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Male Masturbation Stories: 301-350 

301. One hand on the wheel

For some reason, every time I get on the highway, I get horny as hell. I like to start by rubbing my cock through my pants. Then I lay my seat back a little, unzip my fly, and unleash my throbbing cock. I pull my pants down and start rubbing away with one hand and steering with the other. The closer I get to cumming, the faster I drive. When I'm almost ready to explode, I stop myself and drive a little longer. It's so exciting to pass people with your rock had cock standing straight up. I like to pull up close to people (especially truck drivers) and let them see my orgasm.

302. Anal avenger

I like to use whatever I can on my anus while I am jacking. I tie my balls with a rubber band, and use fingers in my ass -- as many as I can get in, 3 or 4 usually -- or various items that I can insert while jacking. I have used many items, but always try to use something that makes it snug so I can feel a little pain. I also like to get right at the point of cumming and back off. Do this several times and, man, what a cum.

303. Ball blaster

I take my normal shower, waiting to save my fun for last. Then I take the shower head, and spray it upward on my balls. The tingling stream of water on my balls feels so great! Then I spray my cock and balls and tummy, moving the spray around and around. Every time it hits my hard cock, it gives a special tingle. After a few minutes of this, I put the shower head between my legs spraying my balls while I stroke myself slowly, then faster and faster until I cum! It's great!

304. On camera

I like to get in front of the webcam and watch myself on the computer screen. I like seeing my dick grow and become hard and the precum start to leak on the head. I watch my dick throb and my balls bounce as I stroke my dick. I also like to rub my asshole while I stroke. As I cum my asshole starts throbbing.

305. Dancing pants

I get one of those vibrating eggs (with cord detachable from the base is best), poke a small hole in my pants pocket for the wire to go through and keep the controller in my pocket. This works great in the office, or especially while shopping. It is great to find a hot woman in professional attire and rev the thing up. It is quite a challenge to try and keep some sort of a conversation with the woman at the perfume counter when you are about to blow a massive load. This method works best with tight underwear and you need to tuck the vibrating "egg" in between your cock and balls. It is worth the purchase!

306. The bidet way

Overseas, find a hotel that has bidets in the rooms. Straddle it, adjust the temperature of the jet to suit. and play the stream of warm water on your perineum -- the space between your anus and your testicles. Read a sexy book -- preferably illustrated -- as you slide slowly back and forth, allowing the water to play alternately on your penis, your testicles, and your anus. Have a towel handy because from time to time you will want to put the book (or magazine) down: reach down, spread your cheeks and allow the jet to penetrate your rectum. Patience -- if you have the will power, you can prolong it for an hour or more.

307. Lubed tube

Take hand lotion, or conditioner, and lube up your cock really good. Then, get one of those sliding gel-filled tubes with the hole in the middle and slide it over your dick. Then, just jerk away!

308. Water wings

This is one of the best things I have ever found. Go buy a pair of kids' water wings, the kind they use when they are swimming. Blow them up and use some Vaseline, and presto, you have the best artificial pussy you can find! These things feel so fucking good you'll be stocking up all summer long. Buy a few because you cant find them in the wintertime...after awhile the Vaseline makes the vinyl get hard and they're much better when they're soft.

309. Light one up

The best way to masturbate is to put something in your ass and jerk off. Trust me, the orgasm will be awesome. And if you're a smoker, smoke hard while masturbating.

310. Fitting room frenzy

I used to work at the Gap, and during my breaks I would pretend to be trying on clothes, get completely naked in a fitting room, sit on the bench and masturbate in front of the mirror. It was hot to see me jerk myself off, my big balls bouncing as I yanked my cock up and down steadily with my left hand. Hearing the voices of the women around me trying on clothes, in only their bras and panties would make me cum all over the mirror, the floor, and the bench. I would clean up my load with one of the shirts I grabbed to try on. Afterwards I would return to work. Don't worry, I would "damage out" the shirt each time, so it wouldn't get sold. If you are ever in the gap stores, stay out of fitting rooms number one, three, and nine. I might have been there.

311. Hot mango

I like to get a mango peel and put it in the microwave and wrap it around my cock. It feels like a warm pussy.

