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Male Masturbation Stories: 351-384

351. Animal lover

Once I cut this really stupid teddy bear on the bottom between its legs and shoved my penis up. It feels so good, all the cotton rubbing against the head of your penis.

352. Self-service

I like to put on women's' panties. It gets me real hard, than I start squeezing my nipples and wetting them with my saliva. Then it's time to touch my rock hard cock. By this time it's wet from my cum, I start spreading the cum along my cock with my finger tips. Getting it all lubed up. Than I put my legs over my head and stroke it faster and harder. Sometimes I can suck my own cock. I usually end with a mouthful of cum.

353. Tight fit

I find that for limiting the mess it works extremely well to use a very tight sock and stroke up and down verrry slowly. I usually fantasize about coworkers or my wife's friends, I find the sock sort of simulates being inside a woman so I can close my eyes, stroke slowly and the pressure from the sock grabs hold of me as I cum hard.

354. Between a mattress and a hard place

I get a plastic sandwich bag and put baby oil in it, then I put my dick in and slide it between the mattress and go for it. It feels just as good as a pussy. Just don't push down on the mattress too hard or it might hurt.


355. Love on the rocks

Shove an ice cube up your ass and wait for it to melt and jack off at the same time.

356. Just the two of us

I love masturbating to porn and experiencing mutual masturbation with a female partner. I am lucky to know a gal who is into porn and masturbation and we rent videos to watch together. We love putting on a show for each other and even enjoy the same types of porn. As I stroke myself I glance back and forth between the action on the screen and her doing herself with her various toys. We have agreed to only masturbate and believe me, this is very pleasurable - the most powerful orgasms of my life occur while doing this.

357. The best in customer service

I always go to the local porn shop and view videos. I stand and jerk off in the private room until the lady clerk barges in and gives me a helping hand. The first time was the best but every time after is still very hot. Then I go home and watch my videos and think of the clerk.

358. Patience is a virtue

When I masturbate, I like to lubricate a latex glove (unpowdered) with a lot of vaseline on the THUMB part or the index finger on the inside (the tighter the better), insert my wiggler into the desired finger slot and sandwich it between my two pillows. Everytime I'm about to cum I pause for 1 or 2 minutes, then I start over. I repeat this for about half an hour and have such a powerful orgasm! I fall asleep and wake up the next day with the greatest feeling!!!

359. Up, up and away...!

This is what I call "Ballooning masturbation(Sex)". Use a normal party (latex) balloon and pump it up to about 16". I love to use it, because it has a sexy shape and soft latex feel, especially after a few rounds of using it to pound on. I then apply Johnson Baby Powder over it to make it silky smooth baby skin soft. It smells nice and sexy.

Place the balloon on the bed and start rubbing against it with your penis. Slide slowly back and forth on the balloon.The soft slippery latex balloon against my cock and the smell of the baby powder on the balloon and the balloon making noise, drives me crazy and I start rubbing and pounding it hard. When I do eventually come, the orgasm is mind blowing and I cover the balloon with sperm. After that, I just wipe away the cum and put it back in my cupboard. It can be reused roughly 6 times, depending on how you control fucking it. Practice make perfect!

360. Variety is the spice of life

Well, I do the normal jerk with an open fist with my knuckles pointing away, or an open fist with my knuckles pointing up as if it was anal sex.


361. A picture says a thousand words!

I visit one of my friend's websites where she has a lot of photos of herself posing in sexy swimwear (no nude photos though). I imagine her naked and stroke myself up and down. With some more imagination, I fantasize her kneeling in front of me, ready for a huge load of cum on her face and hair. I cum (for her) in no time.


362. Double the fun

I sit in front of a full-length mirror, and have a girl film me jerking jizz all over myself. I can watch her and me at the same time. It's hot seeing a girl's eyes watching me and calling me a fuckin' perv.

363. Write-on!

I start by watching some porn to turn me on and give me a pounding hard on. Then I take a pen and begin to suck it like a dick. I then insert the pen into my arse as far as I can. I spit on my dick and get it all lubed. Once lubed and with the pen inserted, I stand with my legs spread on my tiptoes and and jack-off, with my left hand rotated so the thumb is at the bottom and my right hand pushing the pen in and out of my arse.

364. Cuming clean

I get in the shower with the water as hot as I can stand it (with my back to the shower) and take a big plastic soup bowl filled with ice water and let my balls soak in it until they ache and I can no longer take it. While my balls are soaking, I rub myself hard and procede to masturbate. The feeling when I shoot is fantastic.


365. Hottest show in Mexico!

I love to masturbate on my balcony at night, completely naked. Once a person watched me from his window and that made me really hot. He saw all the show. I like to cum all over my chest and my face too.

366. Pantyhose play

I really enjoy wearing pantyhose and leotards around the house. Sometimes even sleeping in them. I only wear the shiny nylon lycra spandex ones. After a while, I will put on my pantyhose with a hole in them or just take them off completely and just wear my leotard. I end up humping a blanket on the bed and either cum inside the leotard or slip it out the leg when I'm ready to shoot off.

367. Hits the spot

Make sure you put a finger or two in your anus while you stroke. I do it and I am not gay. It gives a hell of a lot more pleasure because the man's G spot is exactly between your anus and your penis. When you stimulate this it results in a much better orgasm.

368. Any time, any place

I love to masturbate as much as possible. I will jerk off anywhere at any time. I love to jerk off while I am driving down the road. I just cannot seem to keep my hands off of my cock. I love to hear about women's masturbation stories and how they fill their panties with cum.

