now think of some hot babe naked. Remember to cross your legs.

244. Aftershocks

I like to masturbate with breaks. I do it till I nearly come and then I stop after a little while I go on. This can make earthquake-like orgasms.

Balloon Tricks

I call this balloon masturbation. I like to masturbate with latex balloons. First you get either a 16" or 20" latex balloon. Inflate the balloon til full size, then sit on the balloon. I usually apply lube to my penis to prevent friction, then use your body and push the penis against the skin of the balloon. Push back and forth in a smooth even tempo until you reach your climax. It's so much fun when you start squirting your cum all over the balloon!!

245. Mango Madness

Cut a ripe mango in half, remove the seed and eat the soft flesh with a spoon. Leave about a one-eight inch layer of mango on the skins. Use these to masturbate - the sensation is fantastic and your cock will taste great too!

246. Faux Pussy

I cut the end off a banana, put tape all around the banana, squeeze out all the fruit, and shove my dick in the open peel. It really feels like a pussy.

247. Wonders of Vaseline

When I masturbate, I usually take some Vaseline and rub my cock till completely hard and erect with my right hand and take my left hand and take Vaseline on my index finger and stick it in my anus about 2-3 inches. Then when I feel my penis cumming I can feel my anus being stimulated at the same time. What a wonderful feeling.

248. Dry Tingle

As I am circumcised I don't have a foreskin to rub back and forth over the head, and unlike many people I am dry, without pre-cum. HOWEVER, by keeping everything dry I rub very lightly and slowly so that the ridge of the head of my cock at the front (not the back where the frenulum is) flicks very lightly on the arc of skin between my thumb and index finger. I relax and continue slowly, and after a few minutes there comes a feeling that I cannot get any other way. The soles of my feet begin to tingle, and my penis-head gets the same sensation. Gradually my cock starts an involuntary jerk each time I rub, and I continue as long as I can like this, which makes it feel very hot and as if it will explode...but it doesn't easily (in any case I can't shoot off quickly by wanking myself) and there is a temptation to put some cream on and rub the knob-head to make it happen quicker... but I don't, I wait and build up the sensations again until I feel as if I'm floating to another place, and when it does finally shoot itself off my whole body convulses and it makes me scream (so I'm told) and almost pass out. I usually do this alone, because I've only had one partner who wanted to sit and watch me do it while she wanked herself off in a chair by the side of the bed where I was lying. Eventually she was able to come by just watching and not wanking herself at all, which was amazing. Sometimes it can take me half an hour or more, but the sensations are totally unlike any other sex I've had. No woman has been able to replicate it for me, but them most of them get pissed-off with me being slow to shoot it off.

249. Waving Peter

This requires a showerhead fitted to a bath. I remove the shower, and adjust the temperature and flow of the water jetting out of the shower tube. Make yourself hard and aim the water jet on your cock, just to one side. If you get it right, your cock will start to oscillate from side to side in the water jet. Feels great. 

250. Stretch Technique

I use the regular stroke it up and down technique, but I found that if you stretch while youíre cumming then it will make you cum for longer (best results if youíre on the bed).


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