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Male Masturbation Stories: 251-300 

251. Surf's up

I like to go for a swim so my board shorts are wet, then rub my hand on the outside of my wet cock until I experience the most wonderful orgasm in the world.

252. Let it flow

When I am very turned on, the first bit of pee in my bladder is very slippery. I pee on myself a little and rub it on my cock, thighs and ass. The smell is exhilarating.

253. Masturbation workout

This is a great way to cum really hard and build up muscle. What you need is a horizontal pole about 1.5 meters off the ground and a computer. Get a really good-looking porn pic on the computer then walk over to the pole. Lift yourself up on the pole like you're doing a chin up and hold yourself up with your knees pulled up to your chest. Look at the pic and you will cum really hard if you can manage to stay there for at least a minute.

254. Handy man

I tried using an orbital sander, without the sandpaper of course. It was pretty intense. Best if done with your pants on.

255. In the swim

I like to wear my sister's bikini bottoms. They fit real nice and the Lycra and spandex grip my penis pretty snug. I will look in the mirror and stroke my penis over the bikini or use a vibrator and think about how my sister's pussy touched the bikini.

256. Special delivery

I start by rubbing my thumbs across my nipples lightly. As I feel the blood flow pick up to my cock I squeeze my head hard through my jeans. After a few minutes the package is too tight to stay in my pants so I release it. Usually I masturbate dry so I can really feel all the pleasure my palm delivers, stroking mostly just the engorged head. As my excitement builds so does the grip of my palm around my throbbing cock. Pinching my nipples harder now I stand up and squeeze the very base of my cock hard which forces my orgasm to fight to be released, and when it does it usually sprays a creamy white stream about 6-8 feet away from me.

257. Masturbation messages

My favorite I have a text message conversation via cell phone with a friend of mine who is a serious and frequent masturbator. We talk filth to each other in messages. Often the conversations last up to an hour, which could be 50 messages each. Then, having checked with each other as to the state of our respective arousals, I will phone her up so that we can listen to each other cumming on the phone.

258. Soft soap

Always keep a dishwashing soap squeeze bottle of mixed mineral oil and Astroglide in the shower for stroking off. Today for the first time I tried removing the bottle cap and pressing the open end against the head of my prick and moving the bottle up and down. It created suction, and the sensation of the lubrication against the open end of my penis got me going. I could feel the sensation all the way to my prostrate. I also like to use a small wet-dry vacuum cleaner with a toy like a pocket pussy. The suction plus the stroking is one big cum and very little clean up.

259. Get hosed

I like to put my dick into one end of a hose and suck on it the other end till I get an orgasm. It feels so good.

260. I'm not gay

Try these tips: 1) Lube up real good with shaving cream. 2) Use one hand to stroke your dick and one to play with your balls. 3) Even though you are not gay, try sticking some fingers up your ass. 4) Watch yourself wanking in a mirror. 5) Talk about wanking with other guys and get them to jack you off (but it doesn't mean you are gay). 6) Cum into your mouth and keep it there for 10 seconds and spit it onto your cock and start wanking again.

261. Warm jets

Get in a jacuzzi (jetted tub) and just place your hard dick against one of the jets -- not your the cock head, just the underside of your dick. It may take a while to come, but it's well worth the wait.

262. Stop 'n' go

Get yourself really hot and hard, and start having a good JO session. Lube your butt and a dildo up at the same time. Slowly work the dildo up your ass till it finds your prostate and start to massage it. Work your butt and your cock till you get to "that point," then back off. Keep this up as long as you can...the stop and start method, and you will eventually explode with cum flying all over the place.

263. Slow hand

Instead of stroking fast, I lube up my cock and reallllly slowly go up and down. The feeling of stroking it lasts a lot longer and I can cum after about 3 or 4 strokes. The resulting orgasm is intense.