312. Free willy

When I was a teenager, I had a Shamu killer whale plush animal, with that really soft fuzzy stuffing inside. Well, somehow Shamu got a rip above his nose, a perfect size. Seeing how I was just getting into my sexuality, I found that little hole very pleasing. FREE WILLY!

313. Marker madness

First I find a pen, marker or anything round and smooth. I lube it (or not) and insert it into my ass. I then get an erection and with my left hand push the marker in and out of my butt while rubbing my scrotum. With my right hand I grab my penis in my palm and jerk it up and down. It feels GREAT!

314. Lotus position

I usually masturbate after a long yoga session; I sit cross-legged in the lotus position, uncover the tip of my penis and begin caressing it very slowly with two fingers. It self-lubricates in a short time, so I begin massaging the shaft. When approaching the magic moment I reduce speed and try to stay on the edge. I continue for long time in this way (I continued once for more than 6 hrs.). At the end I stroke vigorously until I explode.

315. Sweet spot

Rather than pump away with my dick in my fist, I like to rub the "sweet spot" (you guys know where it is) across or in a circular motion. Add a little spit, and wow!!! Very different sensations! Powerful cum!

316. Horny hotel

I love to get off in hotel showers. I'm getting hard just thinking about it. There's something so hot about leaving your cum behind to mark your territory. Another awesome way to get off in a hotel is to do it while there's someone in the bed right next to you. Having to stay quiet and not move much makes it challenging and exciting. I get so horny just thinking that the person in the bed next to me could wake up at anytime. I've heard one of my friends getting off in the bed next to me and it works both ways. It got me so hot that I had to pull out my cock and start rubbing away. The best part is, when you're finished, you have to just lay there and sleep drenched in cum. Have fun on your next trip.

317. Cum together

There's nothing better than cumming at the same time as someone else, especially when they're not in the same room. When I lived with my old roommate, we both knew that when we went to bed, we were both going to masturbate. Our bedrooms weren't far apart, so if you were just loud enough, you could give the other person something to work off of. When I would start it off, I would make sure he could hear my mattress squeaking every time I pounded my cock. Then I would let out some audible moans. I'd keep jerking off, but be really quite so I could hear what he was doing. When it was time to shoot my load, I'd let loose. Try this if you have a roommate. It works with either sex.

318. Conference call

My roommate and his girlfriend were separated by some distance when he went away to school. Just because I'm a nosey person, I would sometimes put the downstairs phone on mute and listen to their conversations. One night I pick up the phone to listen, and I hear my roommate say, "Guess where my hand is?" I immediately started paying attention. The conversation turned into an intense round of phone sex. I of course pulled out my cock and joined right in. It turned into an every night thing. I started timing myself so I could cum with my roommate.

319. Spa

If you have a spa bath, get your spa going and lube yourself and make yourself really hard. Now press your cock into the jets of the spa. With the great sensation you probably won't feel the orgasm, but the lead-up is still fantastically indulging.

320. Cum rubdown

I lay in my bed at night and rub my cock up and down till I start too get a little cum out. I rub it even harder and the cum starts to pour out of it. I take the cum and rub it all over my chest and stomach with my right hand as I rub my dick with my left hand, and then I cum again.

321. Sticky cock

Get a glue stick and smear glue all over your hard cock and balls. This makes your cock all wet and sticky feeling really good. Whack away (note: it is best to be completely naked, as to avoid glue on your clothes). Just before you reach climax, get a small amount of mouthwash and pour over your rock hard dick. Your cock head will now start to tingle. Get some tissue paper, which will stick to your wet cock. Now jack off.

322. Just like pussy

I like to go down to my local supermarket and buy an average raw chicken breast. I chuck it in the microwave to warm it up and when warm cut a slit in it and fuck away like crazy. It feels great and is the closest thing to a real pussy.

323. Pound your pillow

I put on a condom, lie in bed and fold a pillow over my cock. I move the pillow up and down while thrusting till I cum.