369. Lube job

Lube up the head of your cock but with a greasy/waxy stuff like lip balm or hair wax. Rub some more into the V between your index and middle fingers on your left hand. Hold your erection at the base with the right hand and slide the V of your fingers along the helmet ridge (so your fingers move toward the skin of your stomach). This is great as it builds up a lot of pleasurable sensations but not the type to make you shoot quickly. You can do this for ages, maybe combined with squeezing your pc muscles to pulse your cock. Enjoy!

370. XXX-rated

I masturbate almost every day. Usually I watch XXX-rated VCDs while other members of my family are asleep. I rub my penis hard and then let go. At about the fourth or fifth time I make myself ejaculate. Sometimes I masturbate in the bathroom using soap to slide my penis easily and I cum right away.

371. Buddy system

If you have a really close best mate why not toss each other off? It's like a free hand job, but as long as you both consent and do it at the same time it cancels the other one out!

372. A good spurt

I like to masturbate as I lick my wife's bumhole. That is my favorite. I wait till she gets out of the bath then she bends over and holds her bum cheeks wide open. I kneel behind her and lick her hairy bumhole as I masturbate. When I want to cum I stand up and cum over her hole, rubbing my helmet on her hole as I cum and watching my cum spurt over it. I always get a very hard cock doing it and she loves it too.

373. Feels good!

Take a medical glove and add some vaseline or other lubricant. Start the stroking motion. Guaranteed to please!

374. Still going strong

I have been masturbating since I was a teenager. I'm 46 now. As a matter of fact I'd like to tell you about my very first time. I was baby sitting for my married sister's baby and spending the night at her house. They came home at midnight and I went to bed in their guest room. I had tried playing with myself before but nothing ever really happened - I would get hard and all but nothing else. Well this night I was playing with myself, rubbing the head of my cock and stroking it slowly, it felt so good. I kept on playing with myself, rubbing my cock head and stroking and playing with my swollen balls. It kept feeling better and better. Then without warning this sensation began in my toes and rapidly ran through my body. The sensation was indescribable. Then it happened ... my very first orgasm! God, it was fantastic! As a matter of fact it was so good that, well, that night I played with myself until I had seven orgasms. I only stopped because it was red and raw. Hmm, and I haven't left it alone since!

375. Picture this

I look at pics of girls with their legs wide open and a huge dick pumping their pink pussies and I keep on watching until I have a huge orgasm. The cum is so hot it comes out of my pants and all over my hands and then I lick it.

376. Lending a hand

My friend and I were horny one night on vacation, and we decided that it would be fun to just masturbate together, but we discovered that having someone else jack you off feels soooo much better, and it doesn't make you gay, because you don't have to look at the person. Just watch porn and let them jack you off to climax. It's awesome, and we're still good friends, but we just happen to help each other out now and then, haha.

377. Girlfriend's panties do the trick

First, I get horny by reading stories just like these and looking at amateur pics. I then like to squeeze my nipples and sometimes put clothes pins on them. I then begin to stroke my cock and apply lube to my ass. When I've relaxed I put a dildo into my ass. I like to look at nude and dirty photos of my girlfriend and push the dildo further into my ass. My cock is now very big and red and I wank my cock while fucking my ass with the dildo and then cum into a pair of my girlfriend's panties.

378. A nice size cucumber

I love to put on a pair of my wife's panties, preferably a thong, and lube up a nice size cucumber. I lube it up with baby oil and position it on the couch. Then I sit on it and I slowly work it up my ass. Meanwhile I slowly tug at my cock until the cucumber is all the way in or I have taken as much as I can. It results in huge gobs of cum and a huge orgasm.

379. Slippery smooth

Using baby oil so that it is smooth and slippery ... oh it is really great. In just seconds you will be in heaven!

380. Bounce and thrust

I start out with some kind of lube and I start stroking it then start bouncing up and down. It feels like you're thrusting in and out. Ahhhh!

381. Going bananas

Here you go. This is a great way to get off. Go to the store and buy the biggest green banana you can find. Cut about 2 inches off one end. Carefully, with a long spoon, scoop out all the inside fruit. Now, once you've cleaned it out, put some warm water in the banana. OK, drain the water out. (An average size cock is no problem with this, but if you are big you're going to blow the banana apart.) Now make a small hole at the bottom of the banana (this is to release the vacuum). Carefully insert your cock into the warm banana. The sensation is just fantastic! Jack until you're happy.

382. Keep a lid on it

I take a condom and put lotion in it, and I put it over my penis. Then I pump my penis and it feels sooooo gooood and I keep doing the stroking and pumping until I jizz all in the condom ... so it's clean.

383. It's in the bag

The best cum I've ever had I got with the help of a plastic bag, shampoo and pot. I'll look at porn while smoking to get in the mood ... maybe chat to a few girls online to get hard, then shove the bag filled with shampoo (I don't have KY jelly) between my bed mattresses and hump away. Usually I'll think of a girl I met on student exchange from Germany ... mmmmmm blonde German girls!!

384. Take the plunge

*Note: You'll need condoms and a plunger (or something of a similar size and shape) to try this. First, I take the condom and slip it over the handle on the plunger. If the condom is not very well lubed, then I pour lotion over the tip of it. I stick the plunger to the floor so it doesn't slide anywhere while I'm doin' my business. I then take my pants off so they won't get in the way and are not stained by the lotion or cum. With my dick in my hand, slowly stroking, little by little I slide the plunger up my anus. Pushing it as far as I can, I start to jack off. You can try it either with or without lube, it really doesn't matter. Right before climax (it shouldn't take you very long), I stop and begin to massage my testicles. After about 10 seconds, I start back up again. Repeat this until you can't hold the cum any longer. Once you reach the point of blowing your load and you can't stop it, just let loose. You might want to be aiming at a toilet bowl or something so you won't spend the following hour cleaning up.



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