264. Meat basket

I like to call this one the Meat Basket. Gather a bunch of meat from the grocery store, especially tri-tip, prime rib, and t-bone. Cut the meat off the bones and pile it all in a basket or bowl of some sort. Heat it to your preference. Add different spices and steak sauces and mix it all together. Take a piece of meat out and slop it all over your dick for an arousal. Then, insert your dick into the bowl and slide it over the saucy meat and cream your dinner!

265. Fuck yourself

First I play with my asshole, getting it to relax and open up. While doing this I periodically give my cock a couple of hard wanks, but not cumming yet. I let my dick start to go limp and then I grab the head and stretch it real hard as far as I can, down between my legs towards my ass. After a few of these I let it go limp one last time. At this point I am able to insert at least three fingers with ease into my ass. I grab my limp dick and stretch it real good, bend it in the middle toward my anus and push the head of my dick in my ass. Once in, I use my palm to push it in further. At this point, riding my own cock in my ass, there is no holding back. I blow a my cum into my ass and the sensation is unbelievable. When my cock goes limp again I pull it out and put my ass in the air and keep playing with my cum filled slippery hole. It makes me cum again all over my stomach.

266. Panty party

I grab a pair of pantyhose and tight panties from my girlfriend and put them on. Then I pull out my cock, leaving my balls in the tight panties. I start and stop often as I wank, but in the end the sensation is great.

267. Lube and tubes

I have been using rubber inner tubes since I was 14. There is nothing except dolls that feels as good as wet oiled rubber. I have found the bigger the tube and the more oil I use the better it feels. I prefer the soft non-hard rubber semi-tubes for size and playing with. the feel of these in the tub makes me cum. Although I have actually blown my last two tubes apart, I continue to search for a new one to replace them. The rubber has to be soft and pliable to work.

268. Toy story

I like to lie flat on my stomach in my bed wearing my baggy boxer shorts, and put a stuffed toy in the back of my boxers. As I move my hips in a circular motion I get aroused by the toy touching my anus. (It can be difficult to do with hard cock). It's difficult to breathe with my face in the pillows, which makes it more intense.

269. Veggie lover

I like to lube up a zucchini and slide it up my arse while lying on the bed. Then I jack off until I'm nearly ready to cum while pushing the zucchini in and out. I let the moment pass and then start rubbing again. After doing this 2 or 3 times I usually get to the point of no return and stop rubbing and just slide the zucchini in and out, pressing it against my prostate. The orgasm is intense and produces a great spurting wad all over my stomach.

270. Foreskin play

If you have a long foreskin, try jacking off until you are about to cum, and then with your other hand pull your foreskin forward over the end of your cock and squeeze the end closed. Because of the build-up of pressure, the cum shoots out a long way in thin streams and the rest of it builds up under your foreskin and you can see it swell up with the build-up of cum. I like to then pull back the foreskin and let the rest of the cum run into my hand and then rub it over and into my arse.

271. Get a buzz

An electric vibrator is the thing! Get a hard-on, put on a real tight cock ring, and when you get to the edge, pull the vibrator away. Repeat this again and again until the tiniest touch of the vibrator on your cock head is unbearable. Then at last, when you decide to let go, place the vibrator on your shaft and press down hard towards the base. You are guaranteed to have the most explosive orgasm!

272. Nature boy

I love to masturbate in my backyard when it's warm out! I have tall fences, so no one can see me. Sometimes I take a mirror out there with me, usually propping it up against my fence so I can watch myself stroking my dick. The colors in my hard cock really come out in the sun, and the feel of the air against my naked body is so wonderful! I love to masturbate next to my young aspen tree I planted. The leaves brushing against the head of my dick and seeing it in my mirror drive me insane! When I'm ready to cum, I usually either shoot it on the tree or on the fence, but a few times I've stood next to the fence and stuck my dick between two slats in the fence and shot my cum onto the neighbor's grass!