324. Get (shower) head

The way I have found that really gets me off is to get in the bathtub and take the shower head (this only works if you have a removable shower head) and turn it on its hardest direct stream setting. I push my dick against my stomach, keeping only my index finger on it near the base, just to keep it in place. Then I take the direct stream of water so it's hitting the bottom of my cock right below the head, right in the upside down v shape there. I lay back and wait till my dick starts getting harder. Just as I'm about to cum I like to stick my thumb up my ass

325. Toilet stall show

I like to jack it in a public bathroom, the ones with more than one toilet. When there is nobody in there, I open the stall door. The chance that someone might come in and catch me just drives me crazy.

326. Banarama

I have a little cut in my mattress. I put a banana peel inside, stick in my dick and start moving up and down till I shoot.

327. Piss hole poking

I like to slide a flexible and smooth tube into my urethra and work it in and out until I cum. I use the clear plastic tube so I can watch my cum pump thru it as I get off.

328. Minty fresh

I get a breath mint and put it on the tip of my dick. When it is on there for at least two minutes I always get a one-minute orgasm and it feels great.

329. Shower power

I remove the showerhead and allow the jet of water hit the shower floor. I then squat on with my hands on the floor behind me and I position myself so that the jet of water that streams down hits on the frenulum of my cock (I am circumcised). It makes the cock vibrate especially if the water pressure is high but the orgasms that I get are very intense and often I can cum up to 4 -5 times again and again.

330. Shower show-off

Something that really helps me get off in the shower is to put on a show. My bathroom is connected to both my bedroom and my roommate's bedroom. It's really easy to hear what's going on in the shower. I get so horny just knowing he can hear me. I make sure that I rub my cock really hard and fast to make lots of smacking sounds. Then, as I get closer to cumming, I moan loader and louder. If I really want to get off I'll start fingering my asshole really fast. This drives me crazy! Finally when I cum, I hold nothing back. The best thing is, when I'm finished, I go to my room and hear my roommate get in the shower. Now it's my turn to be the audience. It's a great way to get off two times in a row.

331. Silk boxers

I first start rubbing my scrotum with a pen cap. I then put on silk boxer shorts and lie on my back in bed. I use my pillow to rub my cock with my legs open (like the missionary position). I use the stop and start method until can't hold it any longer. As I'm about to come I rub my the outer parts of my legs on my sheets. This leads to a massive orgasm.

332. Shower fun

I like to use the water jet from the shower head to get off. I hold my dick against my belly and let the water burst at the underside of my dick right below the head. I can usually go for 15 to 20 minutes. The hotter the water the better. When I can't stand it anymore I let it go and have the best ejaculation ever. Way better than the usual jerk session. Try it you'll like it!!

333. Wonder bread

I took half a loaf of bread, making a hole just the diameter of my penis and putting a plastic bag inside the hole and then wrapping it round the half-loaf. I took this to bed with me and it served as an excellent mock vagina. After coming I left the sperm-filled bread by the side of the bed and in the morning masturbated with it again, the previous night’s sperm acting as an arousing lubricant.

334. Bouncy bouncy

I discovered this in a book. I crouch down on my heels and tuck my erect penis between them and bounce up and down, This works best with a lubricant, or in the bath with soap. Another method is to lie on my back with my knees tucked up to my waist and then put my penis between my knees – and squeeze!

335. Secret ingredient

Once, I was kneading dough in the kitchen and I got an erection and soon realized that it was going to end in masturbation. The soft, rubbery feel of the dough gave me an idea. I made a hole in it, put in some olive oil and then took out my penis and inserted it in this culinary vagina. The sensation was fabulous! I pulled it out and pushed it in, backwards and forwards, until I could feel myself coming. The first few times I did this I practiced “coitus interruptus” and ejaculated outside the dough, but finally I went the whole hog and completed the erotic experience by ejaculating into the dough, then kneading it in and baking “sperm bread”! If only those who eventually ate it had known the secret ingredient!

336. Satin panties

I like to put on a pair of satin panties, which usually gets me really hard at just the thought. I then begin to slowly rub my hardened cock through the panties. As the tension begins to build I then slide my hand inside the panties and finish myself off. The feeling of women's panties against my cock is such a turn on for me. Just panties nothing else. My wife sometimes buys them for me. Only high cut satin ones.

337. Ultra sheer

Somehow get a pair of ultra sheer pantyhose -- only ultra sheer, or even maybe sheer, because you need it to be silky smooth. Actually, get like 3-4 pairs and wrap them around your cock and start jerking off. Don't use the panty portion; it's not smooth and silky. It's even better stimulation when the pantyhose is a little cold. This is the best "dry" stimulation I've ever found.