273. Balls out

Whenever I masturbate I place my nuts on the sink counter and push my cock onto my balls. As I cum onto my stomach I rub it around everywhere and lick my fingers.

274. Wet panties

I wear women's panties in the bath, then cover my dick with shampoo and rub my dick against the panties. It is wonderful. Don't rub your dick directly -- let the wet panties bring you to orgasm.

275. Squeeze the juice

I start by spitting on my hand and stimulate my glans. When it gets really hard and fairly long, I start to stroke it while playing with my nuts. I slowly stroke it at first, and gradually increase speed. When I feel I'm about to cum, I try to stroke it as slowly as possible to prolong my ejaculation, to put more fun and torture in my agonizing dick. Then when I can't control it anymore, I let it out while squeezing the juices out of my dick.

276. Webcam cum

I like to go on the Yahoo chat room for masturbation and turn my web cam on. I focus cam on my hard on so it fills the frame. I invite women or men to watch me masturbate. It's especially fun if the other person has a microphone so we can hear each other as I masturbate. I love the encouragement I get from people as I jack off. They always enjoy the climax when I spurt at the camera.

277. Get a grip

I found a way that gets me hard in a number of seconds. If I'm already horny, I wrap my hand on the base of my dick really tight and stroke my dick up and down really hard. While I'm doing this, my other hand is holding onto my balls, allowing me to get harder quicker. I've came using this technique a couple times and the orgasm is great.

278. Poolside fun

I apply my flaccid dick against the pool lining, which is pretty smooth, and have my prick pressed against my chest, and I hump the side of the pool until I cum.. NOTHING is like jacking off naked in the pool.

279. Shower and shave

I like to masturbate in the shower. I shave off all my pubic hair and this in itself is very pleasurable. While I do that, I am stroking my tingling cock to the point that I will almost cum, but I stop to get control. I then remove the shower head so there is a strong stream of water. I place my swollen cock in the direct stream and slowly move it in and out of the stream. When I am ready to explode I let the water spray directly on my cock head, and when I cum it is so intense.

280. Gel pad pussy

I created the greatest fake pussy from a keyboard wrist gel pad (the long ones that you use to rest your wrists on while you type). Cut the pad to the length of your erect penis. You now have two pieces, each consisting of a cloth/rubber casing with firm gel inside. Take the gel from within the casing you are not going to use. Cut it to the same length as the gel inside the casing that you are going to use. Stuff the second gel inside the cloth casing of the piece you are going to use so that you have a casing containing two gel pieces. Lube your new pussy and have fun.

281. Pulsating pud

When I was a teenager I used to masturbate using my hand until I got near the climax. Then I would roll a tissue up into a little point like a ballpoint pen. I would use it to tickle my cock until it made that little pulse-like jump. Then I would hold off. Then I would tickle again until my cock pulsed. I would do this for about half an hour. The pulses/jumps would get closer each time until my cock would almost pulse immediately when I touching it. The experience used to make me feel like my entire body was spinning in the room or floating up near the ceiling. The climax was intense.

282. Face full

Every now and again I will lay on my back and flip my legs up over my head and masturbate with my cock pointing at my face. When I climax my cum shoots onto my face and into my mouth. Tasty!

283. A taste of cum

Early during the day I will cum in a condom or plastic bag and then set it aside. Later on when I'm horny again I will warm the cum up to body heat, poke a pinhole in the bag and let the cum drip onto my tongue as I masturbate. The taste of my cum while I'm masturbating makes me even more horny and I have a great orgasm.

284. Relax and climax

I usually lie on my back and tighten my leg and thigh muscles for the first few strokes, until my erection is fully extended and the sensations overpower my whole body. To prolong the self-passion I relax my muscles completely (except for my right arm and hand, which continues to pump away), and the wave of sensuality at the point of ejaculation is lengthened and so powerful its unbearable.

284. Cum scouts

I have two ways I love to jack off. You can adapt this for yourself by saving your own cum in a film canister. I learned the first one while in Scouts. During a campout, my friend and I were jacking off. He, being a smart ass, shot onto my balls. This made me shoot right then and there. Now I love to rub my own cum onto my balls. The other method is to rub the cum into your ass crack. It's a very good feeling and you can play with your hole if you wish.

285. Drive-by

In my car on long trips, with my left leg up I just go to town! The other drivers passing you can see you for that split second. It makes me cum all over!

286. Pussy pillow

I fill 5 to 6 small balloons with warm water and tie them up. I put them in a plastic kitchen bag and put in lots of cream. Then I roll the plastic bag in a pillow with plastic bag's opening sticking out of the pillow, and tie the pillow with my belt or a rope. Then I lie down on the bed and start twisting my nipple and stroking my cock. I take the rolled-up pussy pillow and put it slanted on another pillow and start shoving my cock inside the bag in the pillow. The warm balloons and cream just feels like real pussy. I keeping fucking the pussy pillow until I cum fully with TOTAL satisfaction.

287. Mirror image

I have a full length mirror on the wall. I ram myself against it. It gives me the feeling that I'm fucking myself. I kiss myself frequently. It really arouses me completely and my cum smears on the glass.

288. Multi-tasking

I like to work my body and cock nice and slow and tease myself while watching in a mirror. When my cock and whole body is tensed up and on edge, I pull out my black leather cockstrap and snap it around the base of my shaft and around the back of my nuts. Whenever I get too close, I stop for while or I just stop touching my cock and rub my nipples. I can feel it down in my cock and it keeps me hard and on edge but not enough to make me cum. When I am ready to cum, I hang off the edge of the bed with my head and shoulders on the floor and my legs and ass on the bed. Then I use my feet right on the edge of the bed to raise my ass up in the air so my cock is pointed right into my face. Sometimes I use a vibrator and slip the tip in my ass and turn it on while I rub my tits and stroke my cock hard. The cock ring, the sensations on my nipples, the vibrator in my ass and my stroking makes me blow such a big load all over my chest, face, and mouth.

289. Couch potato

I take a couch pillow from my living room and I cut a hole along the stitching. Once I get horny enough I strip completely naked and take my hard cock and slip it into the pillow. My dick slips easily into the mass of cotton. I then place the pillow under me while I lie on my bed. I then start moving up and down, forward backward. After doing this several times I cum intensely into it. The beauty of it all is that it makes no mess and feels perfect!

289. Girl-shaped pillow

When I don't get to see my girlfriend, I make a love pillow out of a pair of her old pantyhose. I fill them with the soft fluffy Dacron stuffing out of a few pillows until the pantyhose are firm. I have another pillow for the torso (add extra stuffing for breasts). Now you have a "girl-shaped" pillow. Cut out a hole in the crotch and insert a latex glove filled with lube (warm the glove and lube in hot water first!). Screw away until you cum violently inside. Feels almost like the real thing! The soiled glove can be discarded, or reused as it's already lubed for seconds!

290. Copy-cat cum

I like to rent a gay male video. Most have scenes of guys cumming, after jacking off or getting a blow job. I view the video for the most exciting scenes, and memorize when these occur. Then I start to masturbate slowly as the video plays, and build it up until I get close to cumming. I pace my "progress" carefully as the subject goes into his final seconds, and then cum along with him. I get some really wild orgasms if I do it just right, but even if I cum a little ahead or behind, it is still a big charge. You can do this with a woman getting off, too, but you miss out on seeing a guy shoot his wad.

291. When she won't give oral

I lay on a bed on my back. Then I lift my legs backward over my head and my press feet against the wall or the headboard. Then I grab my ass cheeks and pull my cock into my lips and mouth. I can hold myself close enough to lick all around my head and suck on my head. It doesn't take long for the cum to boil. Then I swallow as I cum. It is fantastic to feel my pulsing cock in my mouth. Good for when she won't give oral.