338. Hi neighbor

I love to leave my apartment drapes open so that my married next door neighbor might see. I sit on a chair facing the window and lather up my cock with lotion. I hold my big balls tightly with one hand while I stroke my cock with the other. I bring my hand down the length of it and swirl it around the fat head. I jack it faster and faster. She has watched me many times. I always pretend I don't see her as I shoot my cum all over the place.

339. Golden shower

First I lay down in the tub and piss all over myself, trying to piss in my mouth. I swallow as much as I can. I then rub the piss all over my balls and cock, and then rub all around the head until I can not take it, then jerk off cumming on my chest and face. Sometimes I can cum in my mouth. I love the taste of cum and piss.

340. Hot massage

I use a back massager with heat. Place the head of the vibrating heat massager on the head of your penis. I am usually hard already. If you are soft use the massager to get hard. I lay back naked on my couch with the curtains on the glass doors open that face the street. Hold the back massager on the head of your penis and slightly hump up. Tense your legs repeatedly. When you start cumming it feels so fucking good you will yell out with your excitement. This may take some time so rest when you need to.

341. Suck and jack

If you have got a big dick then you can do this. I lie on my back, put my legs behind my head and put my dick in my mouth. I start sucking and jacking. It feels really great when you cum in your own mouth! Try it!!

342. Good grip

When I jerk off I like to cup my balls with one hand and get a good grip on my shaft with the other hand and keep stroking with my hand wrapped tightly around my cock. I like to cup my hand around the head and feel the ring. What an orgasm it brings on.

343. Double bagged

Buy a packet of ribbed condoms. Stick two on your dick and wank away. The orgasm is huge!!

344. Fitness freak

Take an old skiing wetsuit and put it on naked. You have to use J-Lube lubricant! Mix up a gallon of it with hot water. Get in an empty bath tub on your back. Unzip a short portion enough to pour the mixture into the wetsuit. After dumping it in, zip your suit back up and start pushing the lube around in the suit. This is an AWESOME feeling, even more so when you are completely shaved. Try laying on your stomach and fuck the floor of the tub.

345. Margarine method

I use hand lotion all over my dick to start with and rub it in. Then I use some margarine that has been left on some paper towels for a few days beforehand; this causes the lighter oils in the margarine to soak into the paper, resulting in a thicker mix which feels better. I prefer this to KY Jelly as it doesn't dry out and is cheaper. It also helps to wash your hands before as the skin absorbs moisture and they stay softer. Sometimes I've almost passed out when I blow my nuts with this method, and I seem to squirt cum further as well.

346. Tip toes

I like to jack off standing up. Just as I am about to cum I stand on my tip toes. At the same time I try to make my whole body rigid. For some reason the feeling is so intense.

347. Latex lover

I masturbate wearing a pair of transparent latex panties. Once my cock gets wet they become oh so soft and slippery and the feeling of the soft slippery latex on my cock is divine. I stroke myself with the lightest touch and keep myself on the verge of coming for over an hour. When I do eventually come the orgasm is mind blowing and I fill my panties with sperm. The smell of the latex and cum is fantastic as well

348. Go for distance

I love to stroke my penis for hours before I let it shoot, then stand and watch how far I can pump the semen out of my throbbing erection. The length of time and excitement level sometimes make for an incredibly intense and messy orgasm due to the volume of semen, and I take full advantage of this as I let my penis spray. I love it if I get 6 or 7 spurts!

349. Pool boy

A really good way to get off is to go into a pool and stick your penis in the water jet. It feels like you're getting a blow job.

350. On the road

I love to masturbate while driving on the interstate. Once I noticed an SUV in the next lane keeping pace with me. Thinking some other guy was watching me jack-off, I looked over timidly to see a very attractive middle-aged woman staring at me and smiling. I was embarrassed but also incredibly turned on, so I decided to give her a bit of a show. I put the car on cruise-control, raised my hips so she could see clearly, and slowly stroked my cock until I came into my fist. Soon after the "fog" cleared, she honked her horn, gave me a thumbs-up, and drove away. AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!!


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