292. Department store dick

I like to go into a department store, like Sears, Kohl's, or Carsons. I grab a pair of jeans and go into the fitting room, then take off my pants and underwear and look at myself in the mirror. If there is a seat I will sit down and just start jerking myself off. Watching myself in the mirror really gets me going. Also, knowing any minute someone could walk in, and hearing the voices of the people really gets the adrenaline pumping along with the cum.

292. Three-finger monty

With my left thumb, index, and middle finger, I grab the skin under my penis close to the head, and rub my thumb back and forth with the other two fingers on the other side, and the skin in the middle. (Make sure there's a good grip on the skin. Different pressures yield different results. Also, be careful -- it would be a good idea to cut your fingernails before doing this.) I rub the same fingers up and down on the base of my penis, with the thumb on top and the other two fingers below. (Using lubrication with this method isn't very beneficial, because you can't get good enough of a grip.)

294. Panty fetish

I tease my cock till it's bone hard, then slowly rub it back and forth on my bed, pillows, or floor. Rubbing seems to create the most intense orgasms for me. I use panties as a masturbation fetish, often rubbing the head of my cock against the rippled nylon crotch panel till orgasm, imagining a woman in them. I also put full-cut panties on a pillow and lay on my back, rubbing the panty crotch along the length of my boner till I shoot all over my stomach.

295. Silky smooth

Put on a pair of sheer-to-waist pantyhose. Don't use control top because the feeling is not as good. Steal or buy a ladies' silky smooth polyester slip/chemise or half-slip. I've tried 100% silk, but it wasn't as silky smooth as the polyester fabric. Roll up your bed blanket and put on the polyester chemise over the blanket, or just place it on top. Lay on top of the blanket and rub your pantyhose cock all over the chemise. It's a very nice feeling. You'll cum quick.

296. Ben-Gay rub

Sometimes I use Ben-Gay and I lube myself up and start jacking. The Ben-Gay makes your dick get all hot and it feels so great when you cum. It's even better when another woman/man does it.

297. Wife's vibrator

From my wife's toy box I get her G-spot vibrator, with a slender 8" handle and a nice 1 1/2" egg-shaped, angled vibrator head with variable speed on batteries. Laying nude on my back, I put the vibrator in my anus with a little lube, nestled tight to my prostate. Once I get a hard-on, I stretch a soft, heavy, cotton sock over my dick and pull it up onto my belly. I use a hand-held, changeable tip electric vibrator, and place the cup adaptor onto that sweet spot right under the head of my dick, and switch the vibrator on, let my cum build up to a near explosion then switch the vibrator off, then on and off until I can't hold my ejaculation off any longer. When I do cum the sock neatly contains the mess. Then all I have to do is slip off the sock, slip out the vibrator from my butt and put it into the sock, and set it aside with little interruption in my euphoric afterglow.

298. Block your cock

This is just for uncut guys. Do whatever masturbation technique you normally do but when you're ready to blow your load, put your cock up against something or someone. Then right before you're about to explode, pull back your foreskin as far back as you can, and hold it there until you're done cumming. This feels amazing. If you do it right, it'll feel like it's stuck and won't come out at first, but then all of a sudden it explodes out of your cock like a freight train. The sensations are amazing.

299. Covert cock

In high school, if I was sitting by a real hot girl (of course I'd have to be in the very left or very right of the classroom) and I just couldn't wait to get home, I would dig into my pocket on the side nearest the wall and pull my undies below my balls. then I'd rub my dick with my hand in my pocket. It takes a while but it feels great. Make sure you keep a straight face as you do it., and you HAVE to make sure your at the very left or very right of the room so no one can see what you're doing.

300. Mystery meat

Get a can of Spam, take the whole block out, and heat it in the microwave to warm it. Not too much 'cause it will burn your cock. Cut a hole in the center to make it look like this (). Then put your cock in it and start fucking.



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